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02:21 AM on 08/27/2012
It seems that the issues of "body type" and health are being confused here. Some people are naturally heavier while others are more slender, and some have a natural disposition to evenly distributed body fat, while others tend to put on weight just in certain places.

Levels of body fat are determined by both body type and dietary regimen, and a person can be "skinny fat" and be very fit just like a larger, stockier person can be fit in spite of their body fat percentage.

Carrying a moderate amount of abdominal fat has no bearing on overall health whether one has "skinny" body type or a stockier build. Men, especially, evolved to keep a store of backup energy in the form of abdominal fat, and as long as a person is active and eats nourishing foods the extra fat is really a non-issue.

If anything, trying to keep a constantly low body fat percentage can do more harm than good as your body can become chronically fatigued from a constant regimen of heavy exercise, and less able to recover due to the lower food intake required to achieve this ultra-lean body state.
04:24 AM on 08/27/2012
Agreed. After I read this I came to the following conclusion. So some skinny people are healthy and some are not. The unhealthy skinny people are called "skinny fat" because fat is unhealthy. Therefore, all fat people are unhealthy. Now, I officially know where I stand because of modern medicine. But, if we're all essentially screwed because of what we eat or the genes and environments we're born into then, could we at least maybe stop hating each other for being human?
02:12 AM on 08/27/2012
This has been my fear and an innate understanding long before I ever learned it were possible and that there was an actual medical classification for being "fat skinny".
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It's just math
01:49 AM on 08/27/2012
I am an acupuncturist in the Denver area, and I treat people using the same blood testing as you. 80% seems high for kids, but for adults, I can't remember the last blood test I saw that didn't have signs of insulin resistance.
I love what we do for people, but I still can't wrap my head around what got us here.
Whenever I hear about "skinny fat" people, or thin people with diabetes, it is almost always auto-immunity of some sort. Insulin resistance and auto-immunity are truly epidemic, and I have fear for where it will lead us.
Bill Lagakos
Nutritional Biochemistry and Physiology
12:47 AM on 08/27/2012
I think this apparent “obesity paradox” can be explained by nutrition. I.e., Jim (a lean individual who developed diabetes) probably eats an empty calorie-rich, nutrient-poor diet. In other words, consuming *not too much* of a bad diet (lean type II diabetics) is worse than consuming *too much* of a better diet (obese diabetic). This is supported by Jim’s dietary biomarkers: TG’s of 350; and HDL of 35.
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07:28 AM on 09/04/2012
...unless the supposed obese individual is consuming "too many" nutrient rich foods which causes the person to be overweight. Thus, overweight but not necessarily unhealthy. The funny thing is that many people often think that every obese people eats cheeseburgers, fries, etc. and that's not always the case. Like the article points out, a person can be skinny and unhealthy because of improper nutrition and there's a LOT of this type in the U.S.

The U.S. diet is often very nutritionally deplete of minerals, explains why so many are skinny-fat and unhealthy.
12:45 AM on 08/27/2012
A case of damned if you do, damned if you don't!
Draesop on! Give me..
12:33 AM on 08/27/2012
I find that this is an excellent precis which provides good guidance. Get your own BP machine and follow instructions. The measurement in an office is about that 2 minute period every few months. Incidence of "skinny-fat" is far less than obese and morbidly obese. the majority of normal BMIs are NOT skinny fat. Normal BMI is still a good goal.
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07:51 AM on 08/27/2012
11:41 PM on 08/26/2012
I read Dr. Hyman's previous article about avoiding gluten and I agree with it 100%. I gave up gluten about 9 months ago and my stomach is finally getting flatter. I no longer have swollen painful knees, except sometimes when I get exposed to hidden glutens. I tried eating some of the gluten free products and gave them up because I wasn't losing weight, most don't taste good and they don't move through your system well. Now that I eat mostly fruit, vegetables and lean meats, I'm dropping more weight. I feel really good that I've finally taken control of my health and ended my addition to wheat and gluten. And, I'm not skinny fat because I've always had very good muscle tone, even as a child when I was thin. Now, in my 40's I'm still 20 lbs overweight since having a baby at 44. I only wish that I had known about my problem with wheat before I got pregnant because I think the pregnancy would have been much more comfortable for me if I had been gluten free.
01:52 AM on 08/27/2012
Try quitting dairy and dropping oils (=empty calories) and animal fats in general and you'll see that you will shed those 20 lbs as well. There is plenty of protein and calcium to be had from non-animal sources. My husband's life has changed since he is mostly a vegan (both he and I eat the occasional meat, but very rarely and we stay away from dairy mostly). He has shed over 25 lbs. "Fork over knives" is a good documentary to get started.
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07:52 AM on 08/27/2012
Good post. Fanned.
Failure is success in progress
11:33 PM on 08/26/2012
I guess the best thing to say is get healthy from the inside out, because looks are deceiving! Thanks Dr. Hyman for your great advice.
11:30 PM on 08/26/2012
Dr. Hyman comes so close to "getting it right," but doesn't seem to know that 50% of protein will metabolize as glucose and that too much protein can be a problem. He also doesn't seem to understand that seeds, beans, fruit and non-gluten grains will also raise blood sugar and insulin levels because they are high in carbohydrate (sugar). The nutrient class that does not raise blood sugar and insulin levels is fat, so why continue to promote "lean meats" and discourage the consumption of dietary fat? It absolutely defies logic.
Beware the monsters lurking in word swamps.
10:53 AM on 08/27/2012
The idea that one's blood sugar shouldn't rise after eating defies logic.
10:41 PM on 08/27/2012
HIgh blood sugar levels are OK with you? Wow.
11:57 AM on 08/28/2012
Yeah, I think most modern humans eat too much lean, muscle protein as opposed to organ meats which have more fat and nutrients.

Lean protein can spike insulin through excess gluconeogensis and we need some fat so wish docs would advocate grass-fed organ meats as part of a healthy diet.
05:13 PM on 08/28/2012
Good points.
11:20 PM on 08/26/2012
I'm skinny fat, but I'm healthy, too. Well, I have low blood pressure, but my blood glucose levels and everything are fine. I also can run a mile before needing a break, and my recovery time after that mile is only about 30 seconds, then I'm ready to run again.

That said, I'm definitely trying to get fit. I've started working out again, with a heavy focus on weight lifting and strength exercises. But, considering that I used to be obese (5'5" and 210lbs), I'll take being skinny fat any day.
08:20 PM on 08/26/2012
My weight is ok, I have no abdominal fat. But next check-up I'll ask for the tests.
06:57 PM on 08/26/2012
Has anyone tried the Body Beautiful Nutrition Plan? Ive heard a few people talking it but was wondering if anyone has tried it before I buy it? I really like the recipes on her website
Jes from Kemah
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04:51 PM on 08/26/2012
Models drink whiskey and smoke cigs...yep not so healthy
04:47 PM on 08/26/2012
I am currently in the process of fixing my skinny-fat body. I've been working out since May in order to gain muscle and hopefully (eventually) shed the extra flubber that isn't serving any purpose. I don't care about the # on the scale, I just want to repair my fat-to-muscle ratio so that I can be fitter :)
It's just math
01:50 AM on 08/27/2012
quitting gluten might change things alot for you.