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06:59 PM on 08/19/2012
Couldn't decide which church service to go to (early or later) and someone threw a hissey-fit.
06:57 PM on 08/19/2012
Taken from the Pew Hispanic Center report

Today, we estimate that 51% of all Mexican immigrants living in the United States are unauthorized.

The Mexican-born population in the United States decreased from 12.6 million in 2007 to 12 million in 2011.
{Still too many}

The Latino population has risen significantly in the United States in the past decade, but not just because of immigration.

Actually, a higher birth rate among Hispanic women is now the dominant factor in the rise, according to a new study.

Meanwhile in Mexico, the birth rate is declining. On average, in 1960, a Mexican woman in her country had seven children, but in 2009 the average was two.

{So they are coming here to the have their kids where the benefits are better.}
06:37 PM on 08/19/2012
How come this never happens near our Mexican car plants?
Edwin Keever Jr
Go to Face Book Mr. Ed The person, not the horse
07:30 PM on 08/19/2012
Because tou can't get high on car plants, only pot plants?
08:01 PM on 08/19/2012
That's good Mr. Ed!
06:30 PM on 08/19/2012
is there anyone out there like me who says lets invade mexico.. How many more scenes like this.. Why go to the Middle East lets invade this country an give it back to the civil people
Buy hyacinths to feed thy soul..
07:04 PM on 08/19/2012
Why go to the Middle East or Mexico? We are not the world's policeman, nor can we afford to be. Mexico is a wealthy nation, with the world's tenth largest economy. They must find what it takes to get their act together on this problem, even if they have to hire mercenaries to do it for them.
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09:29 PM on 08/19/2012
We should invade Canada. They are so socialist with their free education, medical care, and import export made in Canada minimum manufacturing requirements. Lets liberate them!
07:14 PM on 08/19/2012
Are there any civil people left?
Mark Helfgott
06:22 PM on 08/19/2012
Those Mexicans sure know how to party.
07:51 PM on 08/19/2012
Yea, party till they die :(
06:12 PM on 08/19/2012
And big o wants open borders.
06:07 PM on 08/19/2012
With all the anti smoking ads can't our admen come up with some great ads showing what happens to drug abusers such as loss of teeth, excelerated aging, tics, inability to function on a day to day basis. Life in jail or early death.
Chance favors the prepared mind
08:23 PM on 08/19/2012
First they have to get those multi Billion dollar anti smoking ads to work.
06:06 PM on 08/19/2012
The cartel leaders are probably all living in the US.
08:16 PM on 08/19/2012
in obamas house.
06:02 PM on 08/19/2012
No need to defend defend our borders. This folks just want to cut our grass and watch our children.
06:54 PM on 08/19/2012
I just LOVE sarcasm.
06:01 PM on 08/19/2012
Just a thought but instead of our medical insurance having to pay for rehabilitation of drug users send the all to Mexico.
Truth,Justice and The American Way!
06:34 PM on 08/19/2012
Kool!! just think about it--No more drug addicted nurses, no more crack head doctors, no more painkiller-abusing actors, half of our retail sales force including Mickey DD's workers would be gone..!!! WHAT A CONCEPT!!!!!!
05:59 PM on 08/19/2012
A normal day in Mexico
05:36 PM on 08/19/2012
drug users in America caused this, they are by far the true home grown blight of our country
06:01 PM on 08/19/2012
Yes the spainish did'nt massacre the mayans and incas did thay?
America needs a leader not a dictator.
06:25 PM on 08/19/2012
Buying the dope is like making a donation to the cartels.
05:35 PM on 08/19/2012
And people don't understand why Arizona is doing all it can to stop illegal immigration no matter who they anger. Frankly I don't blame them. More states should follow suit.
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
05:11 PM on 08/19/2012
What if they sent the human meat to our food markets? I think the Costco stores sell Mexican meat. Yummy.
05:46 PM on 08/19/2012
Are you serious?
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
06:22 PM on 08/19/2012
I think so. I hope I'm right. I think it is true. I haven't been in Costco for a while. I remember not wanting to purchase it. Maybe other Costco stores sell American meat.
07:44 PM on 08/19/2012
Yeah.....just like all of those Mexican brewery workers, pee in the beer vats and then send the beer to the US, so Gringo's can drink it. lol
Truth,Justice and The American Way!
05:47 PM on 08/19/2012
Hurry! go check your freezer---cause that "USDA-A1" label stamped on the pork butt is actually --A DUDES TATTOO!
07:55 PM on 08/19/2012
You are too much, LMAO :D