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06:24 PM on 08/22/2012
Hollywood is the capital of cheating.I dont believe in cheating but everyone is going over board i think everyone should sweep around their on door and stay out of everybodys business. I reaaly like both of them they are great stars and i intend to still follow both of their careers. Miss Stewart this message is for you hold your head up high everyone makes mistakes and hopefully it will all pass over soon your a great actress and i love the movies i have seen you in so far keep up the great work. Mr pattinson this is for you i love the movies i have seen you in as well but quit acting like a baby trying to sponge up all the attention you can and trying to make people feel sorry for you i believe Ms stewert is a great actress yes she made a mistake but grow up Mr pattinson and get over it. I look forward to many more good movies from the both of you ifeel you both are great stars!
06:12 PM on 08/22/2012
I am sure it was Rupert's idea, he is so ugly. Where is his shirt that says I COMMITED ADULTRY?? It is all his fault for coming onto her.
06:09 PM on 08/22/2012
really think everyone is going to far with this Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart it goes on all the time in this world but especially in hollywood and the rumors have it i think i heard rumors of him cheating first but like i said 95% of the stars male and female have cheated i dont even keep up with that anymore but yet you let a young actress do it and try and run her down like a piece of trash but get all excited if say it was another hollywood star . I personally think its wrong but i think everyone should sweep around their own door before judging anyone else. I personally like to watch both they are talented movie stars and i will continue to follow both of there careers.
05:22 PM on 08/22/2012
I'm so entertained by how much energy people are putting into this non-story having nothing to do with their actual lives. Yea pop culture! God forbid we focus on moving mankind forward.
My BS tolerance is at an all time low.
07:34 PM on 08/22/2012
I think of it as an escape from the BS of reality. My 'guilty pleasure'.
You're a slave to money then you die
04:57 PM on 08/22/2012
Why would anyone care enough to actually pay money on such nonsense, and then actually look foolish enough to wear it in public? Get a life!
I WANT to pay $1 million per year in taxes, or mor
09:44 PM on 08/22/2012
I have an "Elvis died for your sins" t-shirt---------
04:53 PM on 08/22/2012
I remember when Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman got together - now there was an attractive couple.

Sure he's gay and she was his red-headed beard, but still an attractive couple.

Now you take these two...the brit with bad teeth & druggy eyes and the chick who can't act or hold a human expression for more than 2 seconds (none of which has been captured on film)
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No Mister President NO MORE!
04:22 PM on 08/22/2012
The only thing I have to say about this whole silly thing

The two of the them were not married so what is the big deal. This is not the first case of Pre-maritial infidelity and won't be the last.
02:36 PM on 08/22/2012
What better indicator of the wearer's busy body puritanism than to sport this silly sexist t-shirt?
01:57 PM on 08/22/2012
Pretty funny. But, excuse me, dudes for centuries have been doing what she did, and are lauded for it. Bit of a double standard here.
02:34 PM on 08/22/2012
a bit?? This is the very epitome of the sexist double standard.
01:25 PM on 08/22/2012
So is this girl supposed to be replacing Angelina as the alleged EvilVillainess of the planet?
01:30 PM on 08/22/2012
Right! She's a young girl who ruined her own relationship. People need to settle down. Like nobody's screwed up anything in their life before.
I like sparkly things
01:24 PM on 08/22/2012
This t-shirt is very immature and the affair happened like 3 weeks ago so why are they still concerned about it?
01:21 PM on 08/22/2012
How unfunny.
01:01 PM on 08/22/2012
I dont know what the fuzz is all about, its no the first time that Hollywood couples cheat on each others, let her be in peace, THEY DO WANT THEY WANT, its not our problem, its theirs, those uy with the T-shirts will be looking at a huge lawsuit for of this, stop the nonsense
12:11 PM on 08/22/2012
How did she become the one to take all the blame? Where is this tramp of a husband? She may have had a moment of bad judgement but she was not married to anybody. Hopefully she will get is all out of her system before she becomes somebody's wife. I see the Husband has gone underground!!!!!!
You're a slave to money then you die
05:00 PM on 08/22/2012
I know, in this society people look the other way or sweep it under a rug if a man cheats. But everyone wants to pretty much stone Kristen. Funny how that works.
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11:36 AM on 08/22/2012
The girl likes vampires, why is anyone surprised she wanted to try a new magic wand?
01:25 PM on 08/22/2012
That line would work better if you replaced the word "vampires" with "wizards or witches" and used it in reference to one of those Harry Pottery movies.
02:39 PM on 08/22/2012
What she really wanted was to try a new wooden stake.
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01:57 PM on 08/23/2012
true.  maybe I should have said she wanted some new blood. Isn't it Hairy Pottery though?