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David Glenn Allen
11:57 AM on 08/20/2012
I am so sorry.
11:57 AM on 08/20/2012
"...the killer, described as thin and around 5-foot-6,"

This doesn't even supply the killer's SEX, much less anything else. How much pussyfooting around in the name of PC is it necessary to swallow?
My deepest condolences to this young woman's family. Having lived through the sudden death of a sibling, I can sympathize on a personal level and the fact that it's a seemingly random murder just makes it that much more appalling and heartbreaking. I hope they apprehend and fry whoever's responsible.
11:56 AM on 08/20/2012
So very sad. Our prayers to the family for the loss of this beautiful family member.
11:56 AM on 08/20/2012
My heart goes out to the family. such a tragedy.
11:56 AM on 08/20/2012
Find the guy, try him, and execute him. The end.
12:41 PM on 08/20/2012
I agree. find the shooter....public hanging...the end!

More 'public' executions of these types of criminals will slow down their activity.

The laws we have protect the criminal too much....I believe if there is 'no shadow of a doubt' as to who did the act whteher it be confession, video, etc...then the punishment should be swift and public!
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06:52 PM on 08/20/2012
I for one would NOT like to see a public execution.....ever. Kind of disturbing morenet. Take a breath and rethink what you just said.
11:55 AM on 08/20/2012
Another senseless murder - I am so sorry for her family and friends. These types of murders should just garner an automatic death sentence.
11:49 AM on 08/20/2012
I am so sorry for this beautiful young lady and her family. Oh, Lord, why are people so rotten. . . I know, it is because we have forgotten You. I pray her family will see here again someday.
11:56 AM on 08/20/2012
You act like you know this girl. Al though it is sad that a person has died...all you know about this young woman is what this article tells you. She could have been involved with really bad people, or drugs, or etc... you get my point.
Just a simple girl in a high-tech digital world
11:59 AM on 08/20/2012
And why are you taking this so personally? Do you know something we don't? You certainly sound like you do.
11:49 AM on 08/20/2012
?? how senseless can it get? God bless her family. RIP so tragic
John Denson
12:09 PM on 08/20/2012
It can - and it will - get more senseless as time goes on. Violence will continue to escalate until the government and the citizens of this blind, self-righteous nation wake up and do some serious soul-searching about where and how we've gone wrong.