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Computer Geek
Logician Atheist Lefty
03:59 PM on 08/27/2012
Where do I send a donation to get the testing started?
E pluribus unum percent
03:58 PM on 08/27/2012
Egotism also doesn't explain Republican's current maniacal obsession to drive the nation into a ditch with permanant war, tax cuts for billionaires and opposition to job creation.
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05:22 PM on 08/27/2012
Each and every one thinks it's all about them.
However, there have been some willing to risk the political postion and stick with his ethics like Wayne Gilchrest-R of Maryland who lost to a Republican in 2008 in a bid for a seat in the U.S. House.

"After Gilchrest's loss in the primary, he broke with his party and endorsed Queen Anne's County State's Attorney Frank Kratovil, the Democratic nominee, in the general election, being quoted as saying, "Let's see, the Republican Party, or my eternal soul?" and "Party loyalty, or integrity?" when questioned."
Only the mediocre are always at their best.
03:53 PM on 08/27/2012
In the media they call it "star complex". People who are in the public eye and are treated with deference and importance begin to believe their own publicity. Before you know it you have a full blown egomaniac on your hands. I know for sure that some politicians are absolute psychopaths, but a lot of people run for office just to get the attention they desperately crave.
04:10 PM on 08/27/2012
I think Mitt Romney would qualify under your last statement. An office for the ego.
Hands off SS, Medicare & Medicaid
04:11 PM on 08/27/2012
I think your assessment is a more on the mark than the rather hysterical blog.
03:50 PM on 08/27/2012
I think it's the lack of shame that gives them away as having some kind of personality disorder.
03:45 PM on 08/27/2012
I am grateful that this article is exposing the truth. A great many religious leaders qualify for the designation as well. Follow the money.
05:36 PM on 08/27/2012
I think religious leaders probably take the cake in this regard. They are the real, true psychopaths.
Parade Keegan
I Can Hear You
03:43 PM on 08/27/2012
I'm thinking sociopaths is more descriptive IMO of a politicians character/nature/personality.
03:42 PM on 08/27/2012
The MMPI should be administered to prospective spouses, elected and appointed officials, including school teachers and principals. Furthermore, church leaders should be subjected to the MMPI as well. Think of the millions of mistakes we could avoid - the emotional pain and the lost money we could avoid.
Making sense, playing fair, standing firm
03:36 PM on 08/27/2012
Anyone who craves that much attention is suspect. Anyone who would run for a job where running is 90% and the job is 10% is convicted.
03:35 PM on 08/27/2012
Ayn Rand's hyper-narcisistic egoism seemed to linger on sociopathy imo. Are you listening Paul Ryan?
So there I was, playing the piano....
03:17 PM on 08/27/2012
Certainly would explain alot of behavior we see from politicians, CEO's and the rest of the high and mighty. But I disagree about deserving a seat in congress, after West,Walsh,Bachmann,Gohmert,Broun and a host of other fruit loops I think I deserve a seat in congress. Don't get mad, compared to these maniacs you deserve a seat as well.
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03:12 PM on 08/27/2012
newt gingrich said it best,
"the media has gotten so bad that a decent person wouldn't run for office."
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Hendrix deus est
03:43 PM on 08/27/2012
That's just Newt's way of excusing his indecency.
03:52 PM on 08/27/2012
What would Newt know about decency? The reason he says that is he didn't like getting caught telling his cancer stricken wife that he was leaving her for another woman; nor did he like getting caught getting oral sex in his car while waiting for his kid to get out of school.

In fact, I'm pretty sure Newt is a sociopath, if not a psychopath. He certainly has a grandiose image of himself.
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04:16 PM on 08/27/2012
his statement was confirmation that he didn't think any of them were decent!
Shaun Hensley
The American Experiment has failed
04:26 PM on 08/27/2012
A broken clock is right twice a day.
03:04 PM on 08/27/2012
I think Ron Jonson's book "The Psychopath Test" asks a lot of good questions, and shows that once we start down this path we ironically start seeing psychopathy everywhere--even in our selves. That many cannot extend moral sentiment beyond their immediate kin group should not surprise us. What should surprise us, says Jonathan Haidt, is that so many can work together beyond their kin groups. Here's a question, could psychopathy be confused with the inability to universalize moral sentiment?

Dr. Jeffery L. Irvin Jr.
Author of "This Is the End: The Coming Apocalypse, the Culture of Fear, and the Fate of American Society"
Abnormal Psychologist
03:57 PM on 08/27/2012
no. imo.
beware the Brain Slug Party!
04:04 PM on 08/27/2012
What's odd to me is that the Democrat party, which is less religious and more secular, seems to have more concern for the well-being of people, while it's the Republicans who tend to be religious who are increasingly opposed to helping the poor. When I was younger and was trying to understand Dawkins' version of social Darwinism, I felt that the real problem with it as a social system (or as an areligious underpinning of a social system) would be that it would give people a reason to neglect or dismiss the poor, while Christianity, for instance, has traditionally done the opposite (hospitals, orphanages, old folks homes, charities, etc), albeit at times not very well. So boy was I wrong - it seems the real anti-poor rhetoric is now coming from the religious right... So I'm just very confused by all this.
11:04 AM on 08/30/2012
Well, Jesus said, "The poor you will have with you always." (Matt. 26:11) Maybe Christians don't want to risk contradicting their Lord by working to eliminate poverty and suffering? ;-)