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Wisdom is the principal thing
03:28 AM on 08/25/2012
Missouri is the same place where Rush Limbaugh is in their hall of fame. That in itself speaks volumes of their culture and priorities.

Of course Akin stays in the race. He nor the citizens who voted for him wouldn't have it any other way.
If Canada is socialist, then so am I.
03:09 AM on 08/25/2012
I encourage Mr. Akin to tell us what this magic substance is that women have in their bodies which will prevent them from getting pregnant if they are "legitimately" raped. Millions of American women would love to know.
Don't just Question Authority, Defy it.
07:36 AM on 08/25/2012
The theory is that when a woman enjoys sex, her body releases the hormones that accept the sperm, facilitating pregnancy.

What anti-abortionists are saying is that a woman may 'claim' she was raped, but if she becomes pregnant, it wasn't rape. She enjoyed it.
If Canada is socialist, then so am I.
03:04 AM on 08/25/2012
I believe that the best campaign strategy against a Teabagger is to stand back and let him/her speak. It won't be long before he buries himself. If necessary, you can ask her a question or two, like "What do you think about this?"
02:22 AM on 08/25/2012
Akin was voted the Republican nominee. I believe in democracy. The fact that his selection in the primary means the Republicans may lose the general election is the problem that can happen when you cultivate corruption, stupidity and minimal education in your party, platform and constituents. I think you need more than the possibility that you might lose an election to throw away people's votes. EVEN INCREDIBLY STUPID VOTES. However, just which one of the Republican gems in MO would have held a different position on any important issue?
01:56 AM on 08/25/2012
The GOP establishment is all talk. In a month, if they think Akin actually has a chance to win this race, they'll go back to pouring money in on his behalf. It's all faux outrage. Remember, abortion without exception is in their platform, so what exactly are they so mad at Akin about? Because he blew their cover? Per the GOP platform, they're going to force a woman to carry the baby she conceives from rape or incest to term, so really it's just one exercise of power followed by another. They just seem to think the woman will feel better is she knows they're mad at the rapist.
01:50 AM on 08/25/2012
No doubt Claire thinks its to her advantage to run against Akin, but I gotta say in some ways I agree with her on this and Akin. His beliefs on this isnt unordinary but follows the GOP platiform so why should party heads get to pick someone to run when citizens voted for this man in the primary. I didnt and cant imagine why anyone would, but I still believe voting is sacred and even those mentally intune with Akin have a right for their vote to stand.
America needs a Labor Party
01:41 AM on 08/25/2012
OF COURSE McCaskill wants Akin to stay in the race. Every Democrat in the USA should want him to stay in. It forces the debate to abortion and the sanctity of life. McCaskill will paste Akin in the election. It's not an 'eyebrow raising' comment. C'mon. It's the politically obvious.
I'm Outta Here! Goodbye to all my Friends & Fans
05:10 AM on 08/25/2012
A Canuck, eh!
12:26 AM on 08/25/2012
Akin could win as a lot of people love the guy that is off the wall, something like them.
Former conservative who looked behind the curtain
12:10 AM on 08/25/2012
Remember back in the day when people told insensitive jokes about certain groups of people. Then if they were ever called out for it they would say "hey I was only joking"

Yeah sure, we're not laughing.
Your micro-bio is empty
03:56 AM on 08/25/2012
Back in the day? Didn't Mittens and/or Newtron use that line recently?
12:06 AM on 08/25/2012
ok. I hate to make light of such a serious issue but it's really gotten stupid so here goes:
Since a little less than half the population is against abortion, I think I have a compromise. Go ahead and put it to a national vote, but before voting, everyone voting to abolish it must register with the government so that If they win the referendum, they will be eligible to raise the children they have saved. If the computer spits out their name, Hurray - proud new parent! It would work just like the military draft. They would also be required to cover the mothers medical care so we can reduce entitlements. Win - Win.
I bet this idea would never become a plank in the GOP platform. I also think that if the issue was handled this way, the anti-abortion movement would come to a screeching halt and the self-righteous among us would find less commitment intensive ways to do the "Lords work".
11:04 PM on 08/24/2012
"Missourians who voted in the Republican primary have nominated Todd Akin, and I think this election will provide a very stark contrast between Todd Akin and me," she said

Ya think? lolol
Author, Speaker, Retreat Facilitator
10:54 PM on 08/24/2012
Republicans want Akin out, but keep the rape policies in the Republican platform. This is not about words it is about the attitude and disrespect of the Republican party for American women.
Son. Brother. Hell's Kitchen Progressive.
10:49 PM on 08/24/2012
Akin losing to the all but given up for lost Senate seat held by Claire McCaskill is one of the better stories about this entire campaign season. Who would have thought!
10:42 PM on 08/24/2012
I have no doubt that Akin can still win. The right will push the zanies to th front and the rest of the country is not paying attention.
Fairness for all
11:11 PM on 08/24/2012
This is my fear, Bluegirl. There is a great uninformed electorate out there and they are easily overtaken by the crazies. A recent survey stated that those who get their news from Fox are less informed than those who watch no news at all. So between those who watch Fox and those who watch no news at all, the people who are really informed can be out-voted. These are the people who react to fear and lies.
Forgive our debts as we forgive our debtors.
12:23 AM on 08/25/2012
They'll have to reverse announced positions and spend money in MO they have already declared they won't. (I know, they lie easily and often, but still.)

I say let the man talk. The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee should buy Akin an hour every week to talk on television in MO's urban markets to energize OUR base to get out and vote in sheer self defense - and pride in their state.
The truth isn't halfway between right and wrong
10:33 PM on 08/24/2012
Akin's mistaken about baby-makin'!!!