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06:02 PM on 08/26/2012
Love is one of the strongest feeling that humans has no control over, the sad thing is that a person can act in front of others that there feeling is gone cancerning the person they was in love with but they can't fool themself. Time will ease the hurt and sting endured by your memories of the person but nothing not even "time" can erase the love you had, it will always stay in your memory banks.
05:53 PM on 08/26/2012
ugly b#$%@ just needs too get over and stop talking about it she makes me sick!!!!!
06:49 PM on 08/26/2012
Wonder if you had to eat those words if you would choke on them?
Francois Bergeron
seeking sense
05:51 PM on 08/26/2012
This is a tricky one.
I don't like censoring comedians, wether you like rivers or not is irrelevant, but this wasn't funny. So... don't laugh I suppose...
Isn't that the worse thing you can do to a comedian?
05:48 PM on 08/26/2012
How funny people in general cannot read beyond their nose. Joan is talking about the audacity of that ignorant little brat that got slapped around and still loves the man who put the beat down on her. Now again, who is giving domestic violence a thumbs up?
05:46 PM on 08/26/2012
Hey Smok...yes I do hear voices but fortunately not yours.
05:19 PM on 08/26/2012
Love is a funny thing. Rihanna is very young and he was her first love and it is hard to get over. You can love someone and know better and know that you cannot actually be with them as it is harmful to you. I like Joan and I think much ado is being made about nothing. She was pretty much stating that for the two of them to be together would be stupid and it would be. But that does not mean that this young woman does not still love him - hopefully she grows out of it.
05:19 PM on 08/26/2012
I think Joan was trying to say, give it up, get over it and move on - don't keep harping on about him or the incident. Domestic violence is not acceptable in any form but what happened to Rhianna was three years ago and she chooses to publicly announce she still loves him opening herself up to jibes right or wrong....
05:13 PM on 08/26/2012
The fact that Rihanna has begun making music with him again and not taking this whole thing seriously makes it nearly impossible for the rest of us to take it seriously. I realize that the emotions of a battered woman are tricky and hard to understand. I get it if she still has love for him in her heart. But she is a grown woman no longer stuck in that cycle of abuse, so it baffles me that she is bringing him back into her life after all of this. Joan did not go too far, she said what the majority of us are thinking.
05:09 PM on 08/26/2012
I am glad to see that alot of you have understood just what Ms. Rivers was trying to say. She thinks that Rihanna is a dumbbell for still being in love with that abusive, angry man. It is that simple.
05:06 PM on 08/26/2012
I saw Rihanna at the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show after party and I asked her what was up with her and Chris Brown? she just shrugged her shoulders and said BEATS ME! -Joan Rivers Fashion Police on E! what people don't realize is that Joan has been making these types of jokes about Rihanna on her show! i love them they are hilarious ! Rihannah and Chris need to take a good look at themselves!
07:04 PM on 08/26/2012
Joan rivers hasn't been funny for a long time..methinks you need to take a good look at yourself.
04:54 PM on 08/26/2012
This time? She went too far when she popped out of the woom.
05:04 PM on 08/26/2012
What is a woom?
05:59 PM on 08/26/2012
Kind of like a womb for strange birds.
04:47 PM on 08/26/2012
Maybe if Joan Rivers was on the recieving end of domestic violene she wouldn't think it was so funny.
05:06 PM on 08/26/2012
She isn't saying domestic violence is funny. She's saying that going back for more is idiotic. Do you disagree?
07:08 PM on 08/26/2012
Rhianna is not back with Chris....she is makin music with him...Joan's old and no longer funny...she attempts to say something anything about people who are hot in current pop culture in order to stay relevent...its as simple as that ...she was using Rhianna's situation to remain in the public eye. She probably loves the controversy
04:41 PM on 08/26/2012
No. Unlike most of the shallow celebrities infecting our planet, Rivers is (1) not shallow. She's well-educated and it shows in her sharp mind and vocabulary, although often off-color. And (2) People like Brown and Rhianna crave all publicity. They thrive on it. They are not educated and appear to be intellectually shallow and misguided in their personal lives. They are fair game. Rivers knows this, and she doesn't pretend to be Ms. Nice Lady.
07:13 PM on 08/26/2012
What a completely asinine comment. Joan is one of the most tasteless old women out there today. Education does not always carry with it ...good taste..actually almost never...given what my professors wore ...Joan is as much fair game as Rhianna. She has subjected her daughter and grandson to her need to remain in the public eye with no thought of upping the class portion of her comedy...she gets down and not only dirty, but outright vulgar ain't funny Joan...get your depends and a cup of tea at least a couple of evenings out of the week ...give us a break!
01:13 AM on 08/27/2012
Yes, calling Michelle Obama "Blackie O" is genius < insert sarcasm>
04:28 PM on 08/26/2012
05:05 PM on 08/26/2012
No need to yell...
05:20 PM on 08/26/2012
A Groover has to expect a few setbacks .....
04:27 PM on 08/26/2012
Joan is older than the oldest piece of elephant dung you can find on this planet ....
Against logic there is no armor like ignorance
05:02 PM on 08/26/2012
And I'm sure she would agree with you. If there's one thing Joan Rivers can do is to not take her flaws too seriously.
01:14 AM on 08/27/2012
Apparently she does.. have you seen her face?
06:23 AM on 08/27/2012
yes and she deserve respect for that