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There's a RAT infestation on Wall Street
09:08 AM on 08/29/2012
It's the Republicans and their friends who are dependent ---- dependent on The defense budget because that's where they go to suck money out of the US Taxpayers, they are dependent on Price supports, grants and subsidies and a vast array of tax loopholes and much more. It's just not called welfare even though it IS WELFARE for the Rich
Sherry Hunt my hero
09:16 AM on 08/29/2012
Don't forget the banks and their bailout welfare.
America needs a Labor Party
08:40 AM on 08/29/2012
Santorum is sure doubling down on the 'remove work requirements' from welfare lie. Because it is a lie. No work requirements have been removed from welfare. Sorry. Not true.

What is interesting to me is that he said 'almost half of America (is) receiving some government benefit.' Sounds great in a speech and is really scathing to Obama until you begin thinking about it. Does this mean half of Americans are on welfare, as the context of Santorum's speech implied? No. According to the US Census, 15.3% of our people are living in poverty. That's bad, but it's not half.

So, he must mean welfare plus food stamps plus unemployment compensation. The number is still foggy. See, these are called 'safety net' programs. If the economy contracts they are meant to expand. If the economy gets better, their caseloads go down. That's what they are for - to help businesses by keeping demand for goods and services stable even if the economy downturns. They work.

Unfortunately, the GOP has spent two years trying to undermine Obama by stalling economic recovery. I can point to bill after bill that would have helped that was killed by the GOP, just so they could give speeches like this at their convention.
09:52 AM on 08/29/2012
The "half of america" statement is including medicare and social security. Also half of america is false, it is half the households in if you are a well off middle class family of 5 which has a house hold income over 200K/yr but an elderly parent moves in with their social security check, then you are counted as a household which receives government aid. The welfare/food stamp/medicaid/subsidized housing, household percentage is 34%.
08:39 AM on 08/29/2012
As these politicians speak of their Christian faith, does it occur to them that lies are not a good thing. Obama is not eliminating the work requirement and if someone would take a few seconds to search they would know that. We need truth in advertising for politicians.
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08:28 AM on 08/29/2012
Now they are BFF?
I tried to think but nothing happened!
08:22 AM on 08/29/2012
I felt so dirty after seeing this that I had to watch porn for the rest of the evening to cleanse my spirit.

08:02 AM on 08/29/2012
Rick Santorum is Italian?
Balance=each bias represented. Truth> Balance
08:02 AM on 08/29/2012
Dear Huffpo, as you report the news, please be so kind as to include facts to counter propaganda. We all know Santorum is lying and that he, along with the rest of his party, is trying on the welfare talking point and hoping it plays well with their base. Would be nice if you'd included, with this article, Obama's record on welfare. Guess we get what we don't pay for.
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07:55 AM on 08/29/2012
Billy the Kid
Atilla the Hun
Santorum the hand shaker
The hand shake is an up and down motion performed near waist level.
It's official Santorum is now renown for his hand shaking skills.
07:52 AM on 08/29/2012
Earth to Rick....Obama embodies the America Dream. A poor mixed raced child raised by a single mother and his grand parents, studies hard, gets accepted to an Ivy League college and becomes President of the United States.
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09:21 AM on 08/29/2012
No, he embodies the Democrat Dream...and fosters the Nightmare of Entitlement Dependency.
10:10 AM on 08/29/2012
You're name says it all...I'm a Democrat making $380k a year, I laugh at people like you.  You can't make it so blame someone else for your "disdain".
Bill the Cat for President
10:16 AM on 08/29/2012
"Nightmare of Entitlement Dependency" describes perfectly the vast corporate culture that RELIES on government spending, legislation and litigation. If you think that this country's poor and elderly are draining our economy then you should really stop and think again.
07:50 AM on 08/29/2012
Amazing how quickly the GOP erases W from history and how his disastrous policies brought this country to its knees......this is not blaming W, it's pointing out facts that cannot be ignored.
07:46 AM on 08/29/2012
"Requiring work as a condition for receiving welfare succeeded -- and not just because the welfare rolls were cut in half -- but because employment went way up, poverty went down and dreams were realized."

Employment didn't go "way up" because welfare was reformed--employment went way up because the economy was booming under Clinton and there were more JOBS.
Bless our military
07:40 AM on 08/29/2012
Nope. Bush brought on the "nightmare of dependency" by creating the worst economic conditions since the 1930's. Obama was left to clean up the mess and try to help these people.
Let's be very clear on cause and effect here.
07:24 AM on 08/29/2012
How much of that "nightmare of dependency" was created by people like Santorum himself and his objections to birth control and sex education. Conservatives never saw a fetus they didn't love, but as soon as the baby exits the birth canal, if it born to a poor woman, it is regarded as a parasite and its mother as a welfare cheat. And does he seriously think that the rich and the big corporations don't have a welfare-cultur, a dependency of their own, one that allowed them to take advantage of our military and our police to protect the outrageous amounts of money that they have scammed from the rest of us and removed from the money circulation pot? How dumb does this guy think we are? And to stiff the middle class with the bill?
hold politicians libel for lieing
07:23 AM on 08/29/2012
How many people would say our current batch of congressman are not on the same govt. dole that they accuse everyone else of being on? and they do little to NO work.
plus we give them stellar health care
Dystopia is here.
08:57 AM on 08/29/2012
And isn't Santorum still using his government provided health care to care for his family? Seems to me that counts in that dependency number!
Is it an android you are or are you a quasar?
07:18 AM on 08/29/2012
The party of no has a hard time saying NO to federal aid. especially when it benefits them
hold politicians libel for lieing
07:24 AM on 08/29/2012
right on the money Omega