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Without Economic Justice, There Is No Justice!
10:22 AM on 09/04/2012
There is the conservative argument against the drug wars, small government, personal freedom and responsibility should be the rule of law. There is the liberal argument against the drug wars, compassion for those and their families who are made to suffer the financial hardships of arrest and conviction for a victimless crime should rule.

The only arguments in favor of the drug wars is the fascist argument. It gives law enforcement more weapons to be used against those citizens the wealthy and powerful disdain.
11:32 AM on 09/04/2012
Excellent excellent points. You are right on target.

See the documentary "Grass". Explains how the MJ laws have been used to hassle minorities - while costing a bleeding fortune. (It's also hilarious!)

Then see the documentary "The Union" from Canada. It focuses on all of the surprising winners in the drug wars, from prison guards to private prisons to free-lance pot growers and their electricians, carpenters, cutters, etc. in CA.
Don't vote for Obama or Romney
07:58 PM on 09/04/2012
Obama is pro-war on drugs. Please don't vote for him.
09:58 AM on 09/04/2012
The front line warrior always has a more sane and realistic view of war...
john frodo
armchair expert
09:50 AM on 09/04/2012
well said