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12:54 AM on 04/07/2009
Even the Huffington Post is engaging in the media obsession with how powerful women are dressing, instead of the substance of their ideas and activities.That's infantilizing to these women and everyone who sees this "coverage." And in terms of journalism, it's really disappointing and trashy. God, leave that to Showbiz Tonight!
10:13 AM on 04/07/2009
Take a deep breath. I'm thinking the obsession with dress is IN ADDITION to whatever else they bring to the table. You want they should all dress like FRUMPS?
Motorcycle momma in Cin
12:15 AM on 04/07/2009
Work it Hillary!!! Love the stripes and the pink! You are looking fab!
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02:28 AM on 04/07/2009
I like that she's growing her hair out. She should continue to grow it and get a bob hair cut.
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11:52 PM on 04/06/2009
She looks great...she's in her element...she rocks!
11:34 PM on 04/06/2009
Strong, driven, ambitious, confident women rock! Go HRC!!!!
07:59 AM on 04/07/2009
Truly a role model. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Madam Secretary.
11:02 PM on 04/06/2009
Hillary looks great! She looks like she's in all her glory and happy to be doing her job without having to schlepp Bill with her.
10:52 PM on 04/06/2009
I thinks she looks fabulous. I hope to look that good in 40 years.
10:33 PM on 04/06/2009
All women look good in pink! She looks wonderful, and John Edwards be damned. She looked good that debate night in pink, also. Look where he is today and where she is,,, brings a big smile to my face.
10:20 PM on 04/06/2009
Go, Hillary! She is positively radiant. And why not? In the last week she actualy polled higher than the her boss, the president. Aside from Michelle, Hillary is his greatest asset. She loves to work and loves her work. It shows.
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A free man creates himself.
09:49 PM on 04/06/2009
No nuclear yellow, good.
02:50 AM on 04/07/2009
Well...perhaps she might benefit from a bit of "teeth whitener" being added to the suitcase. Just an observation.
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A free man creates himself.
05:15 PM on 04/07/2009
I meant the pantsuits.
09:33 PM on 04/06/2009
You know...I'm not personally a fan of neckerchiefs or bubblegum pink on grown women...and I'm still skeptical about Hilary at State...but I really admire the statement of wearing that color while standing front and center in a group photo of a bunch of powerful men in dark suits!!
09:23 PM on 04/06/2009
It looks like Hillary has just noticed somebody falling out the window.
09:15 PM on 04/06/2009
Is it me or am I forgetting, where there this many smiles, hugs and kisses when the Bush team fanned out?
10:31 PM on 04/06/2009
Bushie was totally ignored. Bushie didn't like being touched anyway, so no handshakes. He was the man that most of the world loved to hate.
10:51 PM on 04/06/2009
Yeah, remember the last time that George W met with world leaders they ignored him right on stage. If it wasn't so sad it would have been funny.
09:10 PM on 04/06/2009
Had the honor of meeting Hillary on the campaign trail. Didn't notice any yellow teeth and she was very trim and looked FANTASTIC
08:03 AM on 04/07/2009
I too had the honor of being within 15 feet of the SOS during her campaign. She looked fantastic and glowing and more than that she made a fabulous unwritten speech. No one could beat that. My hats off to her and may she succeed.
09:03 PM on 04/06/2009
I love Hillary's vibrancy, in spirit and in what she wears. You can tell people genuinely like to be with her.
democratic socialst
08:43 PM on 04/06/2009
I'm so very pleased that HRC accepted Secretary of State. She can do so much more in that position than VP. She looks a bit more rested than during and right after the campaign. She's a pretty woman anyway.