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09:45 PM on 08/29/2012
To be precise, Mr. Pattinson, you are what Mr. Sanders deems below him, more than anyone else. You were his true target. He had to prove to himself, and you, he had the power to take what he wanted, away from anyone, even someone as beloved as you are. He had to prove he was the stronger, more desired, more dominant male in town. I like to think of his type as “Caesar” and you are his “Spartacus.” Ms. Stewart was nothing more than a tool for him to punish you for your successes and over shadowing his prominence during his hour of glory. It ate away at him that his talents could not be recognized without your name boosting his production of SWATH because of your relationship with Ms. Stewart. You had nothing to do with SWATH! How dare you overshadow his work, his talents, and his creativity with the mere mention of your name! You are a lowly actor! He is the almighty director! What better way to knock you down a peg or two than to take the one thing you treasure most. Ms. Stewart was your vulnerability as much as you were hers and when you add her naïveté to the mix, neither one of you had a chance against the evil that hides in the hearts of men such as Rupert Sanders.(Continued)
09:45 PM on 08/29/2012
You are nothing more than immature, naïve children in his eyes, and he knew he could crush you, both, with one blow. That is exactly what he did for the sake of fame.(Continued)
09:43 PM on 08/29/2012
He is winning. Ms. Stewart is a harlot, shunned righteously by you, the media, and the public, while Mr. Sanders, in a few short months, will receive pats on the back by his colleagues, and asked, “So, what was it like, you know, with Kristen? Was she worth it?” I won’t go further. You get the picture. Men are men when they cheat. Women are worthless harlots, damaged goods, and no longer fit to be seen with in public, when events such as these are revealed. It is always the woman’s fault, her seduction, her choice and her selfishness. Women are evil and the temptation of man. Men are the weak victims, unable to utter the word, “No” at the sight of a beautiful woman and unable to resist his own perversions in his mind because she put them there just by being a beautiful, desirable woman in his sights.(Continued)
09:42 PM on 08/29/2012
Mrs. Sanders, well let’s be nice and say I have my suspicions. She’s not well known in these parts, virtually invisible, until this event, and lonely, looking to liven up her boring, mundane motherly life with a new acting career. She was totally discontent with her new home and the extended absence of her poor, weak victim of a husband, not to mention sexless marriage. She said so, herself. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out her part in all this. If I had to guess, I would bet she was heading to a divorce attorney long before this event and was the one that tipped the paparazzo. She too, has benefited from this event. Gee, how many offers do you think she has received for modeling, interviews, and more importantly, acting? She’s playing the innocent wife victim of Ms. Stewart’s irresistible temptations toward her weak victim of a husband, perfectly. I can’t help but wonder how long it took them to plan the whole thing. Those pictures, told me much more than I bet they expected anyone to see. I saw ‘set-up’ from the get go! The biggest give away were the two pictures of Mr. Sanders looking straight into the camera. The one by the railing looks like he was gesturing, “Did you get that?”(Continued)
09:41 PM on 08/29/2012
You heard Mr. Sanders, “I am utterly distraught about the pain I have caused my family. My beautiful wife and heavenly children are all I have in this world. I love them with all my heart. I am praying that we can get through this together.” It was a staged apology, cold with no hint of sincerity in his voice or sweat on his brow. Praying? Oh, he didn’t mean what it seems he meant! He flubbed his words! He forgot the last three! “I’m praying that we can get through this together, without getting caught!” You’ve read his other comment, “I would do absolutely anything and everything to save my marriage.” Yeah, I believe that. How about this lie, “It was the worst mistake of my life.” Let me hear Mrs. Sanders say that. She’s riding on a high horse with wings, right about now. (Continued)
09:40 PM on 08/29/2012
Wow, what a trade off and complete role reversal, “The demise of Kristen Stewart’s acting career for the rise of Liberty Sanders.” Who is overshadowing whom, now? It makes me so sad to see people do this to each other. Do I just have an over active, devious mind? I feel ashamed of myself for being no better than the tabloids. Please forgive me for not erasing this evil trash, but if I can see it, and think it, do you really think it’s that farfetched? I am just a normal person, sitting on the outside, looking in. I believe it was orchestrated by the Sanders, without Ms. Stewart’s knowledge, and she truly is as much a victim as you. The Sanders have destroyed so much goodness and it is painful. I am so sorry. I hope you see what I see and salvage yourselves, together or separately, it doesn’t matter, as long as you both survive with your heads held high.
12:52 AM on 08/30/2012
I TOTALLY AGREE! Hope Rob waits ups.
04:49 AM on 08/30/2012
I hope they both wake up.
09:58 AM on 08/30/2012
"I believe it was orchestrated by the Sanders, without Ms. Stewart’s knowledge, and she truly is as much a victim as you."

Are you SERIOUS? A woman sleeps with a man she KNOWS is married (with children) and SHES the victim?

So feminists now believe they're the victims if the sleep with a married man?

And let me guess...Sanders should get 20 years in prison for taking advantage of such an "innocent" girl? (eyes rolling)

You know I bet Sanders forced her to smile in those photos. It's a new thing men are doing...forcing women to "pretend" they are enjoying the affair.

Next week we should find a way to blame something on Patterson. I dare he not juggle and entertain Stewart 24/7 and walk around with his head up her a55. In fact, if he hadn't been so dumb as to trust her to have some dignity and integrity this NEVER would have happened. The nerve of some men!!!
10:20 AM on 08/30/2012
First off, there has never been anything written that said she slept with him. You saw som kissing, not naked flesh bouncing up and down. Even the tabloids are trying to get people to understand they only reported kissing. They didn't go or meet at a hotel. They were in a car and in a "park" with people walking around. Reread US Weekly and get your facts straight. I am not a feminist either. I think you will understand if you read my next post in a few minutes. I'm going to post something just for people like you, so you can either get a glimpse of what it's like...or scoff at me and enjoy yourself. I warn you, though, if you scoff at me, I will take it personal and it will hurt me because this is a very personal matter for me. Please try to be kind. I put my heart into it. Quick question, not that it matters...male or female? (You)
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12:44 PM on 08/29/2012
interesting her husband's infidelity opened doors for her career.... the doors are opened and it's up to her to demonstrate her acting skills and continue with her career.
09:31 AM on 08/29/2012
If she becomes a hooker, it would be a big boost to her career.
04:44 AM on 08/29/2012
good for her.
Imagine a world w/no hypothetical situations...
12:24 AM on 08/29/2012
what career? i honestly never heard of her b4 her husband's runaway penis.
12:49 AM on 08/29/2012
Johnny Rose
A Rose for Johnny Rose
06:37 AM on 08/29/2012
that was awesome, runaway penis, lol
11:07 PM on 08/28/2012
Good for her. She didn't do anything wrong, so why does she need to crawl under a rock until the media moves on? If the work comes in, take it.
12:36 AM on 08/30/2012
Wow, really? I thought it was obvious. Why not read my comments? I wrote a novel and posted it. You might find it interesting. It would be nice to have you agree, but based on your other comments, I don't think you will. Maybe it's a guy thing. I hope you surprise me with a nice comment. Please don't be nasty if you do comment. I'm crushable.
07:45 AM on 08/30/2012
I think you might have me confused with somebody else.
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My microbio is fabulous
10:14 PM on 08/28/2012
How convenient.
09:34 PM on 08/28/2012
I wouldn't be surprised if Liberty and Rupert arranged for the parapazzi to catch Kristen and Rupert kissing. No one knew who Liberty and Rupert were before the scandal hit and while Rob and Kristen have deliberately downplayed their personal problems we've seen Liberty and Rupert milking their own. I'm sure Rupert knew that men are never judged as harshly as women for things like this plus he knew he'd get major kudos from the male gender for getting some action from a young and famous hottie like Stewart. And Liberty knew time was running out. She's getting older, she's not really attractive by Hollywood standards and her career hasn't gone anywhere so she figured a little humiliation was worth it if it helped her career. I find it disgusting that Liberty and Rupert were willing to sacrifice a young girl to further their own agenda but hey, some people are scum. I know I won't be supporting Liberty or Rupert in any of their future endeavors.
11:10 PM on 08/28/2012
Yeah, well since you don't know anything for sure, you post is just wild speculation.
Life ain't like a box of chocolates
12:13 AM on 08/29/2012
It's as though the argument started out as speculation and then suddenly morphed into fact and surety.
04:48 PM on 08/29/2012
They are scum. Her career will not last, don't think many will support her.
06:17 PM on 08/29/2012