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10:55 PM on 08/28/2012
No one is helping the demise of the country.
10:43 PM on 08/28/2012
What's really sad is Krugman has become nothing more than a partisan hack. Preaching to the left wing echo chamber is a far cry from the respect he use to command.
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My micro bio is empty but not without feelings.
10:52 PM on 08/28/2012
Yes I can see where a person of convictions and integrity would be disconcerting to a right wing hack like yourself.
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a micro-bio hp can handle
06:46 AM on 08/29/2012
What really bothers right wing hacks is that Krugman wheels out the facts. That just drives them bonkers.
06:53 AM on 08/29/2012
He should be writing for huffpo, not the ny times....although the ny times is a shell of it's former self.
08:37 AM on 08/29/2012
When one side pushes extremes just to try to move the middle in their direction, it is only natural that the non-extremists try to pull in the other direction. In our situation today, that simply means staying where you are. As they pull further and further to the right, those that never shifted their opinion suddenly seem more extreme when in reality they aren't.
12:43 PM on 08/29/2012
I guess when you're so far left......Krugman might appear as a moderate. To the rest of the world ?.....not so much.
Andrew FingerlickingGree
He who give up freedom for safety deserves neither
07:52 PM on 08/28/2012
If only a percentage of the 1% were as wise as Krugman.
08:40 AM on 08/29/2012
Some of them are, but they stand to lose if they follow what they know needs to be done. Then again, that is very short sighted because the more money we remove from the economy, the less the economy thrives, and then even less people can buy their products, buy houses, or take out more risk-free loans. By concentrating wealth, they are cutting off their own supply.