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04:03 PM on 08/30/2012
I have no problem with nudity in films when the plot requires it. At the same time I'm not too enthusiastic about seeing DiCaprio naked.
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03:18 PM on 08/30/2012
Proving even the best actors are exhibitionists at heart.
Lorin Smith
aka: Kitty
02:51 PM on 08/30/2012
Shiloh LaBeauof has one up on him making his into reality tv.....
nostalgia aint what it used to be.
02:20 PM on 08/30/2012
who cares?
02:14 PM on 08/30/2012
Too bad. I won't be seeing the movie.

Gotta tell you that when a movie has to stoop to be this graphic it means to me that there isn't enough artistic capability by the director or the actors to bring me into the story without going for the graphic shock to sell the movie.

In regards to the Kate Winslet is weird that they were totally fine...but hardly surprising from the Hollywood bunch. Did it mention that he is her now "former" husband. What a fantastic opportunity to watch your wife with someone else. That will eat away at a marriage....ultimately.
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01:57 PM on 08/30/2012
Its amazing how frikin prude americans are over nudity. But violence is readily accpeted
02:21 PM on 08/30/2012
Yeah, we're prude over nudity, thats why the porn industry is over 10billion.
Good Karma comes back...
04:55 PM on 08/30/2012
That's because they don't want people to know about. It makes them sound upstanding, while actually, they only care that people think they are, but when no one is looking.......
05:04 PM on 08/30/2012
Americans are'nt prude over nudity, we just make money off of it. Insert your credit card before your hand is happy. What a stupid comment.
01:33 PM on 08/30/2012
is it really necessary for Hollywood to stoop this low to make money.
we wonder about the morals of our country and how they got to where they are.
all we have to do is look toward the the actors in Hollywood to figure it out.
i don't blame them for every thing but they are responsible for a good part of why this countrys morals are in the toilet
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01:24 PM on 08/30/2012
we finally get a "Big" star to take it all off and be sexual completely on screen, and it turns out to be Decrapio. Who wants to see this pastie middle aged white boy who always looks like he's nodding in a heroin stupor, or in the very least heavy sedation. Not sexy , not appealing at all
Bettye Cart
12:48 PM on 08/30/2012
Does he do any movie anymore without playing some real live, dead or alive person?
01:21 PM on 08/30/2012
what would you have him play , a tree? Actors always portray people dead or alive. It's called acting.
03:15 PM on 08/30/2012
that's not the point Bettye was making. he seems to be playing people that have lived and is trying to become that person instead of a character in a fiction novel where he has to develop that persona himself.
when you play j edgar you expect the actor to emulate j edgar not what you want j edgar to be.
Bettye Cart
01:56 PM on 08/30/2012
Most character roles are fictional which does not categorize it as dead or alive, does it? Its an illusion. A fantasy, an imagined character.
12:24 PM on 08/30/2012
I hope he does some cardio/toning before the big reveal. I like Leo, but every picture I have seen of him on the beach, etc. leaves the impression he is not a big "workout" person.
12:07 PM on 08/30/2012
And so much would be lost in this flick if we couldn't actually see 4 naked men and 2 naked women in an "explicit" sex scene? If so, I guess the rest of the movie could not stand without it. Another movie I will not be going to see.
11:42 AM on 08/30/2012
Ill never forget him in that movie,-Whats eating Gilbert Grape- with DiCaprio and Johnny Depp. It was before i really knew who he was and I seriously thought he was mentally challenged. Great now im going to have that stuck in my head >>Match in the gas tank boom boom
Rights For Women
11:39 AM on 08/30/2012
Why do we have to be so grafic in films? There is nothing left to the imagination anymore. It's like all movies have become porn and we have no chance to appreciate real acting.
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73, female - whatever happened to common sense?
11:23 AM on 08/30/2012
Leonardo DiCaprio is turning out to be one of the greatest actors of our time. Look at the diversity of the roles he has played, e.g. J. Edgar Hoover and Frank William Abagnale Jr, two people who couldn't be more different from one another. Anyway, as long as his baring it all is in the context of the movie and not just tossed in for shock value I have no problem with it and, since it is a Martin Scorsese film, I'm sure I'll have no problem with it - Scorsese doesn't do things for shock value.
11:19 AM on 08/30/2012
The nude scene apparently is "essential" to the plot.