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Carpe Diem!
07:47 AM on 04/08/2009
Cheney, the born again Himmler!
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ExPat - Living outside, Looking in
09:29 AM on 04/08/2009
With propaganda programs, torture camps, lot's of big lies (little ones don't work) and a nation of sheep.

Let's hope that Obama doesn't do anything about this so in a few years we can do this all over again.

This is more fun than a roller-coaster ... first you slowly go up and up and up and you come down really fast!

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” - Martin Luther King Jr
07:21 AM on 04/08/2009
Perhaps a better title for this piece would be VP vs. Despicable, Sub-Human, War Criminal ?

(just sayin...)
Proud Progressive for decades
09:00 AM on 04/08/2009
That was their first choice, but it was too long...
If the pilot's good, see, I mean if he's reeeally
06:45 AM on 04/08/2009
Hey Dick! What ever happened to "If you criticize the President in war time you're unpatriotic"?
Treat others as you would like to be treated!
07:37 AM on 04/08/2009
No rules for Cheney, what else is new.
07:40 AM on 04/08/2009
eeeeeEEEEEE X A C T L Y !

But what else would one expect from a hypocrite?
06:04 AM on 04/08/2009
The more I hear from Cheney the more inclined I am to support investigating his behavior while in office.
08:04 AM on 04/08/2009
An investigation should have begun long ago !
04:46 AM on 04/08/2009
if cheney weren't such an evil and dangerous man .. .this would be funny . . . the whole bush/cheney cabal belong behind bars for war crimes -- along with their enabler for the illegal invasion of iraq tony bliar . . . the b/c cabal should be charged with crimes against the US and the Constitution . . . they turned America into a terror zone . . just to enrich themselves and their buddies . . .
04:46 AM on 04/08/2009
Yeah, Cheney, making the Iraq to the world's biggest terrorist and terrorist recruiting camp has made the world much safer. Now angry muslims line up at Osama's cave...
06:21 AM on 04/08/2009
I Can see cheney lining up too, very soon, he's so desperate for something to go wrong with our security with all his mouthing-off then he can say-

"I told you so, we shoulda invaded everybody and had troops in every country and poured water down they necks cos that's the only language freedom haters know."
03:37 AM on 04/08/2009
Cheney left office with a 9% approval rating. What he is doing is un-American. Speaking out against a new sitting American president that only been in office for 70 days. Bashing President Obama to the Israeli leaders. No one is putting American at risk like Cheney. You are out of office (thank God) please go and quietly retire. Take care of that heart problem. You are not invincible!
03:19 AM on 04/08/2009
"Time will tell" said some adolescent twit? Not for those who remain unavailable to the obvious facts.
03:04 AM on 04/08/2009
Now if only Biden could convince Obama to release the records that back it up.
03:49 AM on 04/08/2009
I think if Cheney keeps it up, we just might see it soon than you think.
04:48 AM on 04/08/2009
I hope so . . . cheney and bush, et al have to be tried for their crimes . . . they belong behind bars
02:18 AM on 04/08/2009
Biden is ten times more American than Cheney. Cheney and Boosh did everything they could to make enemies. They guaranteed that America is sufficiently hated in many parts of the world that we are very likely to be attacked again.
02:09 AM on 04/08/2009
I was impressed with Joe from the start but to have the cojones to say what he said to W has just elevated him to hero status in my eyes...
01:42 AM on 04/08/2009
I wonder if we're not already starting to see that the US is safer *at home* because - wait for it - there's more violence in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan *locally*.

Perhaps Al-Qaeda and the Taliban are shifting their focus.
01:31 AM on 04/08/2009
Why isn't this news story headlining this website?

Obama Government Opts For Secrecy in Wiretap Suit -

Obama's a fraud.
Things that matter. (MLK)
02:41 AM on 04/08/2009
Good evening. I've been reading the Daily Kos blog earlier. This story will break big tomorrow. Guess for HuPo it might have been already a little late to report this consequential thing ( Tuesday night that is, as I learned this should have been in the eyes of all media already last week). Could (and should) become a huge article.
Kia Kaha
03:54 AM on 04/08/2009
Do you not understand that we accept there will be decisions made by the administration that we disagree with? This does not at all change how I feel about the current President and admin. I full anticipated certain areas of disagreement as I am a realist, but I also appreciate the vast improvement since the end of the reign of Bush.
01:07 AM on 04/08/2009
Leaders don't suck their thumb and put it in the air to see which way the poll winds are blowing. We don't really have any political leaders, they say their leaders, but they aren't. Any real leader would completely disassociate themselves with most of the rep, ind and dem because there all corrupt and the their top priority is always keeping their a**** in their seats. Term limits we need they will produce much better leaders.
It's about WE, not me.
01:18 AM on 04/08/2009
Obama is a leader, but the American people are still learning how to trust and be lead. I do not expect to agree with every decision of our President, but this I can say--I trust him wholeheartedly.

For far to long we have had individuals at the helm that were either patting incompetence on the back or spitting in the eye of the devil with rhetoric like, "Bring it On!"

We must learn to humble ourselves enough to realize that we do not have all of the information that Obama does, and trust him.

He was the right choice for America.
Treat others as you would like to be treated!
07:40 AM on 04/08/2009
I agree, but I don't think everyone does, obviously.
03:44 AM on 04/08/2009
All the people mentioned in this story are subject to term limits. Didn't you know?
12:58 AM on 04/08/2009
President Bush calling himself a leader. Here is a man who had to have a full on media blitz to try to program US citizens into believing that bunch of b.s.

He is not a leader, never was, never will be. He is a spoiled rotten child, who had to be "right" even if the rest of us were screwed because of it. He never took accountability, never took responsibility.... that is NO leader in my book. Ta-ta Bushies...
I love it if V.P. Biden said that to him because it was so true!
03:23 AM on 04/08/2009
Absolutely. And Sandra Dee was hot.