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08:52 AM on 04/09/2009
Wonderful article. Eye opening.
I connect the most dissimilar things
08:46 AM on 04/09/2009
I pretty much don't pay attention to fashion in general.
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08:34 AM on 04/09/2009
This is a great article.
burned out attorney, flaming liberal
08:04 AM on 04/09/2009
I'm no fashion plate, but I love a story where the bad guys get their just deserts.
10:26 AM on 04/09/2009
"Desserts" = 2 S's...How can you remember? A second helping... A white english teacher who didn't see color taught me that...Too bad we can't say the same for the Fashion industry.

Terrific article...let em keep their over priced rags
Public Enemy #2
07:14 AM on 04/09/2009
Thank you very much for your research and writing. I have two teenage daughters to whom I've passed this article. This article just goes to show the unmitigated temerity of these designers. We need more light shone on these designers. How dare they be so bold as to put signs up that say "no ragazze di colore" I looked up Vera Wang when I read of her complaint now that I know what she thinks of black models I am convinced of her imprudence.

Black actors, entertainers, athletes, and other style makers must take a stand. We've got to love ourselves as a people, because as my grandmother used to say, "ain't nobody else gone love us."
07:03 AM on 04/09/2009
Michelle is crushing the designers with the general public, which is all that counts. The Obamas couldn't have bought better publicity with white Middle America than these fool snobbish attacks on Michelle's "taste." Obviously, black America adores both Obamas, but more and more, white Middle America adores Michelle, too. It's so obvious that her core values are their own best core values--including detesting snobbery in any form. The Obamas are the worst nightmare of the Right in America--an attractive, likable, even lovable liberal black couple that hits it out of the park with white Middle America--the way the Huxtables did on TV in the Eighties. If the Obamas convert the Middle American whites who voted against them in the primaries and the general, the Republicans will be even more neutered than they already are.
05:30 AM on 04/09/2009
The facts are inarguable. Thanks for presenting them.
09:48 AM on 04/09/2009
03:42 AM on 04/09/2009
Thanks again for the great dialogue here!

For any reader who felt the post was divisive, it is important not to equate the acknowledgment of disparity with the intention to divide rather than inform. In fact, as you witness that the post actually is bringing people together, I hope you will consider personally reflecting on and owning whatever makes you label the post, instead, as divisive. That may actually be your filter when faced with any topic involving race.

Regarding Asian models, Hye Park and Du Juan are big names right now, and Chanel Iman, one of the top African-American models, actually is half-Black and half-Korean. Du Juan was on the cover of French Vogue, but I don't know who has made it to the cover of American Vogue - does someone have that research?

If you still find yourself upset by a post like this, I want to ask you to first consider your own comfort level with racial dialogue. If it was not allowed in your home or you can count the number of times you've talked about diversity with someone who is from a different background, I realize the past two years may have been a shock and a shift. But before you decide to attack and try to shut the dialogue down or invalidate the topic, please consider first asking yourself: why does this upset me? Feel free to share that if you can.

Thanks to everyone for engaging and offering such fantastic feedback!
06:54 AM on 04/09/2009
No she is not half Black and Korean she is Chinese check the link below.

She is nice looking.
10:03 AM on 04/09/2009
She was talking about Chanel Iman. Read more carefully next time.
01:02 PM on 04/09/2009
I agree. Hopefully some people will not see this article as divisive.

And actually Chanel Iman is less than half Asian.
Chanel's mother is half black/half Asian.
02:03 AM on 04/09/2009
Love it! You hit it right on the nose!
03:28 AM on 04/09/2009
I agree! Thank you!!!!
01:17 AM on 04/09/2009
Thank you for the valuable information I will be sure to share it.
02:35 AM on 04/09/2009
Ms. Anderson, great post. I happen to love fashion but laughed my head off when I learned Osca del la Renta slammed Michelle for dressing in J. Crew. That was all a big joke.
Tried several times to get into Fahion Week. as Bryant Park, ..even as a volunteer, it was absolutely impossible. Now its good to see those who have behaved so mean and unthinking --crying bloody murder because they have been left out in the cold.
Thanks to the first lady... for the future they will be reminded that persons of color count and 'buys' too.
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12:52 AM on 04/09/2009
Ummm... the fashion industry is superficial. How many runway models are?:

If tall, slender, white models produce more sales and that something that need to be rectified, then maybe the NBA should be forced to be more representative of the general population, too. It seems white people are underrepresented there.

Clearly, that's a hyperbolic example but railing about social issues relating to the fashion industry just seems absurd to me. Their consumers are rich white people.
02:02 AM on 04/09/2009
There is clearly a difference between NBA picking players on their ability to play basketball (black, white, Asian, Latinos...) and models being selected on the basis of someone deciding who looks beautiful or not. If we stick to the basics (ie wanting tall and slim women), then it is quite unbelievable that agencies and designers would think there are no black or Asian or Latina women in America (or NY) or in Paris who fit the criteria...

Their consumers are rich and white people? So don't complain about a Black (and not aprticularly rich) First Lady not feeling adequate and choosing clothes worn by ordinary americans of all colours, and wait for a White and Rich First Lady to come and wear your clothes! Gross.
02:29 AM on 04/09/2009
Well said!
09:52 AM on 04/09/2009
They can sell their clothes to white people. I won't buy them.
12:29 AM on 04/09/2009
This article said what I've been thinking for a while now w/ the whole Michelle fashion Queen thing, most of these designers don't take a second look at you if your not white but all a sudden here comes a black woman who can move merchandise like no other at this point in time so they are dying to dress her and have her support them.
12:17 AM on 04/09/2009
Thanks for this article, it was really touching and illustrative. I never see runway shows (even on video) so I never knew this, but now I am really angry! What a completely racist industry.
12:15 AM on 04/09/2009
Thank you. This article was an eye-opener.
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What should a person say in their micro-bio
12:14 AM on 04/09/2009
This is another great example of how African Americans create change in our nation. They CONFRONT the injustice. Often to the chagrin of the majority. It doesn't matter because ultimately the laws of karma and justice swing in favor of those who are pushing for equality and freedom to express who they really are...

Don't be ashamed or intimidated by cowardly naysayers- they only want personal comfort for themselves and many are willing to ignore the justifiable complaints of others in order to maintain it.

I say don't back down until the obstacles are removed. THEN and ONLY THEN can we all live in peace and judge each other by the content of our character not the color of our skin. Until then the fight goes on.... Where are my brass knuckles
02:07 AM on 04/09/2009
Perfect... absolutely perfect reply! Thank you for your comments!
03:30 AM on 04/09/2009
You Go!!! Thank you!!