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02:45 PM on 09/06/2012
Does she have a J-O-B?
02:29 PM on 09/06/2012
02:18 PM on 09/06/2012
Big whoop. What's she done?

On the other hand, Johnny Depp is looking at property around Taos. Now that's worth looking forward to.
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
02:02 PM on 09/06/2012
Who in the tabloid world decided to make this nobody 'famous' for no particular reason? Is it part of a sociology experiment?
01:03 PM on 09/06/2012
she has two of her own companys aside from her parents multi-millions. so she has her own money to do what she wants, she is an independent woman, let her do what she wants. her brother James is also quite successful.
they do not ride on the coat tails of anyone nor do they want to be royals, they already swim in exclusive circles.
she can buy an apartment in NY, she has to go back to Britain every so often to keep it legal as the US is not a Commonwealth country.
02:46 PM on 09/06/2012
Good for her but she didn't start from nuthin'.
03:15 PM on 09/06/2012
Yeah right. What are her two imaginary companies? Her parents retail online cheap party pieces, not Rolex watches or ipads. Her brother recently started baking & selling cupcakes. These are small mom&pop business compared with "New York/Wall St. money".
12:42 PM on 09/06/2012
Where does she get her money? Is her family loaded? Is her life a permanent vacation? Evidently.
07:51 PM on 09/06/2012
they are well off. They built a business....not on the govern dole..
12:04 PM on 09/06/2012
Is he a legal immigrant?
12:03 PM on 09/06/2012
Send someone to an upscale salon, put them in nice clothes, send them away on a trip to a tropical enviroment to return with a tan, more expensive salon treatment..........anyone can look good. Even an ugly as dog like pippa. WHO REALLY GIVES A RATS POOP ABOUT HER!!!
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11:55 AM on 09/06/2012
She's so tiny!
11:40 AM on 09/06/2012
I would like seeing Pippa out and about in New York. She is not about Kate any more. Pippa has become her own person, with her own style and New Yorkers love that sort of thing. Face it, she's high profile and that's the way it is. Hey, even Frank said it; if you can make here, you can make it anywhere. So let's see her sprout her wings and go for it!
11:14 AM on 09/06/2012
Oh come now, what is she famous for a dress and but in a wedding i really don't understand all of the hoopla she is probably alright however she is not her sister. her but don't look like that now. that was a spank
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11:05 AM on 09/06/2012
Cheers Pippa! Take a look at Chelsea. You'd be more than welcome. SoHo's not to shabby either.
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11:03 AM on 09/06/2012
I just hope to god some nut with a gun doesn't shoot her!!
03:41 PM on 09/06/2012
she is the sister of the future queen and sister-in-law of the future king of england...i think she will be surrounded by royal guards everywhere she goes. its just too bad they dont wear the skirt and hat over here while they guard
10:41 AM on 09/06/2012
There's always room for one more drunken party girl famous for her butt.
11:17 AM on 09/06/2012
She just better not try that cops and robbers routine she participated in while in France. It won't fly in NY.
10:40 AM on 09/06/2012
To reuse signage (Can't Pay, Won't Pay) I saw during Margaret Thatcher's 'Polltax' fiasco:
Can't Care. Won't care.