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01:05 AM on 09/08/2012
Thats OK Nadia you aren't missing anything.
ms velma
Question everything
12:53 AM on 09/08/2012
Not the most flattering picture! Nadya, what's with the fish lips?
01:14 AM on 09/08/2012
Is there such a thing as a flattering photo of her? yikes
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance
12:47 AM on 09/08/2012
Oh yeah, this is news . . .
12:42 AM on 09/08/2012
Consider the source!
Stand with Newtown. Stand up to the NRA.
12:32 AM on 09/08/2012
Hmm, is she releasing an album of flute concerti? If not, I don't see the connection with her "musical past" and upcoming album.

That aside, the Mitt thing doesn't surprise me. I was in a coffee shop the other day, one which I thought was manned by hip young politicos (or at least of few of those youngin's who supposedly make up Obama's base); it was the night of Obama's speech and I said to the barista that I had to hurry back to catch Joe Biden's speech "because you know, the Democratic Convention is going on..." He just looked at me with his head cocked like "The what? The what convention? Joe who?" I have to admit, I was rather surprised and a bit dismayed that many people are just removed from the process and don't give a flying coffee puck...
07:28 AM on 09/08/2012
dude..why you surprised? What just because someone has that emo hipster look and work in the local cool coffee shop mean they are informed? You don't know many hipsters do ya?

I am surprised that someone in a coffee shop spoke about anything. Every coffee shop filled with hipsters in Brooklyn seems to be as quiet as a library. No one ever talks they only stare at their laptop screens with headphones on. Never understood that.
Stand with Newtown. Stand up to the NRA.
12:28 PM on 09/08/2012
Wow, I thought Seattle was unfriendly. At least the baristas will have conversations with you; even about the weather. Also, generally Seattlelites are well informed. One of the most hip coffee places here did have an Obama inauguration party/viewing and it was packed. Oh well...
12:25 AM on 09/08/2012
Does she know who Barack Obama is?
Per Crucem Ad Coronam
02:44 PM on 09/16/2012
Does she know who SHE is?
Ante Jutronic
eyeless mask
12:00 AM on 09/08/2012
Actually, I haven't heard of this woman either.
12:36 AM on 09/08/2012
Sounds like she has a good life. Perhaps I should just disconnect from all this garbage.
03:02 AM on 09/08/2012
You must be new to Huffpo.
11:55 PM on 09/07/2012
They all come out of the woodwork for their additional 15 minutes of fame. Did Suzy Orman advise her to do this also? Here is Octomom...and here is a box of rocks...which is smarter?
11:44 PM on 09/07/2012
I'm actually surprised she's never heard of him, neither one of them believes in birth control.
12:06 AM on 09/08/2012
...excuse me...are you confusing "birth control" with "abortion"? -because they are COMPLETELY different.
08:35 AM on 09/08/2012
You're excused. Of course I'm not confusing the issue, but apparently you are.
My comment , which I stand by, is that Romney opposes president Obama's
Birth Control mandate. And let's not forget Mitten's public statement that he
would also get rid of Planed Parenthood.

Waiter, check please.
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01:06 AM on 09/08/2012
LOL Bauersan
Jeff Sorensen
11:42 PM on 09/07/2012
Wait, she's still talked about? I feel sad.
Warning, insanity dna at work here...
11:25 PM on 09/07/2012
She would have been better off to know who Romney is and to never have known who Michael Kamrava is...
Jt John
Asura's Samsara
11:02 PM on 09/07/2012
Maybe the world wouldn't know who octomom was if the GD media would stop continuing her 15 minutes of fame.
Do I Have to be Nice ?
10:59 PM on 09/07/2012
Know wonder...   since she's living in a shoe with all of them Chil'ren .......
That house must be Mad ...

with 8 kids going thru the toddler stage at the same time... 6 more kids as well

and she probably only has one bathroom....

Breakfast must be like Rush Hour at IHOP.....
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10:57 PM on 09/07/2012
All she's saying is that she is overwhelmed ..every minute of everyday. She made a huge mistake and can't go back. She is coping in the only way she knows how. What's so difficult to understand?
Say "hi" to Winky!
05:57 AM on 09/08/2012
OMG! As hard as it is to believe, this woman is a college grad, who was working on her Master's! For her to admit she doesn't know who Romney is, is as ridiculous as Palin wondering how Kerry knew who she was! Does she think playing the "I have no clue" act " makes her more appealing?

Yep, she is real overwhelmed: Caring for her hair, nails, body, staying in front of a camera, and avoiding any sort of real job! Please....I bet even Honey Boo Boo knows who Romney is!!
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08:34 AM on 09/08/2012
She is mentally ill. Your lack of empathy astounds me...
01:00 PM on 09/08/2012
"She is coping in the only way she knows how." Yeah, stripping and hooking, while living on the public dole at taxpayer expense. And you think that is okay???
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01:15 PM on 09/08/2012
It is not ok.. were she well...well people don't get into these predicaments. she is mentally ill.  As for being on the dole, there are innocent children involved and they can't be ignored.
10:55 PM on 09/07/2012
To be honest, I wish I never heard of Mitt Romney myself.

During this election season I have nightmares about the man. I see Romney walking into my bank, withdrawing my funds and adding them to his own account.