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11:44 PM on 04/12/2009
Obama effectively rebranded the Democratic Party; alas Congress has not figured this out. They feel their electoral victories have to do with their program and not the abysmal failure of Republicans. The problem with Congressional Democrats is that they are a motley crew; Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Rangel et al. are good at getting re-elected but horrible failures as leaders. It will require a setback in 2010 for these people to realize they should get on Obama's bandwagon, take a hint from his superior political instincts, and learn how to be responsible leaders for a party that has been enlarged beyond the age old (i.e., New Deal) patronage groups.
01:16 AM on 04/13/2009
They aren't very good at doing their taxes either. They are very good, however, at levying new taxes!
02:43 AM on 04/13/2009
The party cannot be branded by one man...if it allows Obama to control the party, they have lost their bearings for the European leaders who refused to bask in Obama's egotistical glow, it is time for the Dems to make it clear to Obama that he is A PART of the party, not its essence. His ideas can be considered, on their merits, rejected out of hand when they are flat wrong (on the economy, on Bush's old security measures) and set aright when needed...a swift override-proof vote to show him that there will be a Congress ready to slap him down when he makes stupid moves will also be needed. This country will not be beholden to anyone, no matter how popular, no matter how clever or able to cajole a crowd.
08:43 AM on 04/13/2009
"This country will not be beholden to anyone, no matter how popular, no matter how clever or able to cajole a crowd."

That's what Democrats said about Bush in January 2001. Obama is somewhat brighter than Bush. In reality, Presidents are the leaders of their parties, for a long time now. Parties are actually weak. So the Congressional Dems need Obama (and they need him to do well) more than Obama needs the Dems in Congress (you might remember that Clinton had most of the Congress behind her at the beginning of 2008). You also seem to think Obama should have already remade the world in his image in less than 3 months. That's risible.
11:43 PM on 04/12/2009
Good points. The Dems are a more ideologically diverse party than the Repubs. We have liberals, moderates, and consevatives in our midst, but virtually all Repubs are conservative. It is much easier for to brand themselves. The task is more difficult fr us.
01:28 AM on 04/13/2009
Yes, as long as you keep hiding the true intentions of your ideology, the average conservative American will not catch on unless Entertainment Tonight suddenly starts explaining the Community Reinvestment Act and it's measures that welcomed subprime mortgages onto the scene. Wouldn't it be great if the announcers at a baseball games just started talking about progressive movements throughout history and how they lead to Socialism and Communism and how there's never been 1 example of it's success throughout known history? Boy, that would get the attention of the normally unaware conservative who doesn't really know he's conservative because the bulk of his pertinent news comes from Jon Stewart. Keep hiding, it's all you really have. Employee Free Choice Act... great name... good stuff there!
02:45 AM on 04/13/2009
You make excuses...the Dems sat on their hands during the Bush years...never had the b--s to stand up to him...when Repubs act as an opposition party they are labeled as obstructionists...sorry, it is not their job to be Obama's rubber stamp, nor is it the job of the Dems.
Congress should and must act as a counterweight to ANY President's overassertion of power or wrongheaded ideas.