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12:41 AM on 09/07/2012
OH do we have someone getting a taste of her own medicine here......Wow.
It is like they say, "What goes around, comes around."........Oh Well......
12:34 AM on 09/07/2012
Ha...what goes around, comes around!
12:33 AM on 09/07/2012
what does she expect? she cheated with him while he was married. the two of them deserve each other.
Travis Barton
12:32 AM on 09/07/2012
Rimes....why would you ever get involved with a person who not only cheated on someone, but it was someone he claimed to love and made a commitment by marriage to? That extreme show of disrespect to whom should've been the most important person in his life, didn't wave any red flags to you? Please wake up.
12:24 AM on 09/07/2012
Take a nice long vacation. Somewhere that they do not know you.
Tuscany not bad this time of year.
meet you at Ristorante DoGana, in Lucca.
Give my regards ot Vitotiano,,,,, A really great Chef
12:11 AM on 09/07/2012
Don't really feel sorry for her. Or him.
12:11 AM on 09/07/2012
Leann looks so old for someone who is only 30, more like 40-45. Ho, you'd do a lot more to help yourself by keeping away from cigs, booze, drugs, if any apply. Get more rest, lots of sleep. If you don't relax, by the time you're really 40, you'll look like 60.
12:08 AM on 09/07/2012
Sorry LeAnn - If he'd cheat with you, he'll cheat on you. Should have thought about that before you married him. That said, I hope you get the treatment you need to cope with whatever the future brings.
Step up or step aside.
12:07 AM on 09/07/2012
How you get 'em is how you lose 'em, LeAnn.
11:37 PM on 09/06/2012
Okay, seriously. Can we stop reporting/speculating on celebs' personal lives? Who are we to judge/speculate anyhow? We're not in their shoes and quite honestly we have enough in our own lives to worry about (and more important things to worry about). I love her music. I have since 1996. I buy it, I listen to it, I go to her concerts when I can. I think she's extremely talented and she's one of my favorite singers. But that's where it ends. Can we all just let her (and the rest of the famous population) be human? Do we have that level of compassion? I hope so.
Reason, always. Faith, never.
01:07 AM on 09/07/2012
You clicked on the story, and this makes you not a hypocrite... how?
01:34 PM on 09/07/2012
I clicked on it to make my comment. Your interpretation of why I clicked on it is yours, not mine. Furthermore, when will humanity stop attacking and questioning each other and actually start working together, collaborating, and forging an understanding? Have a wonderful day. =)
02:14 PM on 09/10/2012
the irony of this statement is that you are telling the rest of us how to live our lives and what we should or should not read.
02:02 AM on 09/11/2012
No, that is how you are choosing to interpret my statement. I am merely expressing my frustration over how the personal lives of celebrities (and at time other people) are treated in the media. By all means, read what you want. Live life the way you want. Those are your decisions. Have a great day. Thank you.
11:35 PM on 09/06/2012
Oh man. Can you say 'poetic justice'. It's too bad, but seriously. She really has no right to expect faithfulness from a known unfaithful man...not to mention her own lack of it. I'm sure this rest will make everything ALL better;) Faithfulness: true to one's word , promises, vows, etc. 3. steady in allegiance or affection ...
11:29 PM on 09/06/2012
You met a married man who cheated on his wife with you and you think he will be faithful to you? BWAHAHAHAHAHA...stupid celebrity, tricks are for kids.
11:22 PM on 09/06/2012
She should go on that show called Cheaters have them follow him around to see if he is cheating on her. But she should remember he cheated with when he was married to someone else.
11:20 PM on 09/06/2012
Hey Leann if you go out with someone who cheats on their wife with you, what makes you think he won't cheat on you. Once a cheater always a cheater. Maybe she should go on that show thats called Cheater where they follow him around to see if he is cheating on you.
11:19 PM on 09/06/2012
You reap what you sow......I don't feel sorry for her at all...