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09:21 AM on 09/07/2012
"You don't like what you're seeing, you don't follow or you ignore."

Clearly, Mr. Pazienza likes to lead by example, lol
10:35 AM on 09/07/2012
Of coarse we can unfollow him but a child wouldn"t know to do that.
09:17 AM on 09/07/2012
Well Chez, that you think some disdain for filthy comments like these are just something from the conservative side, there are plenty of Dems who think it's way over the line too, not to mention a lack of class and decorum on the part of anyone who trivializes it. What if Eastwood had said it about Michelle? There would be people scream it was classless, racist, etc, from the rafters.
09:03 AM on 09/07/2012
By the way the end of your story is not funny I have a daughter almost in 8th grade I find it offensive.
Carpe Diem!
08:55 AM on 09/07/2012
Can't stand him as an actor. So, um, who cares!
Truth is not plural
08:53 AM on 09/07/2012
Time to fire up the "What If" machine here in the comments section.
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Born atheist
08:12 AM on 09/07/2012
On Kolob we don't wipe, hence bleach is necessary for hygienic reasons
Out of the office.
07:46 AM on 09/07/2012
First of all, I am offended.
Secondly. it is all your fault.
Join me in outrage!
"when bad men combine, the good must associateā€
07:13 AM on 09/07/2012
Using bleach that way is just wrong (and could be dangerous too)!
05:53 AM on 09/07/2012
The entire campaign season: annoyingly false umbrage from the outraged, followed by someone saying "Two wrongs TOTALLY make a right."
04:23 AM on 09/07/2012
I really don't care WHAT he tweets or tweeted, but I would like to say that while I am NOT a fan of either of the GOP candidates or their wives, I find the remarks distasteful and unnecessary.
07:08 AM on 09/07/2012
I agree, if these same remarks were said about Ms. Obama there would be calls for arrest for hate crimes.

Blast Mitt's positions or his stance on the issues, but you don't make those kind of comments about someone's wife.
03:13 AM on 09/07/2012
People paid to give opinions lashing out at other people paid to give opinions for giving opinions - America thanks you!
Chris Corcoran
02:35 AM on 09/07/2012
This guy obviously watches a LOT of porn. Which is fine...but the comments are not helpful. And I really don't care for either of them or their husbands, but they deserve to be treated like any other human.
Fred Gingerale
11:09 AM on 09/07/2012
A lot of porn is not fine, it envelops our life until you think of nothing else and make sexually explicit vulgar "jokes" about people you don't know. Now, a little porn, in context, in moderation, that's fine.
Chris Corcoran
05:42 PM on 09/08/2012
12:52 AM on 09/07/2012
None of my comments have appeared, so I must disguise this point. What if a certain spouse of the current leader of the U.S. was named in these comments? Simply replace the name, and also the name of the 'vice' leader's wife into the first tweet. Still funny?
12:35 AM on 09/07/2012
Opinions like these are turning more people away from liberals and the Democrats... shameless bias and double standards have made most Americans disgusted with this inexcusable behavior. Jason Biggs and his wife are far from funny and my family will be actively boycotting anything associated with him, including Nickelodean.
07:54 AM on 09/07/2012
Do we actually know what Jason Biggs' politics are? Don't let the facts get in the way of your fake outrage. Double standard I guess would be when you are disgusted and outraged at Biggs because his vulgarity is directed at a conservative, but you do not have anything to say when Rush Limbaugh says on the radio he wants Sandra Fluke to make pornographic films for him to view.
09:10 AM on 09/07/2012
I am a conservative but his political view means absolutely nothing to me what he said was disgusting if he said the same against my first lady I would be just as upset. His party affilliation should have nothing to do with it.
I will not put up lies. So don't post them.
12:18 AM on 09/07/2012
I find it funny that we worry so much about what actors and comedians say. Yeah they say and do stupid things but most of them aren't trying to be someone you look up to. They aren't are leaders and yeah I think it's funny how the people at fox start jumping up and down when this happens to conservatives but don't care what Coulter says. So do I care what he said not really do I want his job for it nope just like I didn't demand Rush's job. I think these people are hypocritical they didn't seem to demand Rush's head why do they Biggs.
02:09 PM on 09/07/2012
The difference is, these comments were made by a man who works on a children's show- a children's show that is on Nickelodeon, which also links to his twitter page. Imagine if your kids came across some of the comments he made or pictures he has posted. I don't want his job, I want him to behave appropriately as someone who is working with children, or at the very least his twitter should not be advertised on their home page.