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02:44 PM on 09/07/2012
Love the article! We also watch all the happenings on Big Brother, it gets pretty ruthless at times. And everybody does it, I just think that a few stand out more than others. And they will ALL do whatever it takes to win this "game", including lying, cheating, telling themselves that they are only like this while playing the game and even promising their first born and swearing on precious family members or items that to most of us would be sacred. Dan may be ruthless, that's how he won Season 10 with a unanimous vote of 7-0, but would still come in second to Dr. Will who won Big Brother 2 and placed 4th in B.B. All Stars in Season 7, he was the most evil, ruthless, lying player of all time in Big Brother, telling the other players to their face that he would lie to them and he still won. Ian might come in about 4th after Mike Boogie, because he's done some pretty evil stuff in his days playing the game as well, mostly with Dr. Will. And some of it is even pretty entertaining to watch how gullible people can be and how much they don't trust in themselves. But when all is said and done, in the end, Big Brother simply comes down to one and only one thing to these players.... the Almighty dollar and it's $500,000 prize!! And they'll all claim "no harm, no foul" when it's all over with.