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Blessed are the Cheese Makers
11:31 PM on 09/11/2012
No surprise.

Given time, every fashion trend hits it in Japan.

Unlike here, none ever COMPLETELY go away.

I had a friend who just got back and said that some kids were still dressing in a 50s style, which he'd seen in trips in both the 70s, 80s, and 90s. He also saw punk rockers and mods. I find it kind of cool, actually, that the various trends remain...even if to a lesser extent.
mira chancleta
C'mon, there's NO "La Tino" race
07:52 AM on 09/12/2012
If the Japanese are guilty of anything it is believing that other cultures are even worth emulating...they are not...just wait for their next embrace of gang-banger shootings of infants in baby carriages...Japan has fallen so low.
Blessed are the Cheese Makers
10:31 AM on 09/12/2012
It's not the US.  They have about 50 gun homicides per year compared to the US's 9K-10K.  They're just wearing clothes and decorating cars.

But feel free to...panic!!!
02:42 PM on 09/12/2012
How is a "gang-banger shootings of infants in baby carriages" a culture ? Also, how do you determine the worth of a culture?
As an Independent, I despise both parties equally!
10:13 PM on 09/11/2012
So interesting. To think of a Japanese youth subculture imitating what in America is considered young low life immigrants and Mexican-American Stereotypes it's beyond ironic. I love it! Anthropologists must be having a field day with the mixes and cross cultural transnational influences affecting our shrinking World. Vampire movies are even producing a Werewolf subculture now... Crazy!
09:36 PM on 09/11/2012
Imagine that, the Japanese found a new strange fad.
Mister President
09:35 PM on 09/11/2012
When I taught English in Japan in the 90s there were Andean music groups from South America that lived and performed in Tokyo. I went to a Peruvian restaurant a couple times and there'd always be a group of those guys with Japanese girls who were fluent in Spanish fawning all over them. Alpaca sweaters and pointy woven hats were reigning supreme over the wife beaters and baggy khaki pants back then, I tell ya.
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08:27 PM on 09/11/2012
i am so sorry, but that is just plain funny in a sad pathetic way
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07:08 PM on 09/11/2012
Looking good,ese san.
06:21 PM on 09/11/2012
I spent my early years in Los Angeles and I shared in the fashion statement and life style of these young Americans minus the gang activity. Anglo-Americans have always made their own fashion statement be it influenced by Minnie Pearl or James Dean and I'm sure many of these young people are not influenced by the "banksters."

By the way Americans of Latino and Asian ancestry have been influencing with fashion and defending with blood our Great Nation since the 1840's.

So the Japanese don't follow the Anglo-American model. What's new?
As an Independent, I despise both parties equally!
10:20 PM on 09/11/2012
Anglo Americans have always made their own Fashion Statements? You're obviously blind to the Hip Hop and Rap culture influence of White Young Americans. It has practically replaced Rock and Roll in the suburbs. Also, don't forget that White Rock Culture began fully in the Blues of the Mississippi Delta... Elvis was an early imitator of Chuck Berry and Little Richard... Look it up. It's all in Google and Wikipedia.
02:44 PM on 09/12/2012
Are you kidding me? Anglo-Americans are just as guilty of biting things from other cultures when it comes to fashion.
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Bradley Greig Smith
Endless war is endless debt.
05:53 PM on 09/11/2012
I would suggest they don't try and walk around East LA wearing their gang colors. It might not turn out so well.
marissa emily
Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.
04:27 PM on 09/11/2012
great ! even Cholos are loosing their jobs to Asians......JK
04:10 PM on 09/11/2012
east asia must be so proud
03:58 PM on 09/11/2012
So they finally got out of the 50/60 era style clothing I have seen for years.....yes I saw it in Japan in person.
[insert witty remark]
07:44 PM on 09/11/2012
hahah so true
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Now take your nice red pill
03:47 PM on 09/11/2012
Fun. Those wacky Japanese.
02:55 PM on 09/11/2012
Bros in Pacific Beach and Hermosa Beach wear the same thing
01:00 PM on 09/11/2012
The idea originated in the Cheech Marin movie "Born in East L.A." Marin, a US citizen, is deported to Mexico because he left his wallet, with his ID, at home. One of the jobs he takes in Mexico to support himself is teaching Japanese men who want to sneak into the U.S. how to look and act like cholos.
01:52 PM on 09/11/2012
That was a hysterical movie. I remember the clock with the moving Jesus eyes.
Chief Johnson2
We, Hispanics, are the future.
02:40 PM on 09/11/2012
"What's upppppppp?
12:29 PM on 09/11/2012
Truly awesome. The Mexican/Japanese relationship is one long series of usually funny and nonthreatening misunderstandings of each other, in modern times usually repurposed and changed through the lens of either Mexican or Japanese populations in the United States but not always, since there's been direct contact since the mid-1500s and continuous trade through the Nao of Phillipines trade route (and indeed Mexico is the first western country with whom Japan signed a "treaty of equals").

I always enjoy telling Asians to visit Puebla to see the Talavera pottery and keep looking at art from Acapulco, Mexico City, Puebla and Veracruz (the land portion and main points of exchange of that trade route). They're always amazed to see a lot of stuff they recognize, and I get to learn stuff too when I hear their impressions.
Fran Jaime
07:16 PM on 09/11/2012
It's always interesting to read your comments, MexicanDude!
11:53 AM on 11/09/2012
that and their love for professional wrestling. Mexican wrestling and Japanese wrestling are very very similar, but the WWE in the other hand...