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05:55 PM on 09/10/2012
PLEASE don't write sarcasm. It doesn't persist when some right-winger quotes this website as saying that Obama is a socialist who hates banks.
11:57 PM on 09/10/2012
No, the problem is that it DOES persist. Right-wingers will quote it over and over again as truth.
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03:50 PM on 09/10/2012
"Another nonprofit group, Better Markets, today called the bill "a breathtaking, almost inconceivable power give-a-way by Congress to the White House" and "one of the worst ideas from Congress in decades," which is saying something."

Why am I not surprised?
03:44 PM on 09/10/2012
Who in their right mind think we don't need financial regulations with $ 700 Trillion in the swaps market which does nothing for my economy or yours. It does nothing but play the bait and switch game that needs to stop now. I tell you we the American citizens will NEVER bailout these fools ever again. Yea so take your damn risk but when ya lose don't coming running to congress or the President!! You play your stupid game like in 2008 and this time you will serve time in prison ... too big to fail? Not to big for jail!!
The Weather is Aways Nicer in Coos Bay
03:38 PM on 09/10/2012
Congress is getting paid to hold the door open while banks and Wall St. loot the country.
03:28 PM on 09/10/2012
Doesn't matter who the sponsoring Senators are. Attempting to give this power to the President is just another way of avoiding responsibility. Congress is good at that. Another swift Congressional move would be to form another "Supercommittee" to deal with the SuperPAC's.
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03:20 PM on 09/10/2012
We don't need those pesky regulations and I believe that independent regulators (for anything) are some kind of socialist plot.
03:18 PM on 09/10/2012
Forget "to big to fail", how about "to small to protect".
Obamacare=Republican Waterloo
03:04 PM on 09/10/2012
This looks suspicious when two moderate Republicans propose something that affects a future president's ability to intercede into financial dealings.
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
03:04 PM on 09/10/2012
Congress already gave away it's power with the CPFB - it's not beholden to any elected official at all.
03:47 PM on 09/10/2012
Congress gave their power to Superpacs and Lobbiest and CPFB is the only thing between us and another bailout!!!!
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
04:22 PM on 09/10/2012
the CPFB is going to bring on another bailout, that's what it's designed to do.
01:00 AM on 09/11/2012
You wouldn't know a good thing if it crept up and kissed you.
Ed Baker
All Hail Big Mother
10:16 AM on 09/11/2012
"Good things" are usually just spin - causes are always subverted and used by the establishment to solidify their hold on power.  They take advantage of your weakness.
Rich LaPointe
kayaker. architect. comedian. sports fan. activist
02:57 PM on 09/10/2012
Call me crazy, but I am suspicious of all republican legislation on a national level. they're sneaky, like devil sneaky.