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08:02 AM on 04/16/2009
She had better defend it. The GOP is going to complain about and challenge everything that comes out of the Obama administration, so they might as well do their jobs and ignore them.
08:19 AM on 04/16/2009
She doesn't have to defend anything. The Right is an irrelevant Party. They can just turn their attention to Michelle Bachmann which is calling for the Right to take up arms against Obama, and do witch hunts in Congress. The Right deserves to be locked up and put on an island where they can't do further damage. It's the Party that made it legal to spy on all Americans and stripped the Constitution. Now, because they're not in power, they're doing their crying and victimization routine. They step out of line, they go to prison. Get used to it. No one's putting up with their c rap anymore.
09:53 PM on 04/16/2009
"Party that made it legal to spy on all Americans and stripped the constitution"???? I guess you've forgotten the continually useed Clinton Echelon spy program; guess you're not aware that after less than three months Obama is already spying on Americans citizens only......not Americans corresponding with al Queda but the pro-lifers, 2nd amendment believers, and returning veterans. Political discourse is no longer allowed....only Leftists BO followers are allowed to speak freely. He pulled this off in Chicago before being elected...stopping WGNam from discussing his million dollar failed Chicago Annenberg Challenge co-chaired with former terrorist Ayers.

Talk about "stripping the constitution"....he spoke at Georgetown recently and forced the Jesuits to cover the Jesus emblem before he spoke. Voted to eliminate every "gun" law in Chicago.

Who's "crying", whining and playing the "victim" card AGAIN even though they've been in power since 2006?