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01:49 AM on 09/13/2012
Bless you Kathy. You are a strong woman
01:45 AM on 09/13/2012
I love Kathy Bates, she a great actresss and funny. Kick Butt, come back stronger then ever!!
Winging it...
01:22 AM on 09/13/2012
Wishing you the best possible outcome, Kathy, and looking forward to your cheerful smile in future productions. Hugs!
01:18 AM on 09/13/2012
Good luck Kathy, last saw you work in "The Office" and you were magnificent! Speedy recovery and all the best.
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01:08 AM on 09/13/2012
Get well Kathy and keep us laughing honey!!!!!!!!!
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01:05 AM on 09/13/2012
Keep smiling kathy. We all support you through this rough period.
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12:52 AM on 09/13/2012
Kathy, you're probably not reading, but I'll say it anyhow. You are such a wonderful performer. I'll bet the whole world sends you our best wishes for a full, painless, and speedy recovery.
12:47 AM on 09/13/2012
Godspeed your recovery, Ms. Bates!

SOOOOO miss watching 'Harry's Law' Absolutely LOVED, LOVED the show!!! Can't imagine it being cancelled du to ratings...EVERYONE I know watched it! It was extremely popular in The Syracuse NY area!
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12:45 AM on 09/13/2012
Love you Kat!
Best wishes!
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12:37 AM on 09/13/2012
Sending prayers Kat, take your time and heal! Stay strong. My mom is currently a 35 year survivor and that was before they had all of the advancements they have now. You got this!
12:32 AM on 09/13/2012
Did you know that one of the number one reasons for breast cancer is casein in milk (dairy) products? Did you also know that one of the most healthiest cancer free people in the world are the Mongols? a little research on Mongolia and their eating habits- we could learn alot from them! We are ALL going to get cancer very soon and the only way we are going to prevent and stop it is by eating right. It is quite literal "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT"!
I myself am a 2 time survivor so I am always researching the food we are buying and consuming on a regular basis. Please please please...try to get informed any way you can and stop the inevidible onset for yourself! Kathy- alot of us have kept you in our prayers but you need to eat differently and stop yourself from getting it again. Please do that for us, your fans, the people who really do care about you!
12:57 AM on 09/13/2012
Your not her doctor Buzz off!
02:57 AM on 09/13/2012
Why don't you grow a spine?
01:20 AM on 09/13/2012
I'm really glad you're a survivor and all the best to you. But people react very, very differently to various foods. It's not productive nor helpful to call out some food, or food group, for being horrible. That's simply not how human bodies work, they are all very, very different.

Good luck to you in the future.
03:10 AM on 09/13/2012
While that may be true Dairy that is not organic is causing a lot of disease. Acne, Allergies, and early puberty in children. Eating Nitrates (found in bologna and hotdogs) increases your chance of brain cancer by 50 %. Sugar and pre-processed foods also cause cancers. As several have said you are what you eat. Stop eating Splenda, Aspartame, etc.. eat Stevia instead.
12:30 AM on 09/13/2012
A speedy and healthy recovery to Kathy. I miss Harry's Law too.
12:26 AM on 09/13/2012
Kathy I live in Cincinnati and I was diagnosed with breast cancer June 16th. I too went for the double mastsectomy. Fortunately, I don't need chemo or radiation either. I am 56 and my son Alex was age 16 diagnosed 5 years ago with Ewing's Sarcoma brain tumor.
He is miraculously five years cancer free. Our family has been blessed. God Bless you and any other women reading this..... get well soon!
Harry's Law is one of my favorites. Love you Harry.
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01:19 AM on 09/13/2012
Congratulations on your son's recovery. And good luck to you. The best to your family.
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12:24 AM on 09/13/2012
Wish You the best Cathy,Your Are One The Best.!!!! Be Strong
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Hang on Help is on the way
12:16 AM on 09/13/2012
Tawanda!!!!!!! Always love to watch your movies Kathy. I kinda know what your thinking, been there, I too went it alone, sometimes it works better that way. Speedy recovery. ;-) head up, shoulders back, forward.