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06:43 PM on 09/13/2012
It looks like a little garter snake. They could have put it out in their garden.
Anyway...I don't believe she is "out an additional $500." That makes no sense.
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06:24 PM on 09/13/2012
Harmless little Eastern Garter snake....
06:22 PM on 09/13/2012
It PO's me to no end to have to sit thru a political ad before seeing the video of the snake! Not only once but it plays again after the video it done. Isn't it bad enough that we have to see any ads at all let along political ones!!
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06:22 PM on 09/13/2012
Poor snake. I am sure the snake is the most unhappy party in this story. Btw Sears, when you fail to delivery all of the parts and you include a snake, YOU should eat the $500.
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06:22 PM on 09/13/2012
Snake Happens! But I don't understand how she is out $500+ dollars. It is inconvenient yes, a story in national news yes...but $500?? They are sending her another one and installing it.
06:20 PM on 09/13/2012
.......just unwrap it and let it out......why all the fuss!

Complaining she's out $500.00 - Sounds like some mooch trying to get something for free.......
06:19 PM on 09/13/2012
Awe.. That poor snake.. Poor Lady....
06:15 PM on 09/13/2012
Snake was TAPED to the dishwasher. Free snakes will not entice me to shop there.
06:15 PM on 09/13/2012
But she ordered a dead one.
06:11 PM on 09/13/2012
OMG!! There is no way I would be able to be in that house with the snake, taped up or not. I am really curious though, how the snake got there. A disgruntled employee maybe? Someone outside of the store trying to get rid of a snake they don't want anymore and don't know what to do with it?, or just a practical joker, maybe some kids thought it would be funny. Will we ever know how this ocurred? Whichever way it occurred I'm sure it was a real shocker!! If I was this lady I would check out the next dishwasher that is being delivered to her house OUTSIDE of the house first. Poor lady, poor little snake all taped up. It's actually very sad to see the snake this way.
06:21 PM on 09/13/2012
Take it outside - unwrap it, let the snake go.....install dishwasher, what's all the fuss!
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06:38 PM on 09/13/2012
Possibly a machine was used to tape up the dishwasher and the snake had already crawled up it right before.
09:53 PM on 09/17/2012
You are probably correct. thank you. 
05:58 PM on 09/13/2012
Darn I just missed out on that promotion ... "Buy an appliance get a Pet"
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07:39 PM on 09/13/2012
My two cats would be thrilled. LOL
05:50 PM on 09/13/2012
And here I was led to believe all the Democrats were in Charlotte.
06:53 PM on 09/13/2012
Guess you don't read the news. The reptiles were in Tampa.
05:49 PM on 09/13/2012
No more pot or plate scraping. What's to complain?
05:44 PM on 09/13/2012
how can Sears be responsible for a snake hiding in an appliance?
05:31 PM on 09/13/2012
cute little snake