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10:53 PM on 09/14/2012
I have not seen many of our talented, gifted, black actors in many of the movies being done by their counter parts so why are we "Slamming" Tyler Perry? I've seen some of our most noted black actors but not in those media blockbuster presented to us by "The Hollywood Establishment" but in a Tyler Perry movies and as to wheather his movies are helping or hurting us his movies span the spectrum of human emotion and oft times allows us to laugh at ourselves but by the same token, I feel that Mr.Perry's movies also exposes us to the not so comedic side of life; so I applaude him and encourage him to continue putting our black actors to work at a time when our economy has left many of those actors without work, and continue giving us some good medicine(laugther) which is said to be good for the soul. Don't let the pettiness and jealousy that others show stop you from using your God given gifts to bring joy to those who have no joy; not everyone is going to like or appreciate your efforts and for that matter, understand your calling but I do. . Don't let the naysayer discourage you if you only have one person who appreciate what you are doing then keep on going because that one might pull one thousand to stand with you; God Bless Tyler Perry.
08:41 PM on 09/14/2012
TP is an enterprise!! TV shows, plays and the big screen. Without TP enterprise many Black actors, writers, production crew etc would be out of work. I rather spend my movie money going to see TP films because I know it is support and promoting black talent. In the words of President Bill Clinton it's arithmetic stupid. TP has the right formula for creating his own economic stability and sustainability in a cut throat industry. Spike can learn a few things from TP.
09:25 PM on 09/14/2012
Tyler Perry is doing nothing to promote a cultural advance. His product is pure minstrel. Economic stability and sustainability based on betraying your own people is something that can be done without.
11:43 AM on 09/15/2012
And I guess Spike is! regardless what are you doing to promote cultural advances? Preoccupation with oneself is a vanity!
10:43 PM on 09/14/2012
"Without TP enterprise many Black actors, writers, production crew etc would be out of work. "

I agree, in part. It appears that Tyler repeatedly uses the same "known" Black actors in his movies and plays. There are many unknown black actors and actresses who would love the opportunity to act, to become exposed. Perhaps Tyler Perry could be an avenue for these "unknown" if he would step out of his Black celebrity box. Just saying.
11:46 AM on 09/15/2012
I feel you on that! but TP is just one of the many Black actors who needs to step it up. The real problem is there is little collaboration between the major Black actors they are soloist. Just saying!
Gilbert Albright
01:27 PM on 09/17/2012
Tyler Perry should not be looked upon, nor expected to be the solution to every problem Blacks have in the film and TV industry. He cannot be all things to all people and right every wrong.

What he REALLY needs is HELP from other Blacks who will get off their butts and follow in his footsteps and follow the path he has blazed to ensure further success for Blacks in the industry.
08:28 PM on 09/14/2012
i dont watch his plays for educational value. I know a few people in my life that Act like Madea. Its always about getting the message about God out. I am so tired of people complaining about Madea. that is what is wrong with some of our people. Everyone knows someone who acts like Madea. She is the comic relief and not usually meant to be taken seriously. Look at Eddie Murphy and Martin Laurence. They have characters, that are just as silly as madea. But no one complains about them. everyone is entitled to their opinion. When you have movies Like The Help, or Precious, they dont bring us down, they really happened to people, they show our strengths, when you stop looking at the negative.
Paris Shelton
11:40 AM on 09/15/2012
that's why hollyweird don't green light some black movies. I remember all the flack about The Color Purple. I would tell people, guess you didn't read the book because the book was out waayyy longer than the movie.
06:22 PM on 09/16/2012
i remember hearing so much about that too. i liked that book, that was one of the books that inspired me to write myself.
Gilbert Albright
01:33 PM on 09/17/2012
Exactly, the loud cries of "racism and stereotyping" and other constant criticisms from the Black Community have caused Hollywood to shy away from Black themed films. They would rather just do without the whole headache and hassle and instead just make the same old movies over and over again.

The constant ourcry and criticism from Blacks has ruined many opportunities for Blacks in the industry. Blacks have yet to learn what other minorities have learned. If you want to get ahead, KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!
06:46 PM on 09/14/2012
Is Shitt Romney and the Republican klan bad for the country?
06:45 PM on 09/14/2012
If only we could get all the people that are critiquing Tyler Perry's work to critique movies that portray black folks in a negative light WITHOUT any kind of balance. 'The Help' and 'Precious' have so many black supporters which boggles my mind...
Nora Charles
Waiter, will you serve the nuts?
08:26 PM on 09/14/2012
Those movies represent a reality that many people have experienced and can relate to. Maybe if there were more black movies covering more varied subject matters, those two wouldn’t bother you so much. I’m an older woman and my experience growing up was that black women who worked outside the home were either school teachers or they did domestic work, which was nothing to be ashamed of. Many domestic workers were married to men who did manual labor and they lived respectable, comfortable middle class lives with nice homes in stable, safe neighborhoods. A lot of self-esteem came from the offices they held in their church, social clubs and organizations.
Nora Charles
Waiter, will you serve the nuts?
08:35 PM on 09/14/2012
And hairdressers. I forgot hairdressers.
06:33 PM on 09/14/2012
i really believe that black people will NEVER be satisfied with anything!!! we are individuals who happen to be black. we are our own person. i dont hold anyone responsible for representing me other than me. and if a white person or any other racist person judges me based off of someone else of my ethnicity then they are the dumb person. being from the South i know Madea is a real character among black people....yes some of his movies arent that great and yes his writing skills need to improve but he talks about real subjects that happen in real life. he uses the comedy to draw the audience in then he reveals a good message. i dont think he should use the same type of characters in his movies like he does but overall he isnt doing any harm.
Paris Shelton
11:49 AM on 09/15/2012
I'm so with you. We have some in our race who think everyone should be like them.
Example: If one of your facebook friends go natural, they start talking about the evil of hair weaves, even though they just did the big chop 2 days ago
If a friend becomes a vegetarian, they start posting the inside of a human body of those eating meat
If you don't like Tyler Perry, don't support him. Make your own films.

I love Madea, we need more Madea's and Big Mamas in our community.
12:02 PM on 09/15/2012
Thank you. You are so right.
Malaika Angel
I'm 4 truth no matter who tells it
01:12 PM on 09/15/2012
Paris, I could not agree more with your comment.

I call those kind of people "band-wagoners" or followers. It's just like former smokers. They can be the most obnoxious to other smokers. It's the same with people who were once overweight, they lose weight, and now all overweight people are beneath them.
06:30 PM on 09/14/2012
Let's see ...

1) Strong women
2) Ethical men
3) A dose of bad people, men and women
4) Lots of laughs
5) Several moral lessons and truths
6) Consequences and life stories
7) Lots of laughs
8) Complete families

Hard to see how that can be bad for any community....
06:24 PM on 09/14/2012
I know this goes against the grain of the journalistic love for conflict, but is it possible that we are asking the wrong question just to keep the pot stirring? How about: Why is it that we don't have a standard of evaluating what is in our best interest ? What does it say about America; let a lone black folk, that any ole crap regardless of who puts it out is just fine as long as it makes money? Tyler Perry is doing what every other mother's son is doing in media, making paper, and no one cares one way or the other how that happens.
06:24 PM on 09/14/2012
Tyler Perry has to get paid, the box office rules over art! I enjoy some of Tyler's films and HATE his sitcoms. The two Why I got married pictures and The family that preys are great, Meet the Browns not great. However many Blacks low some of his chitlin curcuit productions. We need more Spike Lee's and Tyler's plus a dash of Hughes Brothers to balance out this mess!
10:45 PM on 09/14/2012
I too hate his sitcoms, especially 'Meet the Browns.'
Ella Rosier
504 To My City.
06:18 PM on 09/14/2012
I have to say .... THIS, alongside the "Oh, rap is so terrible! It's polluting the minds of black children!" argument is as repetitive as it is played-out (no offense to the author). At the end of the day ... it all boils down to opinion, which is mostly -- if not entirely -- subjective.
06:06 PM on 09/14/2012
I watched only one Tyler Perry movie, and that is because my son asked me to watch it with him, I did not laugh one time, it was digusting, this Madear character. The movies insult black people intelligence, and the movies are not funny, because the actors are coming off as down right stupid. Since Tyler Perry is not African Centered, we certainly will not see any movies like that, and since he is not conscious period, of black people's struggle, and the racism we face everyday of our lives, we will not see these type movies, because black people would rather deny these problems, and would not support the movies, so this is what he will forever put out there, and the black community will support.
05:12 PM on 09/15/2012
Well said...When he first came out I thought is was cute but it became redundant. Does he have anything else to offer?
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It just keeps getting better...
05:14 PM on 09/14/2012
Are Tyler Perry’s movies hurting or helping the black community? Or should the real story be about the lack of representation of our people in mainstream Hollywood?

Tyler Perry is a creative artist. He is talented and has gone somewhere a lot of people are afraid to go. He pursued his dream. While some of his movies are good, he has other movies that stand out and cause people to say, I can relate to this character. We need more black artists to show us their work. I cannot compare anything I watch today to the movies of other decades (namely the 70’s and 80’s). Times were different then. Mainstream Hollywood did not understand our culture then and still don’t today. I attribute this as to one reason we are underrepresented on in the media as a whole.

We can change this by encouraging people of color and our children to engage and embrace cinema as the art which it is. Tyler Perry’s stories draw me in. His movie, Good Deeds is a fine example. It’s possible our community didn’t support this movie because a lot of us can’t relate to the lifestyle of the success and failures of wealth. One had to look beyond and see the real story. A story of a man who had to find what was missing in life. He had to learn his lessons, all in the name of love…something that is not usually represented by the media in our community.

Happy Birthday Tyler!
Micah Floe
restructuring irrational thought patterns
04:49 PM on 09/14/2012
Tyler Perry is doing a good thing getting work for black actresses and actors however I wish for his sake that he would come out of that Pigeon Hole he has placed himself in. There is so much more than stories of black women who are hurt and black men that aint bout nothin'. Tyler Perry could bring us a black action film for heavens sake for example. Or a true comedy: a little more edgy, a little less churchish- The Wood 2 anybody? Best Man 2.... I wish him and Spike Lee weren't beefing. They should be working together to build up the industry...
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04:48 PM on 09/14/2012
Movies that are bad for the community are films like 'Precious' and 'The Help'. Tyler is doing his best to help the community and we come out with articles like this?
05:36 PM on 09/14/2012
How are those films bad for the community?
06:38 PM on 09/14/2012
When we have movies that show black women as maids in 2012 that sends a inferiority complex in the minds of millions of folks watching. When we have movies like 'Precious' that portrays disgusting, over-the top stereotypes about black people that TOO has a huge impact on how blacks view themselves. I'm not a fan of all of Tyler Perrys work but his films always have a BALANCE to them. I will continue to support any man who is doing something postive
05:49 PM on 09/14/2012
How are those bad for the community. Tyler Perry movies tend to feed stereo types, and deal in extremes. Are we only about, drugs, a domestic abuse?
06:18 PM on 09/14/2012
drugs and domestic abuse are real and happen every day. he makes movies with subjects that people can relate with. but all of his movies are not about those subjects. i agree his movies can be extreme at times though
06:42 PM on 09/14/2012
I'm not a fan of all his work and your right about some of his films touching on some sterotypes. However, his movies tend to show successful black people which is a great thing. Not many directors, let alone BLACK directors are doing what Tyler Perry is doing and I will continue to support him!