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Upstart of the left part.
05:34 PM on 09/14/2012
Hey Congress, where's the jobs bill, bunch of jerk*ffs?
William Gaskill
Scientist, Engineer, Christian
04:54 PM on 09/14/2012
"Burning money is one source of energy that the country doesn't need" - Bush did a good job of burning money during his terms in office, with the huge military contractor outlays for Iraq and Afghanistan. Of course, it did help his buddy Cheney with his retirement plan.
Kathleen Harris200077
Too old to start over!
04:44 PM on 09/14/2012
This is just a sad attempt by the GOP to obstruct progress once again. We should all be glad that RYAN made such an attempt to get back to vote with his sad attempt to impede progress! Renewable energy is what we all need to be looking at!
And one companies inability after receiving GOV'T funding going bankrupt should NOT set president for all future attempts or future Companies to obtain that funding!

Perhaps, we should look at Romeny securing gov't funds to save a company of his...and repeatedly taking fees out of those companies for his inverstors, then filing bankruptsy! Never paying back the gov't for the funds he got in stimulus, bailout, etc...leaving many without jobs, healthcare and retirments! Wonder why the GOP is not concerned about securing those funds back! In fact, had the money in his own pocket to ensure the companies ability to stay afloat! Guess getting Corporate welfare is only good for some...and not for those making attempts to make this planet safer, maintain the enviroment, an provide clean energy!

I would suspect that the Koch brothers and big oil are behind this too! With their fracking and their complete disreguard for the enviroment! Their sorry repeated attempts to dissolve the EPA and the stay standards that protect our enviroment!
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04:43 PM on 09/14/2012
Solyndra was busted up just before they could go into full production. They were literally busting incomplete glass tubes in the parking lot instead of returning them to the suppliers.. Somebody saw to it that this company would never be reopened again. Remember every dollar of solar energy made is one less dollar for the gas companies.
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Cranky old Oregon Democrat
04:36 PM on 09/14/2012
Why do House Reps insist upon voting for irrelevant issues? Don't they have anything constructive to do, like vote on the Jobs Act. Oh, I forgot, they've still got to take their 34th vote on an anti-abortion law or another vote to repeal Obamacare. Sheesh!!
The most dangerous animal in the forest is man.
04:17 PM on 09/14/2012
This is so transparent! They are doing this for their buddies in Big Oil!

More shameful, regressive Rightwing behavior.
Walking all over that coiled snake
03:58 PM on 09/14/2012
but of course, GOP congress can waste millions repealing Obamacare it's all cool.
"Hope" and "Change" is a beautiful thing.
03:42 PM on 09/14/2012
Man, they should have just stayed on recess, it seems they get more done when they are.

Having said that, exactly how many JOBS will that create?
Roberta Bebko
"of the people, by the people, for the people"
03:35 PM on 09/14/2012
We are paying our Congress members to waste our time. This bill has no chance of passing Senate vote. Take another months vacation. Now there is a waste of tax payer's dollars.....Congress.
03:24 PM on 09/14/2012
Never mind that the program is considered to be a success, and it was expected that some of the companies it invested in would fail...
02:58 PM on 09/14/2012
Does this Bill end "incentive" payments to Big Oil or guaranteed loans to develop the mythical "Clean Coal"? My bet is it doesn't
03:27 PM on 09/14/2012
Of course not! Don't you know that pumping tax dollars into Big Oil is just sound economic policy, and having a Wind Power Tax Credit is "choosing winners"?

Can anyone one at all make sense of what the GOP says anymore? All I hear is this:

"I'm corrupt, I've been bought and paid for. I have an agenda from the Koch Brothers, and I must get it implemented. Need that campaign cash- need it!"
02:50 PM on 09/14/2012
Cronyism is the most insidious form of corruption--The problem is non-partisan and systemic. Consider a recent civil (non-criminal) federal court case in Texas. In this case, the judge and his friends threatened the litigant (the "victim") with "death" and seized, without any notice or hearing, prohibited him from hiring a lawyer, and essentially into a bizarre civil lockdown. The litigant has been under this civil lockdown order for nearly two years, and is prohibited from having a lawyer, from owning any possessions, from freely traveling, from working, etc… The judge redistributed the litigants property to the judge's friends. has details about this disturbing case and some quotes from the judge:

THE COURT: "I'm telling you don't screw with me. You are a fool, a fool, a fool, a fool to screw with a federal judge, and if you don't understand that, I can make you understand it. I have the force of the Navy, Army, Marines and Navy behind me."

THE COURT: "You realize that order is an order of the Court. So any failure to comply with that order is contempt, punishable by lots of dollars, punishable by possible jail, death"

It' hard to believe, but this really is true
03:52 PM on 09/14/2012
Thank you for posting,.. sad and scary
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Cranky old Oregon Democrat
04:40 PM on 09/14/2012
Unbelievable! Of course, this is Texas, where nothing surprises me, but it is truly scary! What is the litigant charged with?
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02:36 PM on 09/14/2012
the cost of solyndra is minuscule compared to the price we paid for an 'abortion bills' house.
Writer, Teacher, Film-maker
02:34 PM on 09/14/2012
"...left taxpayers on the hook for more than $500 million...." I've got an idea. How about no more unfunded wars paid for via debt to China and fought by the poor and middle class? Last tally? $3 Trillion. $500,000,000 v. $3,000,000,000,000.
the President is black, deal with it
05:49 PM on 09/14/2012
repeal the 4 billion yearly welfare for oil/gas.
02:23 PM on 09/14/2012
As usual the GOP wastes its time on old history instead of focusing on doing something to create jobs.
How about we just fire everyone in Congress for failing to come up with ANY new economic solutions.
It has been said that it would be like starting all over with too many new thought is..."THE OLD SEASONED ONES ARE DOING NOTHING BUT KEEPING THEIR CHAIR WARM"......What do we have to lose...???