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Reality disagrees with Conservative assessments
03:07 AM on 04/19/2009
Umm, what kind of medical personnel would violate their oaths and the core of their profession by not merely allowing but also BEING PRIVY TO the torture of any person? At the least, they should have done the research: both military and civilian studies and observation prove torture so unreliable that relying upon the information gained through such measures endangers our soldiers and our nation.

Not to mention that they can't honestly have been unaware that SERE basically IS torture. We expose our soldiers to what is essentially torture in order to teach them to resist torture. Which is counterproductive in some respects, but useful in others, and serves a psychological benefit.

There are a whole lot of ways in which captive enemy personnel are treated better than our soldiers, and it's not accidental and has years of evidence backing up the necessity. I'd be happy to see that disparity rectified, but legally, morally, honorably, and safely, that can only be done by improving the lots of our soldiers.
06:08 AM on 04/19/2009
Americans have no ethics including doctors.
since the med establishment is totally about PROFITEERING,
one should say ESPECIALLY doctors.

Ethics are "a joke" to most Americans.
The rest do not know what the heck ethics are.
Nor do they care!
10:52 PM on 04/19/2009
I guess the same kind of people who can get themselves all riled up over ficticious issues to vent racism in a TV protest but who are silent in protesting this news and the past 8 years that created it.
The Koch Brothers are terrorists.
02:35 AM on 04/19/2009
The whole thing stinks! These people (the torturers) all belong in prison! "One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" reads like a bedtime story compared to the violence that was perpetrated on these detainees. Investigated and sanctioned? What the hell?
03:28 AM on 04/19/2009
check out this website on this torture..

the neocons believed in legalizing torture, and also assassination..
here you go..

dont be too upset, but spread the website and story around..