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science educator
01:07 AM on 09/16/2012
Romney stupidly tried to demonstrate his foreign policy acumen by bringing a can of gasoline to our government's efforts to put out a Middle East wildfire.

Mitt's problem is that he's 0 for 5: the guy lacks style, substance, diplomatic savvy, common man sensibilities, and ethical standards.

When spin-doctoring and damage control are daily requirements when you're on the campaign trail -- demonstrating a lack of preparation and self-discipline, this doesn't speak well for your ability to serve as Commander in Chief and Head of State.
Better Living Through Liberalism
12:58 AM on 09/16/2012
Same thing happens in baseball when a minor league pitcher is placed in a major league game and he gives up twenty runs in the first inning.
09:55 AM on 09/16/2012
Ahh but that ONLY happens if you leave that Pitcher in too long?

If you pull 'em out quicker, you limit the damage.
12:47 AM on 09/16/2012
Oooh... you made Bill Cristol mad!!!!!
12:45 AM on 09/16/2012
Mitt has reached a point where he is actually a legitimate danger to our country through his meddlings.

He is working with Netanyahu and Adelson to destabilize the administration and its interests for their own gain.

He represents a clear and present danger to the United States of America.
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01:25 AM on 09/16/2012
Not sure if I am completely there yet but one sure has to wonder about the force and timing of Netanyahu's statements. Particularly when he clearly does not have the united support of those around him. With Romney I wonder how one guy can commit so many unforced errors.
02:09 AM on 09/16/2012
last boomer
I can no longer shop happily
12:29 AM on 09/16/2012
Romney has finally blown it so bad the palace press is finally allowed to lambaste him in a manner only seen prior here in the blogosphere.
12:25 AM on 09/16/2012
Just think of Mitt as President and handling the 3 o'clock phone call. The President lacked experience in foriegn affairs, but he wasn't running around making wild statements during the 2008 campaign to score points. Mitt the Twit is desparate and it shows. Wait until after the first Presidential debate. The guy will become unhinged........
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it makes you wonder
01:23 AM on 09/16/2012
I hope that the debates will be fair debates without someone feeding the Mittster the answers through a hidden electronic device.
01:33 AM on 09/16/2012
He would still screw it up!
05:04 PM on 09/16/2012
makeme I'm not so sure the debates will be all that fair considering we have the whale, Crowley and Scheiffer as moderators. I remember last election, Schieffer let McCain go way past his alloted time and cut off President Obama. Thank goodness we have Jim Laher........
Progressive Liberal and Senior Citizen
03:11 AM on 09/16/2012

I've been saying the same thing Joe. I even think that after the first debate, there may not be any more debates between Romney and Obama. He is worse than Sarah (can I call you Joe) Palin. He is a loose cannon and he has loose lips and no brain.
05:05 PM on 09/16/2012
snide he's nothing but a puppet whose strings are being pulled by Rove Adelson and the Koch Brothers. He's an empty suit. After Dubya, we don't need another empty suit.