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08:22 PM on 09/19/2012
I hope that any couple who cannot conceive children on their own seriously considers adopting orphaned children from economically under developed countries or poverty stricken American communities. There are hundreds of thousands (millions?) of children around the world who have no parents, and who badly need a supportive and healthy environment. Gay marriage is more than an important landmark in our nation's progressive history, it is also a concept which has created an opportunity to help children who are in need. I was raised by a single parent, and even i would say there is some advantage to growing up with both male and female perspectives. But there is no greater advantage than a loving and secure household on any terms.
Russ Noe
I blame Bush...
03:16 AM on 09/20/2012
You are so right on.
04:54 PM on 09/19/2012
You're not only gay dads. You're dads.
04:44 PM on 09/19/2012
I am a 21 year old gay man. My main life goal is to raise children, have a family and recreate the wonderful childhood that I was so blessed to have, for children that are familyless. You guys are a perfect role model of that! Happy, beautiful family. :) thank you for writing this letter to him.
04:23 PM on 09/19/2012
Very well said, Kergan! You put into words many of the things I was thinking. I hope Rupert reads this and actually ponders it.
04:04 PM on 09/19/2012
Thank you for such a heart warming letter. I hope that ( Rupert) reads it. You and your partner are amazing Dads. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best. More importantly, thank you for being great Dads to those beautiful boys!
03:59 PM on 09/19/2012
I wouldn't recommend exposing children to Rupert Everett. Some of that bitterness is bound to rub off on them.
I will not put up lies. So don't post them.
03:54 PM on 09/19/2012
Awesome you rock love this.
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03:47 PM on 09/19/2012
Powerfully written! Kudos-- and what a great dad you are!
03:44 PM on 09/19/2012
Oh get over it, in that American way you assume to much and then post it as fact, you assume that Rupert is unhappy as a gay man based on his comments.  I see no evidence that he is unhappy, what YOU don't like is the fact that he is non conformist and Americans both gay and straight are the most conformist people in the western world.  he didn't denigrate you, he said that HE can't imagine anything worse than being raised by gay parents, he didn't say  that "There is nothing worse than being raised by gay parents". Also when the British say "I can't imagine anything worse" they don't usually mean it literally.

As for his career being damaged by coming out as gay, probably true of his career in the USA which seems to have a statistically impossible over abundance of heterosexual actors.
06:29 AM on 09/20/2012
Hallelujah! Testify! The earnestness and lack of irony is cloying.
03:25 PM on 09/19/2012
Kids want family, doesn't matter how it is shaped, they just need to know they are safe and loved.
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02:46 PM on 09/19/2012
So the guy did not like his parents, so what. There are many kids that don't like their stright parents. This guy just told us we are not all prefect as parents. Stright or gay.
02:16 PM on 09/19/2012
We'll hear plenty of the line of thinking that goes, "He's entitled to his opinion, but you have no right to an opinion on his opinion."

It is bizarre, and wrong. It is because people like Rupert Everett have such large fanbases and are provided the platform from which to uttered their stupidity that people like Kergan, who's very life Everett dismisses, have every right, and even a responsibility, to fire back.

It is dismissive to tell someone their opinion is worthless because of who they are. It is not dismissive to tell someone when they are wrong.
02:12 PM on 09/19/2012
Yes, Rupert, we notice you.
03:52 PM on 09/19/2012
I doubt whether he cares, I presume he was ASKED for his views (this is often what happens in interviews) and didn't in Sean Penn fashion broadcast them through a metaphorical loudspeaker?
06:55 AM on 09/20/2012
Ok guys, this is what is known in the rest of the English-speaking world as witty banter. You're not supposed to take Everett seriously - it's the British prerogative to be contrarian. Have you people never heard of Grahame Norton FFS?
01:49 PM on 09/19/2012
Brilliant. As a gay man who would love to eventually raise children with my partner YOU are MY role model. Not some bad actor whos career has been starved for attention for years. Thank you for speaking out. May you and your family have continued happiness!
Austin liberal who believes in a fair America
01:41 PM on 09/19/2012
My partner and I are considering adopting. What an inspiration your family is to us!