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11:25 AM on 09/24/2012
Why do people thing that this article sheds a negative light on breastfeeding? I breastfed both of my kids (and extended breastfed them at that) but I do think this is pretty accurate. I thik we need to be honest about what actually happens when one breastfeeds. This honesty can provide support to women who think that they are "not doing it right" or who feel somehow less of a woman because they dont totally love the experience. The first 2-3 months of breastfeeding IS difficult and IS NOT intuitive. We need to be more supportive and truthful with our sisters. Not EVERYTHING in life has to be airbrushed, needly packaged and marketed.
11:59 AM on 09/24/2012
Well said
05:57 AM on 09/26/2012
But not every mother struggles the same as another, so why scare women into thinking the negative possibilities are going to happen? They might very well have an easy and instinctive time from the get go. Yes I think, put the info out there when mothers need it but DO NOT make it seem like these things will be an issue for everyone!!!
11:43 AM on 09/26/2012
I was led to believe by the LC at the hospital I delivered at as well as my OB that breastfeeding was "instinctive" and I'd "just know what do do". I felt like a complete failure because I wasn't prepared because I thought it would "just be natural". I almost gave up. It is unrealistic to present breastfeeding in that manner. It is simple fact that for many women it is difficult, and very few of us have grown up seeing breastfeeding in our families.
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12:10 PM on 09/26/2012
Is this list 'scary'?! I think it provides an accurate view of this woman's experience. I see too many moms being judged for not breastfeeding and other moms who panic because 'its not working right'. If women understand that many of us struggled through those first few weeks, that might give them the confidence they need to go on. As it stands many women give up breastfeeding only to feel like 'failures'. I think we need to present ALL of the information - good, bad and in between - so that women can have realistic expectations. Breastfeeding IS NOT instinctive. It is a learned skill. In countries where breastfeeding is the norm and girls get to see babies being fed around them, breastfeeding is much easier. But here where we have to hide under tents and never see women breastfeeding in public, it is not instinctive. Heck most women dont know what a proper latch looks like until they see a lactation consultant.
Four legs good two legs bad
09:59 AM on 09/24/2012
Yeah it hurt like heck. I'm never hard on women who make the choice NOT to breastfeed. It's quite a commitment, I did it for 3 years and almost gave up the first few months. It's not instictive at all, but I am glad I made that choice for my family.
04:09 AM on 09/24/2012
I loved breast feeding and I can't wait to do it again with my next baby. The only one I didn't like was the it is expensive part. Almost all the things mentioned in number three were not necessary, but number 10 is so true!
08:50 PM on 09/23/2012
I laughed reading this. When I had my first son, at 23, I was completely unprepared. Luckily I had a son that latched on immediately and so that part was easy. The fountain that I became was a surprise, especially in public. The foolish decision of starting to pump immediately made me a dairy farm.
Second time around was so much better.
I just walked around wrapped in a towel for six weeks and didn't use a pump until I absolutely had to - when he was three months old. It's still crazy and I would do it all over again.
It makes the whole thing worth it - ovaries and all. That bond is forever.
02:35 AM on 09/24/2012
08:50 PM on 09/23/2012
I've been breastfeeding 6 months now. I have also experienced many of the things you mention here. I just look at my healthy little guy and I feel empowered that my milk has sustained him all his life. I think I'm going to keep going another 6 months.
02:34 AM on 09/24/2012
Knowledge becomes wisdom when it's passed on
03:19 PM on 09/24/2012
08:48 PM on 09/23/2012
I think you need to go to a La Leche League meeting. If it is hurting that much there is a problem with the latch-on or frequency of nursing. If you go to a LLL meeting you will find lots of moms, some who are there because of problems like the ones you mentioned so they are seeking help, but many more moms who are nursing without any pain. If it were as miserable as you describe it nobody would do it and doctors would caution women against it. I think you are having a bad experience and I hope you get the help you need.
Four legs good two legs bad
10:00 AM on 09/24/2012
I went to LLL meetings, I highly recommend it for new moms. Not only is it nice to be around like minded women, you definately will have a support system, and not only for breast feeding by the way.
06:26 PM on 09/23/2012
This article has put a black cloud over breastfeeding!!! It can scare expectant mothers off from attempting to try something that is one of the most natural thing to do in the world.
I am a mother of two and a Midwife and breastfed
Both my kids and I am a supporter of breastfeeding.
Why complicate things; its not rocket science. Women have been breastfeeding their babies for 1000s of years. In developing countries women do have Lactations Consultants, breast pumps or nipple sheilds - just the love for their child, support from their family and everything else falls into place (its all about survival) not what problem we will look for next.
You will never know the answer to everything. You can read every book and still be unprepared.My only words of advise is to adopt self belief and a positive outlook, have an open mind and go with the flow - no clock watching, this is what we wait 9 months for, enjoy every moment because they dont stay babies for long and dont be afraid to seek help and support from the right people when need be.
Have a good day all x
10:03 PM on 09/23/2012
As a midwife, you of all people should realize every mother has a different experience. I had an extremely easy pregnancy and delivery for my son. So, should I tell mother's with difficult pregnancy/labor to "quit complicating things"? No, because I'm not ignorant enough to think my personal experiences speak for all women. Some of us have difficulty breastfeeding for a multitude of reasons. Women should be prepared to know that it may not be a breeze, and should not be made to feel guilty or less of a woman for that.
02:32 AM on 09/24/2012
Jess the article is about breastfeeding and thats what my comment related to not pregnancy and labour. I am fully aware of what can happen and all I was trying to say is dont be afraid to give it a go and to seek support when needed.
You are entitled to your view and calling me ignorant is your opinion.
02:24 AM on 09/24/2012
Apologies for typing in a rush earlirr - typo city*
Women in developing countries DONT* have lactation consultant etc....
Mitzi (UK)
10:03 AM on 09/23/2012
Anybody recommend any good books on how to deal with breastfeeding? I'm due in three months and want to read a clear, informative book on the subject.
10:17 AM on 09/23/2012
See if you have a local la leche league in your area. You may, or may not ( there isn't one within 2 hours of where I live). Even if not, the have articles and books on their site. Wherever you deliver should have a lactation Consultant and they will typically agree to met with new mothers before hand to provide information.
08:50 PM on 09/23/2012
"The Breastfeeding Book" by William Sears
Micro-Bio This!
11:43 AM on 09/25/2012
08:19 AM on 09/23/2012
Why a lactation consultant when La Leche will do it for free? Can't imagine bottles and formula being less expensive. Breastfeeding does require a certain amount of commitment when our society favors the bottle. Weren't there some physical issuest during pregnancy? The benefits for the baby certainly outweigh the adjustments that moms need to make. Welcome to motherhood! At least the article ended on a positive note.
06:50 AM on 09/23/2012
I think this article is placing breastfeeding in a bit of negative light. I, coming from a family of unsupportive non-breastfeeders, decided to nurse by daughter and did so successfully. I did not spend a fortune on anything. When my daughter was 18 months she weaned because I was then pregnant with twins. My twin boys nursed with minimal problems. WIC provides a lactation consultant free of charge, there are also support groups of other mothers who have a variety of experiences nursing. True it was not always easy, and sleep was minimal esp. with the twins, and a DVT where I had to pump and dump due to heparin, then wean them off the formula. But once cleared nursing resumed, mastitis one time (and yes it hurt! but I worked through it.) Yes they poop alot but it is not stinky! I did not have to worry about formula, allergies, constipation, water, temperature, dirty bottles etc. Even went back to work (My employer, a pediatrician, was kind enough to let me use an exam room to pump). I swear to this day my 30 week premies are healthy and strong 6ft boys because I breastfed them from birth and gave them my very strong antibodies when they were babies. That being is not for everyone but did not want anyone being scared away due to this article.
08:52 PM on 09/23/2012
More people need to talk about the negative things that can happen. Women are never totally prepared for any of this stuff.
Books, advice - it's still your body and it will react it's own way.
So, I agree that it is in some ways negative - but, it's reality.
03:31 PM on 09/24/2012
You breastfed your 30 week premature males from BIRTH??? really?????? I mean... really???? Wow, that is most amazing, especially considering how most hospitals don't encourage trying to nurse or bottle feed at 30 weeks... something about the suck/swallow reflex not being fully developed~ WOw... in your case, if you did breastfeed 3 children all from birth, especially, the premature twins, you might want to write a book! Imagine not having to go work at the Pediatrician's office every day!!
07:16 PM on 09/22/2012
I nursed my three children (a grandma now) because I knew if they had to depend on me to prepare bottles they would have starved.
08:41 PM on 09/22/2012
09:51 PM on 09/22/2012
I also had three natural childbirths because I have a phobia to needles.
02:09 AM on 09/23/2012
me too. 8 all naturals due to needle phobia and 8 breastfeed because I don't believe in paying for something my body produces for free and is much better for my baby.
06:23 PM on 09/22/2012
only in america this is an actual issue, yes you can breast feed with inverted nipples, no its not expensive , yes it may hurt, no you don't need a breast pump when you can do it manually (even i have to admit, pumps are easier), no you don't need a whole new wardrobe and yes it is instinctive.
02:13 AM on 09/23/2012
thank you. because I thought the exaggeration was just me. I literally have been breastfeeding for years I bought a 50 dollar breast pump that I have used for over 10 years and I just updated the pieces when I had a new baby only cost me 12 dollars for new hoses and missing pieces. I have never bothered with those stupid shirts with the holes they look stupid to me and it is not that serious. The "hurt only last until your pressure is alleviated then its fine and yes so true it is instinctive.
10:58 AM on 09/23/2012
Glad it was for you. Look up inverted nipples, hyperactive letdown, and a 2 week old that refuses to even try to latch. Then tell me if you still think it is *always* instinctive. There are issues with breastfeeding that you obviously were fortunate not to have. Some of us weren't so lucky. So, instead of criticizing and belittling our experience, who about just being thankful it was so easy for you.
10:03 AM on 09/23/2012
So glad it was so easy for you. Guess I'm a failure. *rolls eyes*
06:03 PM on 09/22/2012
I certainly hope you found/felt the positives!
05:42 PM on 09/22/2012
Maybe the baby was senseing her nervousness which caused him or her to have a hard time to relax & latch on. I like some of the other Moms was fortunate to have my Son easily Latch on feed like a breeze. Naturally I went through the growing pains Bleeding sore nipples ooh it was awful but I got ointment from my Dr. went on my way! I too did not buy special nursing clothes. Who could afford that back then! All I bought were nursing Bras . Now my Baby turns 30 Today, he's a strong healthy Man. Happy Birthday Joe 9/22/12 Good Luck to all the Ladies that plan on B. F.
05:31 PM on 09/22/2012
It didn't cost me any money, no pump, no creams or medications, or extra special nursing clothes or bras. I spent $14.00 on reusable cloth nursing pads. It was definitely messy, and I was lucky not to have complications, but thats probably because it was instictual for me. I never needed help from a lactation consultant. Maybe it's because of my all natural homebirth, and the trust I had in my own instincts, or maybe I was simply, as I said, lucky. All mother's experiences are different.