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06:41 PM on 09/21/2012
Who's the pretty lady with her poodle?-She looks soooo familiar!
Facts drive the GOP crazy...
06:41 PM on 09/21/2012
When you see a picture of a man setting himslef on fire and it says, "my first colorization!" that is a little wrong.
old,sly, crafty,arty, leftie
06:40 PM on 09/21/2012
Ted Turner, get a clue..this is how colourization should/could be done, if it's necessary to do it at all..
Lincoln really popped for me, the kindness and weariness I thought I'd seen in his eyes was really 'there' in the colourized versions...
I love black and white, especially old black and white, but I can see that this could be desirable, as well...
I always seem to be wherever I am...
06:20 PM on 09/21/2012
To me it kind of removes the history that the black and white photo gives the pictures, but I really do like them side by side, it does give President Lincoln a sense of life.
06:19 PM on 09/21/2012
Just a gimmick to get attention. Dullaway is using other people's accomplishments to get some notoriety by using pixels to "colorize" historic images and in the process demeaning them and turning them into kitsch. I suppose it's too much hard work trying to come up with some well crafted images of her own.
06:12 PM on 09/21/2012
Its all so alive and real and makes it human .
Bob Corne
Call an Ace an Ace!
06:05 PM on 09/21/2012
He looks alive and well. Hats off to color coded system that did the job !
Michael Parrett
05:35 PM on 09/21/2012
In progress
05:14 PM on 09/21/2012
Color sucks. We should go back to Black and White
05:01 PM on 09/21/2012
Do the Beatles on video on the Ed Sullivan show. And all their black and white concerts, movies. Then post it on Youtube.
In progress
05:14 PM on 09/21/2012
This is a horrible idea
08:08 PM on 09/21/2012
God no, please.

I would assume, with great respect, that you're a younger person who didn't see the original Sullivan broadcasts.

The black and white nature of the Beatles videos is an absolutely essential element of their
impact,because they remind us of who were were and the world we lived in at the time. It helps explain the indescribably explosive impact those shows had on a nation. You might as well CGI some dreadlocks on Paul and a reversed baseball cap on George. It would have the same effect to millions of us.
03:42 PM on 09/22/2012
No just want to visualize them in color as if I am watching them now in 2012. There is something within me that feels empty to not see them in vibrant color as if longing to see an extinct Passenger Pigeon on HD color video when it was alive now that they are permanently gone from earth.
Veritatum Dilexi
04:46 PM on 09/21/2012
Much like Ted Turner colorized Gone With The Wind, I am totally against making something appeal to the masses simply because we can.

Let our greatest president stay in black and white, the way he was meant to be. Want to colorize Matthew Brady's pictures of all the dead, too?
05:09 PM on 09/21/2012
Greatest president???????????????? where did you get that from, this man invaded his own country,suspended habist-corpis, arrested the entire Maryland legeslature, ect ect ect,
basically he was a comunist, he broke more constatutional law than anyone in history,when he freed the slaves ,he freed them in the 13 rebelious states, not in the north.
Veritatum Dilexi
10:36 AM on 09/22/2012
l. Habeas corpus;
2. Legislature
3. etc.
4. Constitutional
5. rebellious
05:09 PM on 09/21/2012
GONE WITH THE WIND was FILMED in Technicolor, silly!
Ted Turner had nothing to do with it.
Mr Teflon
Ain't I a stinker?
05:27 PM on 09/21/2012
I guess the point is they should have filmed it in B&W, so it wasn't so appealing to the masses .. why make a movie appeal to the masses, just because you can? Of course, then none of us would have ever heard of it, and we wouldn;t be talking about it ... ; )
Veritatum Dilexi
06:07 PM on 09/21/2012
Apparently I made a mistake. But I DO remember Turner wanting to colorize a lot of black and white classics.
04:45 PM on 09/21/2012
Lincoln would have never worn a brown vest with a blue suit. This is so wrong.
In progress
05:17 PM on 09/21/2012
And were is his American flag Pin? I thought every president was required
04:43 PM on 09/21/2012
Despite the fact that some of the photos look as if the men have on lipstick, I think the photos are fabulously restored.
04:39 PM on 09/21/2012
I like black and white photos.They have an artistic quality.
I see in color.
I really like well done colorized photos they seem more real.
04:35 PM on 09/21/2012
I doubt if Abe would of worn red.