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12:48 PM on 04/25/2009
Please keep him jailed there. Never send him back.
12:47 PM on 04/25/2009
I've always wondered why slave-state whites hate African Americans so much.
The South sure as hell wasn't built by David Dukes lazy, slave owning, ancestors.
The entire South owes its very existance to African Americans.
You'd think shiftless, slave-state, layabouts like doughy David Dukes would be more respectful to the people that built their beloved South.
01:47 PM on 04/25/2009
They way he sees it, blacks are only "beast of burden." That's all they're good for. What a sick mentality.

I just found out they are releasing him. Bummer.
Yes I am a witch. Deal with it.
05:00 PM on 04/25/2009
I think you've hit on your own answer: Their shiftless lazy ancestors didn't build anything and just can't bring themselves to admit it. Their good ( and over-rated) opinions of themselves hinge on self-built memories. No one wamts to think ill of themselves, so they find scapegoats to blame for their failings and glom onto others' successes.
Hmmm... methinks I smell some Republican base traits there....
12:39 PM on 04/25/2009
Why do these wingnut men always wear so much makeup, get fake tans and dye their hair?
And no, I am not suggesting they are gay. It's just weird. Boehner, Hannity, Bill O'reilly to name a few.
Just asking...
when bop isn't enough
03:29 PM on 04/25/2009
Because as white as they want to be, they still think it's unattractive. They hate themselves, and so try to look different than what they are, at the same time spewing hate on minorities and other races who look good naturally and don't have to get all dolled up. Big time jealousy?
Dept. of Mousing & Purrin' Development
12:39 PM on 04/25/2009
12:30 PM on 04/25/2009
Aaaahhhhh! Yet another right wing REPUBLICAN piece of trash embraces the RIGHT WING philosophy of Ignorance and Intolerance and Hatred the only way a good REPUBLICAN CAN,
12:30 PM on 04/25/2009
Query: If one denies the Holocaust in a serious manner, despite the preponderance of evidence for it, can that person be charged with fraud/slander/libel in America? I'm asking out of actual curiousity.
01:45 PM on 04/25/2009
Read the history of Europe post WW2. The Nazis never went away. They are still terrorizing civilians in Europe, that is the reason for strict laws-they don't need more incitement.
12:04 PM on 04/25/2009
Do you think that he would ask for the help of President Barack Obama? hee hee he
Boy this is just too funny......... I wonder if he was for torture?.........hee hee he
12:01 PM on 04/25/2009
Good for the Czech Police.. now will you please keep him?!
A neutron walks into a bar...
11:53 AM on 04/25/2009
I am wondering if he will stick to the convictions of his hate filled propganda or if he will lie and say he believes it happened?
11:47 AM on 04/25/2009
The Czechs seem to have an interesting legal approach that we should employ to round up those in our country that instituted waterboarding as torture.
11:44 AM on 04/25/2009
If I were BO I would appoint either Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as the ambassador to Czech, IMMEDIATELY. As someone who lives in the same city as this piece of trash (actually he moved across the lake), I say good riddum I hope he serves the 3 years in jail.
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11:30 AM on 04/25/2009
This is how they get public support for introducing "thought crimes".
1) Take a completely unsympathetic character like Duke
2) Bring him up on criminal charges for his hateful and indefensible opinions
3) Nobody will stand up for him, because nobody shares his opinions, or wants to be associated with what he says.
4) Now there is a legal prescent for "thought crimes", which may be applied to other topics besides the holocaust.

Once the criminality of holocaust denial is established with the public, there will be no practical basis for arguing against the criminality of "global warming denial" (the basis of the World Bank's "carbon tax" scheme), criticism of the Patriot Act, or dissent against any other policy our rulers wish to enshine with this armor.
01:52 PM on 04/25/2009
This is a very sensitive topic in Europe. Quite a few countries over there, Germany included, have similar laws. The laws are not anti free speech. Notice, he was invited to the Czech Republic by a neo-Nazi organization. It is the fomenting of hatred (incitement to violence) toward a particular subgroup of society that is a crime. The decision the Czech authorities have to make is whether writing a hate filled book directed at specific cross sections of their people, and then having a book signing tour about it qualifies as a crime under their laws.
The Answer is 42
02:03 PM on 04/25/2009
The express purpose of Holocaust denial is anti-semitic hate speech. Those who deny the holocaust or question it, use it as a basis of delegitimizaztion of Jewish suffering and can only be construed as a tool of anti-semitic hate.
Plus unlike Global Warming, there has been way too much evidence of the Holocaust so it would be like denying that the sky is above us and the ground below.
11:15 AM on 04/25/2009
One may not like David Duke the man, or David Duke's opinions. The measure of the principle of freedom of speech is not recognizing the right of those whom one agrees
with to speak their mind, but the right of those who do not. As these "hate speech" laws are used today against pariahs on the right (like Duke and David Irving) the political landscape could change in a flash, and these "hate crime" denial laws could just as soon be applied against anti-war and anti-globalization activists, environmental advocates, pro-lifers, Christians, religious dissidents, Muslims or anyone that holds a proscribed (by the State) opinion.
The rights to freedom of speech and of the press are generally acknowledged across Europe and the Americas as sacrosanct and indivisible-acquiescing in their denial to one is opening the door to their denial to all.
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I know where my towel is
11:05 AM on 04/25/2009
Oh this is just too funny. David Duke is going to have to rely on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to keep him out of a Czech prison. Let's all hope that they both have more pressing matters to deal with.
11:02 AM on 04/25/2009
I can't believe I'm going to defend David Duke, but Czech shouldn't have approved his visa in the first place if they have a problem with him.
01:19 PM on 04/25/2009
Or maybe this was their plan? "Book signing tour! $$$$$!" Identify the varmint you're after, then choose your bait.
02:09 PM on 04/25/2009
You're off the hook: Americans don't need a visa to visit the Czech Republic, just a valid passport.