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09:56 PM on 04/26/2009
KENT ROX THE CASBAH!!! Bravo to all the brave funny we are all so grounded and bolstered by that place in the middle...tween EARTH? GOD? and the clear blue sky...We all need some fair footing...some where!
Let's not be swept away!!!
Both salubrious and lugubrious concurrently.
10:54 PM on 04/26/2009
What are you yammering on about? Glorying in wanton destruction?
I live a few blick from a local campus. If some drunk twenty year old suddenly feels he's 'entitled' to throw something through my front window for fun, there's going to be one less drunk twenty year old.
Senior, fearful and angry.
11:33 PM on 04/26/2009
09:49 PM on 04/26/2009
4 Dead in O-hi-o.

Neil Young
09:48 PM on 04/26/2009
If I start a fire on my street, I'm gonna get arrested.

That doesn't make me a victim, or oppressed, or a political prisoner.

It would make me stupid. And that's what these bozos were.
09:45 PM on 04/26/2009
Phew! Takes the heat off the near-riots in Cedar Village at my alma mater, Michigan State!
James Redmond
09:41 PM on 04/26/2009
There was nothing to indicate anything other than an end of the year bonfire/blowout was happening, and for the Police and University to exaggerate the situation to the condition of a "riot" is a tool to validate their obvious over-reaction, which was naturally reacted to by students. So the cops cause a riot, say it was the students fault, they escape prosecution, perhaps even lawsuits or even investigation by their own division, while the students get arrested. Neither the cops nor the school administration got the memo that we've moved out of the Cheney administration era.
09:35 PM on 04/26/2009
Students riot in Dinkytown, MN as well... check it out.
Full spectrum - attacks facing society - PREPARE!
09:27 PM on 04/26/2009
What is it with "idiots" and fire?

What if a gas line/pipe had erupted on that street during the fire - then what? You do NOT play with fire or throw things at law inforcement, especially if you are in the wrong.......
09:25 PM on 04/26/2009
Is it really a surprise that the cops react when we dont do as they ask? I dont think so. We resist we get arrested. They responded to a call, the kids were in the wrong, a few get arrested. Big story here.
09:24 PM on 04/26/2009
"An end-of-year college block party spiraled out of control..."

But try to get this many of them out into the street to protest the war, the economy, or torture!
Republicans say the darndest things
09:24 PM on 04/26/2009
Idiotic collegte students crying over nothing. How many of them have been sent to Iraq or Afghanistan? More likely they are complaining because Simon Cowell rejected their favorite contestant. Get over yourselves.
09:23 PM on 04/26/2009
No jobs for them and their entire future has just been petered away on "stimulus" for primarily government agencies to spend "as they see fit." I'd say the bleakness is starting to sink in on some level....
Rush Geek
09:19 PM on 04/26/2009
This is our future.

Throwing couch's and flat screen TV's into the street and setting them on fire. No respect for property and authority.

I'm sure the parents who are spending thousands of dollars to send their kids to these schools are proud of how they are turning out.

Maybe they were practicing for after graduation when they protest the next G-20 Summit.
09:18 PM on 04/26/2009
I went to Kent State from 97-01. I can't remember which year, but there was a riot during that time as well... naked girls dancing on overturned cars... kids setting anything and everything on fire... fights everywhere... all because we had won a basketball game.
09:16 PM on 04/26/2009
For us old folks who remember Kent State and the Chicago convention in 1968, I ask the rest of you, when is violence and acting irresponsible going to cease to be in? To get yourself shot over something as meaningless as a bonfire is ludicrous. To expect a better response from any police department, especially in many college towns, is delusional. I am glad that there were no fatalities, because, had there been, it could have just as easily been like forty years ago, where some of the casualties were not even involved.

Everyone needs to grow up, and that includes both sides in situations like this. Stop the violence and stop the frustration and hate, please.
09:15 PM on 04/26/2009
Like the debacle at Woodstock 1999, this incident demonstrates how different the concerns of young people are today compared to earlier generations. Whereas the original Kent violence was a tragedy resulting from the over-reaction of National Guardsmen to a legitimate protest, this latest incident is the result of drunk dolts who are the product of years of images telling them how college students are supposed to act, how "extreme" and besotted they're supposed to be.