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09:25 PM on 09/27/2012
This type of story occurs more and more. And everytime, the person gets caught. Well, I'm sure there are people raising money for diseases they don't have that AOL doesn't know about, but, you know.

When have people lost their conscience?
09:20 PM on 09/27/2012
WOW! That lady is something else.
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Big Horn Man
Your anger can be your worst enemy ...
09:20 PM on 09/27/2012
Only in America. No?
09:18 PM on 09/27/2012
The way this girll lies whe could be related to Liz Warren, the Indian Princess.
09:15 PM on 09/27/2012
Way to go girl--that went well.
09:14 PM on 09/27/2012
I'm sure this was the first lie she ever told in her life....everyone should get a second chance
09:04 PM on 09/27/2012
the poor groom, he married for worse and now he has a real sick lady on his hands.
09:04 PM on 09/27/2012
Bad idea, Lori the Liar! Karma's a real b***h, and she's gonna get you big time on this caper.
Jonathan Kenny
media lying
08:57 PM on 09/27/2012
thats pretty cool ,no wait a minute throw this bride in the can
08:53 PM on 09/27/2012
You have to be a win win
08:52 PM on 09/27/2012
Start a married life with such a lie is not she is bad person.
08:45 PM on 09/27/2012
It is pathetic users, like Stilley, who feign an illness for personal gain who deserve to have karma come back and kick them in the tail.
08:38 PM on 09/27/2012
I think she and her attorney deserve each other.
this is my micro-bio
08:06 PM on 09/27/2012
I am glad the sister turned her in. She did the right thing. Her own children, as well as other family members and the community, need to be protected from her until she can get some good psychiatric help. It is people like her who steals the trust of good people. I know that because I had my trust stolen once. By someone who lied to me for a long time. She took and took and toook. Finally I called the police thinking I was helping her. Only to find that she had been manipulating me and others for a long time. My heart became more guarded after that. This is what the woman stole from me. And this is what people like Lori Stilley steal from people.
09:27 PM on 09/27/2012
Yeah. It's the family I feel sorry for. Can you imagine? First, thinking your child has cancer, then doing everything you can for her, and then finding out she never did have cancer? Strangers and even friends may feel very angry, but I'm sure her parents are thankful she is healthy, but SO hurt that she put them through all this!
Live Everday Like It's Your Last-
11:03 PM on 09/27/2012
Don't feel sorry for her parents because they knew all about this and wanted to go along with it and got pissed at the sister for turning her in.They are trash just like their daughter that lied.
If opportunity isn't knocking, then build a door
08:03 PM on 09/27/2012
This woman makes me sick with her lies! Last year, there was a time when I thought I had bladder cancer, for real... I kept getting urine tests, and they kept cominig back with blood in them.. I went to a specialist, she did a scope, saw no tumors (thank goodness), and explained to me, that b/c I smoked (I quit 3 months ago), smoking is the leading cause of bladder cancer, however, it is also the easiest to treat.. Another nurse told me if you took all the cancers and had to get one of them, you'd want the bladder cancer (well, not want it, but it's the point I'm trying to make here), b/c it's the easiest to treat, if found early enough.... This woman should have chosen a different cancer to say she had, like brain cancer (b/c she's so demented!)