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Scribere est agere.
05:29 AM on 10/01/2012
I work at an NBC affiliate and I can't remember the number of shows I have been forced to endure months of hyping only to have it cancelled in the first three episodes. "The Paul Riser Show" aired once. I'm surprised they didn't have us go to a Infomercial 10 min in.
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01:46 AM on 10/02/2012
Yeah, that one should never have even come close to making it to air. Hurt his reputation, in my eyes.
05:17 AM on 10/01/2012
I believe they will all be cancelled. Looks like another season of stupid shows for 8 year old mentalities. No offense to 8 yr. olds.
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05:00 AM on 10/01/2012
"Which New TV Shows Will Be Canceled First?"

umm, the really, really, bad ones?
04:53 AM on 10/01/2012
Is "Vegas" supposed to be a cleaned-up version of "Boardwalk Empire?" Something's really odd about that getup. I thought "666 Park Avenue" was really good but it should follow the show "Once Upon a Time..." I'm hooked on "Revenge." "Partners," the CBS show from the creators of "Will & Grace," has no "Grace" factor. And that Jack character is super annoying. The Programmers should be fired for poor scheduling. It's almost as if every network is trying to have a gay-themed show. "The Mob Doctor" will be gone first. Then, "Nashville." Surprise!
06:00 AM on 10/01/2012
Have you seen the NBC show "The New Normal"? Also "Will & Grace" minus Grace...

I just watched the first episode on-line, 2 nights was so great, I ended up watching the next 3 that were also posted.
(Seriously, the Obama episode is not to be missed)

Ellen Barkin is hilarious...the 2 leads are adorable...even NeNe Leakes does a decent job.

...and "Revenge" is the happy it's back from hiatus!
06:41 AM on 10/01/2012
Yes!  I have been able to watch all the ones you've mentioned.  "The New Normal" is a great show.  I just hope that Ryan doesn't allow politics to take it down. "Partners" has so much potential though.  They should either lose the other relationship entirely or maintain the female character.  I felt so terrible for not tuning into "Revenge" from the beginning!  But, better late than never.  I appreciate them doing the "Desperate Housewives"-type catch-up.  
04:47 AM on 10/01/2012
None of them are as good as anything on Discovery, National Geographic, or TLC. Watch Justified, great show.
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04:39 AM on 10/01/2012
'vegas'... no hope
Warren 2016
04:38 AM on 10/01/2012
Mob Doctor is the only show on the list that I have watched. It definitely left me cold. Substandard and bland acting, a female lead who constantly looks pained, desperate attempts at keeping the story flowing, questionable moral decisions at every turn in the story. But mostly, it is boring. Reminds me of Fairly Legal- I found that show terribly boring too.
The answer to everything is BACON!!
04:26 AM on 10/01/2012
They all look like crap shows to me!!!
03:53 AM on 10/01/2012
Please let it be "Elementary". I'm getting so sick of people coming up with a 'new' idea about an eccentric detective and saddling it with the Sherlock Holmes mythos under the sad delusion that giving a character that name will imbue him with the lasting literary acclaim of the original. So far, the only TV series that's managed the trick is the masterful "Sherlock", but then that series has the advantage of competent actors, directors, and scriptwriters.
04:08 AM on 10/01/2012
I think Sherlock Holmes is one of the most compelling characters to have ever come from the literary world, so it's hard for me to get tired of new versions and approaches, and I gotta say, I really like "Elementary", because Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu obviously turn out to be a great television pairing. I'm very much looking forward to episode number two.
04:47 AM on 10/01/2012
Well, something's 'obvious' to you that isn't to me.  Neither of the main characters, singly or as a pair, stirs so much as a flutter with me.  They're the personification of two marginally attractive people whose compatibility is questionable.
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04:43 AM on 10/01/2012
I agree! I watched this show and it nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing interesting and nothing to hold my attention! Boring was the key word!
hopeful pessimist
03:49 AM on 10/01/2012
Mob Doctor is a loser simply because no one wants a good looking female to be one. Animal Practice needs more animals and fewer humans.
03:49 AM on 10/01/2012
Cancel 666 Park Avenue and bring back GCB!!!!
05:36 AM on 10/01/2012
GCB was awful and tried WAAAAAY too hard. 666 is a mashup of American Horror Story and the song "Hotel California" by the Eagles, and all my favorite ABC regulars (Dave Annable, Vanessa Williams, etc) are in it. I watched the premiere and really liked it (and I swear I don't work for ABC!)
06:04 PM on 10/01/2012
GCB was funny and light! Just what I need to start the week and end my weekend! If I want to be frightened...I just have to look at my breast cancer medical bills that continue even after the treatment!! I watched part of the premiere and hated 666!!! I will not be watching again!! I never thought that Sunday Night Football would be the BEST thing on tv on Sunday night!! But for now, that is true!!
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03:28 AM on 10/01/2012
I think "Vegas" is a keeper. dump the other new shows.
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04:07 AM on 10/01/2012
I'm really enjoying the program Revolution.
07:08 PM on 10/01/2012
I was going along with Revolution until the supposedly dead mom showed up in the bad guys camp, plus the existence of functioning internet when no one else can make a lawn mower run...Nope sorry.
03:15 AM on 10/01/2012
Ive watched the first episode of all but Mob Doctor and Neighbors because they didnt even peak my interest a little, and they can cancel them all and it would not bother me overly much. Most of them have the same premise I've seen ten times before.
It would be nice if the networks would try something new, but I am not naive enough to think that they will. They base their choices of what they'll run on how the same type of show did previously, or how a similar one is doing on another network, and see no reason to change because people continue watching.
03:09 AM on 10/01/2012
Anyone watching "Major Crimes"?
03:53 AM on 10/01/2012
Yes, it's good...but not nearly as good as it predecessor, "The Closer". The characters and story line are up to par...but the chemistry is still missing something. "The Closer" was a tough act to follow.
04:05 AM on 10/01/2012
It has its own vibe, even though most of the faces will be familiar, and because of this, old faces, new vibe, I really like it. And I think inner beast of Det. Julia Sanchez will take on a more prominent role in MC, which is definitely a good thing.