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Stand back! I've done this before!
06:17 PM on 10/01/2012
I call bull on this one. How can grind not be one of the six cardinal variables?! I am hear to tell you that the finer the grind, the stronger the coffee. Freshness of grind also matters. Coffee to fuel all nighters is hardly the basis for idealizing and engineering the prefect cup-o-joe. This is just really sloppy "science" resulting in poor design.
Pandoras Folly
This Micro-bio is of legendary quality
05:59 PM on 10/01/2012
I had a similiar instance with a buddy of mine who was Way too into Wine. so he offers me several small glasses of different Reds, and he goes on about the complexities, fruit, nut oak notes then asks my input. so I say wait a moment. I go out to my car and get my bag of dice( I play dnd) and ask him to hold a couple different dice and roll them. he does, I ask tell me the difference. of course he can't. I tell him, the Blue six sided is a Loaded die, always comes up snake eyes. I can tell just by the feel.
05:43 PM on 10/01/2012
Advanced, not advance...sheesh!
05:26 PM on 10/01/2012
So, it's basically a computerized French press?
Pandoras Folly
This Micro-bio is of legendary quality
05:56 PM on 10/01/2012
bingo. an internets for you and your brillant summation. i like it.
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12:49 AM on 10/02/2012
Basically, but with a heater inside to maintain temperature!
Laissez les bons temps rouler
05:21 PM on 10/01/2012
Seriously? For $11,000 it should be supplied with the finest beans, grind them, heat glacial ice, and give you a great cup of coffee.

Plus, that machine is seriously ugly. Looks like a wood panelled station wagon...
Yorkshire common sense
Nah then!
05:15 PM on 10/01/2012
Thats a lot of money for a coffee maker, and I cannot see what it offers.
Its basically an over engineered caffetiere.
Jim DiGriz
Every day should be unwrapped as a gift
05:12 PM on 10/01/2012
Try a $300 Moccamaster. You will be happy with the results. Manually stir the grounds while the water pours until you get a foamy float on top for the absolute best flavor.
05:06 PM on 10/01/2012
Now to complement the perfect coffee making process, you just need a perfect mix of the right beans with the right grind:
04:47 PM on 10/01/2012
wow, i love coffee, but $11k for a coffee maker...i'm sorry but that's just like that hi tech workout machine for $12,000. you may be able to get your workout done fast, but wow. that's a lot of money for it, same thing with this coffee maker. i suspect that they will market it to someplace like starbucks or one of the other coffee places.