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09:31 AM on 10/03/2012
Good call sister - I was widowed 10 years ago with two young girls, you made the kind of descicion awesome moms and awesome women make every day. Live long and prosper!
09:28 AM on 10/03/2012
I feel for you ! The pain of loosing your mother and what you have gone through. Your mom's an angel looking down & giudung you every second. XXXXXXX000000000
09:23 AM on 10/03/2012
You speak so eloquently, your blog should be a forerunner to anyone finding themselves in your position. Much anxiety would be eliminated prior to decisions that needed to be made. Thank you for being such a strong woman to share in your personal story. In the years that I have spent here on earth, I too have found humor is the best medicine for any type of horror the world finds necessary to pass my way.You have a great support system. You are many times Blessed.Smile Woman!
space blogger from afar
09:23 AM on 10/03/2012
You are one cool lady! Thanks.
09:20 AM on 10/03/2012
What a wonderful story of courage! I am teary eyed as I read this. Having gone through breast cancer, the fear is horrible. I didn't test positive for the gene and therefore had just a lumpectomy and radiation but have wondered if I should have had them removed as my mom too died of breast cancer. I hope women reading this will take charge of their health and do what they need to do to survive! Thank you for the very uplifting article :)
09:19 AM on 10/03/2012
One of my friends has just recovered from the same preventative surgery. I admire her strength as I do yours. No one wants to hear a cancer diagnosis so thankfully you did litereally dodge that bullet.
Best wishes for a healthy, happy and long future!
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09:14 AM on 10/03/2012
You are a goddess! Thank you for sharing. And for being funny. And for being alive.
09:12 AM on 10/03/2012
Excellent, well written piece by a brave, strong woman.
Loves God, Family, & Country
09:07 AM on 10/03/2012
I remember being 28 and needing a hysterectomy...
my sister says..."I couldn't stand to lose my womanhood"....
I was like ... what the hell???
if that is the only thing defining you as a woman... she was
in more sorry shape than I was.....
I am 57 today.... healthy w/a good life....
well worth any choices I made a lifetime ago.....
so what I am trying to say.... is... the choices we make may
seem difficult at the time.... but with the Grace of God, and
being an informed pt... we can come thru these trying times
much stronger and healthier women....
Dorie Newland
09:27 AM on 10/03/2012
A person's sexuality is not determined on their sex organs. When they shut down, for life, they are for all purposes already removed by God. And He made us to be more than just a place to create life. We are life. We are here to make choices about where we want to spend eternity. The time we bring life into the world, and help them to grow to make that same choice is a special time, but in the end, our life is all about making that one important choice. And though our decision making, we demonstrate to others and to God, our preferences of who we love and where we want to spend eternity.
11:25 AM on 10/03/2012
So true,so true...By grace alone!
09:03 AM on 10/03/2012
God bless you! What a strong, positive, empowered story. I commend you on your strength to "take the bulls by the horns." I cannot even imagine all the fear, anxiety, sadness and worry you experienced before, during and after this whole ordeal. Your family is lucky to have someone like you, who put herself through hell for their well-being and love. You showed remarkable devotion.
09:02 AM on 10/03/2012
If i could afford it i'd do it.But no ins.The Susan Komen foundation Has been very good 2 me finding masses and continued services.Please donate so people like me can get treatment
Karma WILL get you, make no mistake about it!
09:00 AM on 10/03/2012
Great story, really. Congratulations on being strong enough to take that vital step & do what had to be done.
keep your facts.I like truth
08:57 AM on 10/03/2012
God bless you and your family. YOU'RE A ROCK STAR!
08:56 AM on 10/03/2012
you were brave to do this, plus you saved your life.You are a warrior!
08:56 AM on 10/03/2012
Jackie, just wanted to tell you that you, are an amazing woman ! I so much feel for you ....your correct everything does change once your a Mother and Wife. You did what I kinda did except that , I was on the other end , LOL, as I choose a full hysterectamy (mis-spelled), instead of a partial, as cancer runs in my family too......Best of wishes to you ....