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12:39 AM on 05/02/2009
One last thought:
It is very brave of you to write those things...a very honest, a very brave thing to do. People should be applauding you...I know I am! You are a truly amazing woman, a wonderful role model. And to all those who disagree, then keep on dissagreeing! Since this is a free country, you guys can do whatever you want. And since this is a free country, I will also say how I feel about it. Freedom of speech should be left alone. The only reason why this turned into such a big drama was because bored journalists stumbled upon it and MADE it a big drama. This was catnip for the media. And you are very strong to keep your chin held high.
12:25 AM on 05/02/2009
If you are reading this, then keep on reading. What you did was nothing but freedom of speech. And if people are going attack you for that basic human right then our system needs reform. Keep your head up, it will all pass. and to all other bloggers who may read this, remember that everyone makes mistakes. EVERY single person messes up. And working for the huffpo is no doubt a hard job. Its alright Betsy.

A blogger
09:13 PM on 04/30/2009
The truth hurts.
05:51 PM on 04/30/2009
Latino Students, Leaders and Activists to Demand Removal
of Betsy Perry from Mayor’s Women’s Commission

Latino leaders, students and activists will gather in City Hall park on May 1, 2009 at 10:30 am to demand that Mayor Bloomberg remove Betsy Perry from the New York City Commission on Women’s Issues following a widely criticized column Perry wrote on the Huffington Post where she called Mexican’s banditos and hinted that the swine flu pandemic is the ideal excuse to close down the border with Mexico.

WHAT: Latino students, leaders and activists demand removal of Betsy Perry
From Mayor Bloomberg’s Women’s Commission

WHEN: Friday, May 1, 2009 at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: City Hall Park near fountain
C. Nicole Mason
04:09 PM on 04/30/2009
Great. So glad that you've decided to take the post down. Given the high number of immigrants living, working, and contributing to the rich culture of New York City, your article makes light of the serious need for immigration reform not only in the state of New York, but at the federal level, and the complex problems facing Mexico—many of which have been co-created by the United States. It also promotes the worst kind of xenophobia.

The article also casts a bad light on the New York Women’s Commission and makes it difficult to believe that the Commission is working on the behalf of all women.
09:19 PM on 04/30/2009
It is not about Immigrants. It is about the illegal Immigrants.
05:11 PM on 05/05/2009
Actually is about Mexicans in Mexico, not even the immigrants, she is rude to the Mexicans in their country.

Montezuma's revenge is all about the spice in the food, it could be a great mythbuster thing.

When visiting New York I got diarrhea, I don't call it Washington's revenge.
03:22 PM on 05/11/2009
Funny how ignorance is so rampant. How in the world...can people from Mexico LIVING in Mexico be illegal? wow.
02:12 PM on 04/30/2009
Is this column actually supposed to be considered amusing?
Give me a break.
What kind of water is Ms. Perry drinking anyway?
I am not in the least bit interested in this kind of stereotypical stuff, and I am somewhat surprised to see this on HuffPo.
01:36 PM on 04/29/2009
If you watch this Charlie Rose Interview

Laurie Garrett, Senior Fellow for Global Health at the Council on Foreign Relations

Says it started in September 08 in Texas

She says it around the 2 minute and 40 second mark


At the end of the day it doesnt really matter where it started

Influenza is a combination of different viruses

This influenza has strains from the North American swine and avian flu, human flu, and Eurasian Avian Flu

Meaning it developed globally and guess what?

Its effecting people globally

The same way its affecting Mexico right now it could have easily been any other country in the world.
10:26 AM on 04/29/2009
I am 49 years old. Born on this side of the fake gringo fence.

I have seen this type of gringo arrogance all my life.

My mother and father saw it before me.

Mexican-American? HA!

You can keep your "American."
09:16 PM on 04/30/2009
Thank you I will keep my American!
Life is funny, skies are sunny, bees make honey
09:21 AM on 04/29/2009
oh i get it now it's like a steven cobert thing right?
10:24 PM on 04/28/2009
This is uninformed stereotyping at its worst. I'm tired of the endless Mexico-bashing. Why not take some time to inform yourself on the life, language and culture of Mexico instead of constantly appealing to xenophobia?
06:17 PM on 04/28/2009
I'd be remiss if I did not also mention Carlos Fuentes and Octavio Paz. Mexico is a three-dimensional country, you know? With literary and artisitic traditions that more people actually give a damn about unlike in our country. Do you realize that the main idea of this post would be like someone saying "Could the best thing about America be "Rambo"? and that this is VERY insulting to Mexicans and Mexican-Americans? If you were Glenn Beck, you'd probably ask a Mexican to prove he/she is one of the good ones. That is, not a Swine-flu carrying, narco-terrorist, illegal alien. How insulting.
10:14 AM on 04/29/2009

You're wasting your time.

People like this are ignorant to their core.
06:11 PM on 04/28/2009
Wow. Really? Someone with such a lofty title actually wrote this? Beverly Hills Chihuahua? What about Rufino Tamayo, Diego Rivera, Frida Kalho, Mariachi music, the Mexica culture, Salma Hayek, Rita Hayworth, the Templo Mayor, the rich and ancient synthesis of indigenous American and European culture, religion, art, Cantinflas, Tin-Tan, El Santo, Lucha Libre, Mexican Spanish, Calo, Charros, Churros, Tequila, balet folklorico, Mexican cuisine or Mexican cinema? You also forget the millions of human beings that have nothing to do with what you fear and/or hate.
This proves that to too many Mexico will always be a joke. Yes, for the ignorant, "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" should suffice for ALL there is to know about Mexico. Good job.
06:56 PM on 04/28/2009
Thank you. You said what I was thinking but more eloquently. I have been living in a working class community outside of Acapulco for the last 11 years. Granted, the people are less cultured and less educated than in the mighty USA but they just want the same things as anyone else does, a decent paying job so they can take care of their family, security, good health, and a little respect, etc. Crawl back into whatever hole you came out of or try to show a little compassion for those less fortunate than you a**hole.
10:18 AM on 04/29/2009
Less cultured and less educated?

I get your point but...

I've been all over both countries.

I thank god almighty I'm not a gringo.