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08:06 PM on 10/02/2012
Miss wathcing you in the morning,show is just not the same!!!!! Best wishes to you!!!!!! (*-*)/"")
07:57 PM on 10/02/2012
Hi Robin. I know you have heard this over and over but with the time waiting for your progress, it is always good spending time with God and listening to hear what he has in store for you. I am also praying for you.
This time must be different
07:31 PM on 10/02/2012
continued prayers to you Robin. You are a fighter and this too will pass.
the colder the better
07:19 PM on 10/02/2012
God Bless you Robin. I will continue to pray for you.
hard working cancer survivor who believes you can'
07:15 PM on 10/02/2012
God bless Robin!
07:12 PM on 10/02/2012
Boy do I wish her well. I hope she recovers and lives a long healthy life.
07:02 PM on 10/02/2012
ALL MY PRAYERS 2 U !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:37 PM on 10/02/2012
In our hearts; and on our minds, a wish for a full recovery Robin.
06:19 PM on 10/02/2012
Prayers, best thoughts and wishes to you! You will beat this! God bless
06:17 PM on 10/02/2012
03:02 PM on 10/03/2012
What is so confusing?
06:02 PM on 10/02/2012
Robbin, my heart goes out to you for your courage in seeking treatment for your MDS. Your journey has just begun and you can only look forward and pray. Nothing in the world means more to you now than the warmth and care of your family and close friends, and the delicate hands of the nurses who will care for you night and day. There will be difficult times when dark clouds surround you, and when all seems lost. Cling on to your faith and open the door to your heart to receive comfort and guidance from above.. This is the moment when you will be in touch with the devine and this will give you the strength to ride the charriot of hope. Do not despair because you are in the company of Angels. Enjoy fresh air and sunlight when you can and occupy your thoughts with the joy that lies ahead of your healing. You are a champion. Keep up the fight.

06:01 PM on 10/02/2012
Of course all my prayers are coming at you Robin. I always feel great listening to "Lovely Day" by Bill Withers and "You Can Win" by Sounds of Blackness.
05:36 PM on 10/02/2012
Prayers for your recovery Robin. Please ignore the negative comments made by small sad people who have no understanding that compassion and caring are not bad things to be criticized. May God be with you and give you strength and healing.
05:33 PM on 10/02/2012
Robin, may God bless you and keep you in his Grace today, tomorrow and forever. Fight on! Can't wait to see you on GMA.
05:29 PM on 10/02/2012
may God bless you with so much health we all praying for you !!!!! get well we need you back on GMA love watching you there !!!!!!!