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10:33 AM on 10/02/2012
Evil !
Saint Lucia is looking better and better every day
10:25 AM on 10/02/2012
There's only one reason why they would spend in what on the surface appears to be inconsequential races. Regulation....
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10:22 AM on 10/02/2012
HuffPost needs to put spotlight on ALEC, which PBS's Bill Moyers show reported last week. It is an eye-opener about the organised plan to subvert democracy by big business and the 1% people, like Koch. Ordinary citizens stand no chance against the corporations, which are not people too. Get on it.
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me again
Slapping down stupidity at every turn
10:02 AM on 10/02/2012
Waste of money.
Retired and loving it
09:53 AM on 10/02/2012
The Kochs should publicly advertise that they are buying politicians ... any and all politicians .... so that America will become more of a land for the super wealthy than it is. There should be a website where politicians can go and submit their applications ... .... uummm ... maybe that website already exists ...
10:35 AM on 10/02/2012
The Koch brothers.....the poster boys for greed and venality......make Citizen Kane look positively cuddly.