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My personal data = No Sale
05:19 PM on 10/02/2012
I'm not surprised at all. I've been trying to warn family and friends for years now about what a horrible money-sink the Apple products are. And I'll bet cash money that iPhone 6 comes with the camera moved half an inch to the side, with the headphone jack back on top and volume controls on the other side, so the cases bought this time don't work any more and need to be replaced, again. Apple has no respect for the customers who buy these, since those customers are so desperate to give up a lot of their money to "feel cool" with their new shiny toy.
06:41 PM on 10/02/2012
You mean any smartphone company? Since owning any top tier device is the same amount of money the the iPhone cost. But of course it is just Apple that is price gouging. Do you think having a Motorola or Samsung smart phone makes your Verizon bill cheaper? All the top tier phones are $199-299 on contract. Do a little research before you just bash Apple products. That being said, the new charging port is a cash sink, I agree with that.
Le Panda
06:59 PM on 10/02/2012
Exactly! You still have to pay for data plan if you have smartphone. The way this article is going, it's like you only have to pay when using an iphone.
1st 505thParachute Infantry Regiment 82nd Airborne
07:38 PM on 10/02/2012
the galaxy s 3 is 99 dollars so is htc one x
In Blackest Night
10:11 PM on 10/02/2012
Any smartphone will cost you nearly the same in the end, since the difference in cost of hte phone itself is irrelevant when compared to the $100/month you're going to pay for 2 years.
05:01 PM on 10/02/2012
This is about the most misleading article HuffPost tech has run in a long time.

The idea that your additional costs with an iPhone 5 will be $1800 is grossly overstated because they are including the cost of the service plan for 2 years.

Unless you never had a cell phone or never had a smart phone with a data plan your costs will go up a negligible amount for the new adapter or new case and new charger.

If you already have a smart phone with a data plan, the cost of your new service plan including a data plan is the same.

If you have never had a cell phone at all you will of course be paying for that in addition to the cost of the phone. You did not really think cell phone plans were free, did you?

Verizon, by the way, has an extremely good deal for iPhone 4 and 5's. If you have earned an upgrade because your current obligation (2 years) has expired, you can get an iPhone 4 FOR FREE plus a $30 upgrade charge. (That fee is charged for all upgrades).

I bought a new 32 GB iPhone 5 ($199 with a $100 upgrade credit from Verizon for keeping my plan beyond the 2 year obligation). The cost of my plan remains the same. I had to buy a new charger and case. Additional cash outlay was less than $50, a far cry from the $1800 mentioned in this article.
In Blackest Night
10:13 PM on 10/02/2012
They also ignored people like me, who sent their 4S to Apple (actually, PowerON who does their audits, but anwyays ...) and received a $255 gift card.
This We'll Defend.
04:30 PM on 10/02/2012
What's with these garbage articles?

How does this differ from buying any new phone, ever? You could hypothetically do this for any phone you purchase, iPhone 5 included. For most iPhone users the only additional expenses will be case/adapter, it's not like you went from never buying apps to suddenly buying hundreds of dollars worth, or not having a data plan with your iPhone 4 to now having one...