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bobk in nh
Entitled to your own opinion, not your own facts
10:26 PM on 10/02/2012
The article references the 'cafemom' website. It's the worst site in the web.
If we only had a "free" press!
10:21 PM on 10/02/2012
FOR ALL THOSE INSECURE BRIDES: Don't have any bridesmaids !!! I was in 7 weddings before I got married, and it was a huge expense. If I could do it over, I might just not be "best friend" to so many people :-)))
10:18 PM on 10/02/2012
The last time I was a bridesmaid the dresses we had to wear looked like trash bags. I'm not exaggerating. The marriage failed in the end so now we can burn the pictures.
Priscilla Files
Texas is awesome; Perry sucks
10:13 PM on 10/02/2012
The willful choice of hideous bridesmaids dresses reflects upon the bride, not the bridesmaids. In fact, people will be more impressed with bridesmaids' loyalty than with the bride, no matter how pretty she looks.
el sueno de la razon produce republicans
09:50 PM on 10/02/2012
I always say pick your friends by the way they look -- you have to look at them all the time.
Putting them in red garbage bags is going to assure you have to look at pictures of people in red garbage bags at least until divorce court. Who is the groom? He should be thinking twice if this is the way she treats her friends --
Fran Jaime
11:35 PM on 10/03/2012
I don't know if you've seen the show "Bridezillas," I saw it once while channel surfing with one of my daughters.We were appalled! These women treat everyone horribly and everyone just takes it! If I were the groom, I'd run for the hills!
Nick Vanocur
Author of "From the Desk of NickiLeaks"
11:43 PM on 10/03/2012
If you were the groom, you'd be having sex with the bridesmaid who were pissed about the dresses.
el sueno de la razon produce republicans
03:18 PM on 10/04/2012
i have worked in women dominated fields -- education and libraries. there are a lot of zillas out there. there are people doing amazing work around the other 1/2 that only wants to make everything about themselves and destroy everything in the process. i kind of wonder if it was always that way, or just more of a me generation. post me generation kind of thing.
there are a lot of um, i don't know the right word -- shrill? guys that play the games too, they like thinking of others as theirs to abuse. just because its a considered a negative feminine trait doesn't mean guys don't do it too. mitt romney's steamroller of lies was very similar to education/library administrators. they frequently practice the same thing bain does -- cut budgets and pocket it so they can go shopping.
Pro deo et patria
09:29 PM on 10/02/2012
With a friend like this bride, you don't need any enemies.
watching with amusement
08:55 PM on 10/02/2012
I recently attended the wedding of a young man I have known his entire life and I was so impressed with his bride for the beautiful and elegantly simple dresses her bridesmaids wore.
Sane and staunchly progressive
08:51 PM on 10/02/2012
Yikes. And some people are worried about gay marriage? No gay, ever anywhere, would allow anyone to look ugly at their wedding. Period. This bride is a hot mess. Enough said.
Socially liberal, fiscally prudent atheist.
08:40 PM on 10/02/2012
The bride that did this is a shallow piece of trash and deserves to have no friends.
08:22 PM on 10/02/2012
I had one attendant at my wedding and she chose her dress.
10:15 PM on 10/02/2012
Me, too. I had one bridesmaid/maid of honor - and she chose her own dress. (it was lovely).
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In a gentle way, you can shake the world.
08:11 PM on 10/02/2012
Making her friends and bridesmaids wear ugly dresses? I don't see a real great future for this immature young lady.
09:51 PM on 10/02/2012
She's actually the mother of teens so she's no spring chicken and probably does not get a lot of attention so poor thing has to ugly down her 'friends'. She's just plain immature.
Continuous learning thru fellow libs
08:11 PM on 10/02/2012
If those dresses are that ugly, but the bridesmaids are pretty, ALL eyes will be on the bridesmaids anyway. If you are purposely making them look hideous, they will look like pretty girls in hideous dresses. Might as well act as if you had some self confidence and make everyone look good.
...I am Siamese if you don't please.
08:16 PM on 10/02/2012
People can't take their eyes off of car accidents...they'll absolutely have their eyes glued to purposefully ugly dresses. It's funny that this really not nice and attention seeking person set it up so all eyes will be on the bridesmaids.
10:22 PM on 10/02/2012
and the ugly bridesmaid dresses is what people will talk about later - and remember. The Bride will get lost - it will the "the wedding with those really ugly red plastic dresses". I'm surprised this bride could find any friends willing to be in her wedding.
Pres. Sarcasm Society. Like we need your approval.
08:06 PM on 10/02/2012
Kinda shoots you in the foot as all of your wedding pictures and video except for the solo shots are going to have those ugly dresses in them. Sorry, but if I saw those pictures I'd be thinking what poor taste that bride had, not how pretty she looks.

And it's spot on to say it's disrespectful. And immature.

Now, I'm pretty good with a sewing machine. If I ended up with some ugly, ill fitting thing, rest assured if I had it a few days before the wedding, by wedding day that dress would be totally made over. If Bridezilla doesn't like it, I'm perfectly OK with sitting with the congregation. Or going back home.
07:43 PM on 10/02/2012
I got burned last week because I criticized those who want to hang out on these pages as though they were the be-all and end-all of all people, especially brides to be. Of all my experiences with weddings, the nicest thing was when one of my best friends knew I couldn't be in her wedding because I had to be back at school many miles away (from MN to TX), but still included me in her bridesmaid luncheon.
I love Gardening and Decorating
06:14 PM on 10/02/2012
If you're going to make them wear an ugly dress you should pay for them. Frankly, my bridesmaids all loved the dresses I choose and I received lots of compliments on them. Choosing and ugly dress on purpose because you think they are prettier then you doesn't bode well for the marriage. Are you going to be that insecure whenever your husband talks to a pretty woman even if it's just polite conversation? That leads to irrational jealousy that ends marriages. Choose something pretty for your girls if you want them to still be your friends in five years.