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09:53 AM on 10/07/2012
Arnold coming to America is his biggest mistake.
09:45 AM on 10/07/2012
Arnie's biggest mistake was letting success go to his head! Other actors like Paul Newman were successful but it never affected their personal life which is one of the reasons Newman's marriage to Joanne Woodward lasted so long!
Two 'alves of coconut!
09:40 AM on 10/07/2012
Arnold Schwarzenegger's been wildly successful, movie star, Mr. Universe, statesman, multi-millionaire. An exceptional man. But, what price, success? And, are all his actions exemplary, do you want your kid to grow up, to be just like Arnold? Schwarzenegger's been a media darling for years, the camera lens tends to focus on him when he's around. And, on TV recently, he was interviewed and asked about the entire business with his wife, family, and housekeeper, the housekeeper with whom he fathered a child. Arnold seemed pretty restrained, and got through the interview without losing his temper, but you could still tell he was not happy. Not a happy circumstance, having the media drag your personal life out into the spotlight. Problem is, if you're a prominent figure IN the media, in one sense you no longer have a private life. That, by itself, is enough to make a person chronically unhappy. But, whatever the media says about it, whatever the public thinks about it, or about Arnold, many people can only dream of achieving what Arnold has achieved. I think Arnie's a good guy, but I also think that living 'the life' has taken some of the life out of him. This story helps remind us that he's not a machine, he's not perfect, and frankly, neither is anyone else.
Nothis non carborundum
11:17 AM on 10/07/2012
Thanks for perspective and helping keep our humanity humane.
09:17 AM on 10/07/2012
Amazing how lots of people jump on Arnold.
Look around you ... every other school is named after JFK -
Just so happens that they both love/loved life ... and yes, women.
Go ahead....Say something funny.
11:51 AM on 10/07/2012
Read you comparing Arnold to JFK??The big difference there is honesty.....Arnold has none.
You need to compare Arnold to Pete Rose...Lying and cheating are their best qualities.
Kris Cash
08:57 AM on 10/07/2012
Arnold's birth is the biggest mistake.
08:40 AM on 10/07/2012
Arnold is a giant .

The jealous dwarfs can save their judgement for themselves.
09:08 AM on 10/07/2012
Agree 100%.

The "girly men" out there secretly wish that they could be like Arnold.
Victoria Dodds
08:38 AM on 10/07/2012
As I read through this article, I thought of Mitt Romney not Arnold. American's who put their trust in Romney will be betrayed, he has proven not to be trustworthy nor honest. An elderly acquaintance of mind said, 'Romney is a businessman', it's takes more than a Gordon Gekko to lead the US.

As for Arnold, he has been a womanizer throughout his relationship w/ Maria. Their children will be able to move on w/ their lives as well as Maria, Arnold, has broken that trust and at this stage in their lives, Maria has been given him creditability, which has blown out the window. He stands' alone.
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...with liberty and justice for all
08:25 AM on 10/07/2012
I also believe this holds true for respect.

Trust and respect - without one or both of these there cannot be love. It becomes pity.
07:36 AM on 10/07/2012
You're reading a lot into a mere affair. I think that people who destroy an otherwise functioning long-term marriage (which is a LOT more than about sexual monogamy) merely because their partner has a fling are the problem for our society. And what else can you pin on him? He was a decent governor, worked his way up from nothing, is a decent father (except, it seems, for Joseph, though perhaps he does that discreetly).
Embrace each moment, each day!
10:01 AM on 10/07/2012
He was a terrible governor, he had more than a fling, and he had other affairs.
06:38 PM on 10/07/2012
Besides his "affairs"--all his private life, what political decisions as governor were bad?
07:26 AM on 10/07/2012
We don't all "deserve forgiveness". Utter codswallop. IF you are truly sorry about what you've done, then you may be granted the *grace* of forgiveness, but you don't just deserve it without qualification.
Linnea Caldeen
I think, and am still confused.
07:07 AM on 10/07/2012
Without honor and intergrity, we build a shell of a society which cannot sustain itself in the long run, let alone raise future generations which are capable of building better without severe reality-checks. Good article.
Elinor Dandrea
Truth above All
06:07 AM on 10/07/2012
Cant thank you enough for this! For years, I 've longed to see Love and Truth expressed as One. Because as you doesn't exist withouth the other..It is whats needed in a person of integrity, because it is what constitues INTEGRITY. Its this, that cant change a mans heart, or allow him to be bought,sold, or corrupted! Thank you again, our culture as a whole, would truly benefit if more people grew in that virtue.
04:29 AM on 10/07/2012
One can trust a narcissist to act like a narcissist.
03:56 AM on 10/07/2012
One thing I absolutely have learned as I personally listened and watched him discuss his type of rational decision making about his personal life; that the famous to more than likely too, how the white collar classed folk are APATHETIC rather than empathetic and really don't care if they hurt someone else who may be a part or even in their LIFE.
Liberal Computer Engineer
03:32 AM on 10/07/2012
I trust human nature. I don't trust people who say the kinds of things you do because people are hypocrites. The truth is some people count on never getting the opportunity. But you fantasize. Monogamy is not part of human nature. Instead you turn your life inside out looking for something unreal.
03:07 PM on 10/07/2012
You're exactly right. We are expected to find one partner and forsake all others and just have sex with that one person form age 20 to age 70 or whatever. It's ridiculous. We are programmed to go and have sex with as many as possible... even our love cycles are short, to rear the children and stuff... go into any study about this. And yeah, when you succumb to your nature you get burned.