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writer and singer
11:11 PM on 10/08/2012
More from her interview: Suddenly, I was grabbed by a sailor. It wasn't that much of a kiss. It was more of a jubilant act that he didn't have to go back. I found out later he was so happy that he didn't have to go back to the Pacific where they had already been through the war. The reason he grabbed somebody dressed like a nurse, that he felt so very grateful to the nurses who took care of the wounded. I had to go back to the office, and I told my bosses what I had seen. They said to cancel all the appointments, we're closing the office. They left, and so I cancelled all the appointments and went home." She was just 21 at the time.
10:04 PM on 10/08/2012
Unless Greta claimed assault, it wasn't. She only said it was a stranger, not that she felt violated. Surprised, for sure. But in such a moment of jubilant celebration, did it matter? I've been similarly (although not photographed to be published forever and always) kissed after a Stanley Cup win by a guy next to us I had not met before that night. No one there minded, promise. Still telling the story 4+ years later.

Bet Greta told the story about the picture a time or two to friends. ;)
I'm just preparing my impromptu remarks
09:34 PM on 10/08/2012
She didn't say it was against her will. She said she didn't know him and just came over and grabbed. She didn't go on to say she wanted him to stop, she tried to stop him, she felt violated, or she felt like she'd been attacked. She's the one that has to say that. Anyone else trying to analyze the back story of what happened based on a split second captured in a picture from almost 70 years ago has no way of knowing and shouldn't be throwing around serious accusations that can never be proven.
My mermaid returned to the sea.
09:24 PM on 10/08/2012
It is almost impossible to tell what happened from a single still photo. But if you are going to analyse it, look at the woman's right leg/foot. She has lifted it off the ground, not the act (reflexive or otherwise) of a person feeling under assault or in any way threatened.
09:40 PM on 10/10/2012
She was twisted around and held at the mercy of George, a man much bigger & stronger than her. Greta was unable to maintain her balance as he attempted his joyful kiss. Imagine yourself in this physical position, all your weight being supported by the man's elbow, the bony side of his arm pressed into your jaw as you're bent backwards almost in half. If the foot is off the ground, that mean's she's even more off balance, even more at his mercy.
My mermaid returned to the sea.
10:26 PM on 10/10/2012
Greta? Odd, since she has never been positively identified. Oh, quite a few have laid claim to being her, and it has been narrowed down to three possibilities, but nothing definitive. Now lets get real. This happened in the middle of a mass celebration in a very public way and there is no reason to believe that the woman (whomever she is) felt in anyway threatened. As to her foot, that is a foot pulled up by the woman, something someone would not do is they felt under attack. They would either plant both feet firmly on the ground for defense or move the foot forward for the same purpose. Sorry, but you have just never had your "socks knocked off" apparently.
...but you are Blanche! You are....
08:30 PM on 10/08/2012
and let's not forget what happened after the photo. The cameraman dropped his camera, the smirking soldier in the background dropped his _______ and the old lady standing off to the right said she had it coming for wearing those trampy stockings. Then she screamed "God Bless America!!!" and ran off down the street limping. Soon after, detectives Stabler and Benson from the SVU squad were on scene taking statements.
David in Dallas
Enjoy life! Pop the cork on some good Champagne.
07:40 PM on 10/08/2012
Even if she were a total stranger!! If the war was OVER and this sailor was a happy man, this woman should be just as happy. I'm a screaming liberal, but "sexual assualt"? Get thee to a nunnery.
01:11 AM on 10/09/2012
Great- so next time a guy gets back from Iraq maybe watch him sweep you off of your feet and stick his tongue down your throat. Maybe someone will make a romatic poster of it and we can see you imortalized forever in the arms of another man sharing a moment joy.
100 % Cotton
11:12 AM on 10/10/2012
The guys have been back from Iraq for quite some time now. They're in Afghanistan.

Get caught up, Sister Puritan.
Ayngel Overson
Boshemian Party
07:37 PM on 10/08/2012
I knew they were strangers, but the only person who has the right to call it sexual assault, Greta, never has. She is the only person who can make that determination.

History is rarely PC.
07:04 PM on 10/08/2012
You've got to be kidding me. Does this woman's day job nothing more than inventing problems which never existed? And people wonder why nobody can take modern feminism seriously.
01:12 AM on 10/09/2012
Come back so I can taunt you some more...
06:50 PM on 10/08/2012
You know "Leopard", you don't advance the cause of women's rights, or those of sexual assault victims, by engaging in silly publicity-seeking statements like this! It's this kind of over-the-top "analysis" that encourages stuff like arresting 5 year olds for kissing a classmate, etc...
You make a mockery of the charge, and do nothing but give reason to people to dismiss ALL your claims.
Not a good strategy, ladies!
06:31 PM on 10/08/2012
Anybody who has read any of my posts will know that I am a progressive. And therefore would come down on the side of sexual assult when sexual assult really happens. BUT, even today, if Earth was thrust into World War III that was complete and total war like World Ward II was, and the forces of democracy finally defeated the forced of totalitarian states, then I would venture to say that not only would you find male Army soldiers randomly kissing female Navy sailors, you would find female Air Force airman randomly kissing male Marines, as well as female members of the military randomly kissing other female members of the military and male members of the military randomly kissing other male members of the military. So "Leopard" please take a chill pill.
I am the result of the mistakes ive made
06:26 PM on 10/08/2012
Look at her left arm. Her right foot. She's being forced into a kiss? I don't think so.
Soror quaerens lucem
07:42 PM on 10/08/2012
You are not a woman.
First of all in her own testimony she said the guy just grabbed.
A woman enjoying a kiss like that would hold him back.
Her body is rigid, she is inserting her right arm between them and she is not holding him back.Her neck is also sinking away rather than reaching forward to receive the kiss.
My mermaid returned to the sea.
09:04 PM on 10/08/2012
Your argument would be good IF!!! you hadn't started it off the way you did. "You are not a woman" is no argument unless you are talking to a creature that has had no contact with women or any notion of how a human being might react in such a situation.
I am the result of the mistakes ive made
09:38 PM on 10/08/2012
Right. He just came back from war. Lost a lot of his best friends, and narrowly escaped death to a watery grave on more than one occasion. He made it back.

And that poor victim had to suffer a tall handsome war hero giving her a kiss. In the middle of the day. In front of hundreds.

Poor poor darling. I hope she gets counseling.
06:24 PM on 10/08/2012
To a great extent, women in those days were possibly respectful and reverentially disposed of men who served in the armed forces to the extent that much was passable.So that might have been construed as a "Romantic" moment by the young woman and possibly other onlookers.
Today, culture in the US has changed. Women rightly are the ones who determine who is going to do make romantic advances; today, the sailor's grabbing and kissing the woman would almost certainly be construed as a sexual assault.

Another aspect, might be considered between what women and men can do and can't do:
Some women have been known to run their fingers down a man's chest when explaining something to the man with whom they are not particularly intimate. I as a man would not
do so to a woman under similar circumstances, since that could be reported as touching!
Time changes cultural attitudesand mores.
Life long learner.
05:56 PM on 10/08/2012
So many clueless people missing the point.
05:45 PM on 10/08/2012
I'd call any sexual contact that isn't consensual sexual assault. That includes a man randomly coming up and kissing a woman. Remember, assault means touching or threatening with intent to harm. With sexual contact, the assailant NEVER thinks he's harming.

When you get down to it, if the woman says she was grabbed and kissed without consent, and she was upset by it (enough to say so), that counts as assault.

Much easier to look at this as a modern take on what happened 70 years ago.. Today's standards would call that sexual assault. It is a mistake to accuse the sailor in the picture, especially if the woman didn't feel like she was assaulted. Society was different- there was not a consciousness that allowed women to make such complaints.

HOWEVER, doing such thing today on the street or in a bar would be a major mistake. Personal space and sexual consent are valued and defended nowadays. So, don't tell your kids to do this.
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In Dogs We Trust
06:16 PM on 10/08/2012
I think you nailed the core issue--it's really the person being grabbed and kissed who would decide if it was assault. I have been grabbed spontaneously and hugged in situations where people died, at weddings, and at parties--in short, in heavily emotion-laden situations. There is a breakdown in such situations of our normal barriers to physical contact. This doesn't mean going all the way to full sexual contact, although "consoling the widow" is a well-known event in our culture. It does mean that hugging or kissing is fairly normal in such situations, and someone being thrilled at returning from dangerous duty in war might be in such an emotional state, and the woman might be more forgiving of such exuberance than in some other situations.

It really depends on the attitude of the woman receiving the kiss towards the act.
Justin Bowen
07:22 PM on 10/08/2012
I'm just spitballing here, but maybe...just maybe...she and he were so caught up in the jubilation following the victory over Japan that neither one thought of it as sexual assault or unwanted behavior but rather as completely harmless and fun. Maybe...just maybe...none of the women celebrating in Times Square on that day were actually sitting around thinking of how unfair the world was and how they were oh so oppressed because they felt as joyous as the men because the war that had caused so much suffering for Americans - ESPECIALLY for the MEN who were sent to the front lines, often times against their will, to DIE - over the past four years had finally ended.
10:00 PM on 10/08/2012
Honestly, I think that you are over-thinking. Certainly, there was a huge celebration happening.  According to the article, the man, George set out to find a nurse and kiss her...possibly as a joke or showing off or a dare...who knows.  He thought it was going to be a great thing to do. 
The woman, Greta, had the luck(?) of being the woman he grabbed.  She said that she was just grabbed.  She wasn't in on it, and she wasn't amused by it.  She didn't expect to be grabbed and kissed, and later when asked if she would re-enact it, she refused.  So.. It was all George's fun, not Greta's.  That's the story that was reported. 
The main deal is about whether the Greta's of the world particularly enjoy being grabbed and kissed even when the Georges are super happy and getting attention for it.   There is no horde of angry women trying to ruin the world, or even just your take on it.  This is about whether Greta should have her opportunity to say how she felt.  I think she should. 
Carolyn Forte
05:33 PM on 10/08/2012
What? Who read this junk.