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02:26 PM on 10/05/2012
Plenty of L's and G's... can someone name the B's and T's?
Objects in the avatar are larger than they appear
02:00 PM on 10/05/2012
Unrealistic characters of all sorts - of either the idealistic or stereotypical type (or both) - have been at a record high for as long as TV has existed.

Just trying to put things in perspective. I mean, it's television.
Gay American Patriot over 60 and Grumpy
10:32 AM on 10/06/2012
Yes, it's television Steven. In a half hour comedy one has to get the little message out there. I saw Partners and it just wasn't funny and Urie is not much more than a one dimensional dude as an actor--not much different than the kid on Ugly Betty. I really don't see it lasting long.

New Normal is really a better show all around, but I bet it'll be much better after all the characters are fleshed out and they finally get the baby to work with. Better actors, directors and writers.

Now when we finally get a character that their sexuality is irrelevant to the story or series. Why can't the head CSI person happens to be gay as well as being a scientist and the boss, but his gayness is not anything more than it just is.
Objects in the avatar are larger than they appear
01:03 PM on 10/06/2012
I truly believe that will happen one day. It nearly did back in the 80's, when Tony Randall shot a pilot called "Sidney Shore:" his sexuality was established with little fanfare or emphasis, but when it went to series ("Love, Sidney"), it was simply erased. It was probably premature, but I'm sure we'll eventually get that pathologist, or lawyer, or investigator or even cop.

Perhaps it will come about in the course of an already successful series, wherein it will be revealed about a main character, with whom the audience has already become familiar and comfortable, in a matter-of-fact, no-big-deal way. Sort of like they did with a character on "Law and Order" some seasons back, but unfortunately, they did it on her very last episode.
12:43 PM on 10/05/2012
LGBT characters on TV are at a high and they're all phony baloney! The type of stereotypical characters that str8s identify us with. And if they're written and acted by gays then those gays have serious problems with the way they view their homosexuality.
11:19 AM on 10/05/2012
Cheers: More gay characters on TV!
Jeers: More gay caricatures on TV!

Partners & The New Normal are nausiating!
10:48 AM on 10/05/2012
hey, they forgot to mention agron and nasir (spartacus: vengeance) in the slideshow ... those two are a way more authentic couple then barca and pietro
agron may be a hotheaded gladiator, but he is very gentle with nasir ♥
03:10 AM on 10/09/2012
Thank you SOOOO much for that link!
10:15 AM on 10/05/2012
But are they good characterizations or bad? Partners is no Will and grace. Which isn't saying much.....