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08:35 PM on 10/05/2012
Were they forced to enlist in the first place?
08:52 PM on 10/05/2012
no they werent but you are probably able to type your stupid comments on here because of them, they should be taken care of by our country until healed, those that dont like it should move overseas
09:05 PM on 10/05/2012
"And to think..they went to war to protect your right to post such a stupid thing..!!
08:32 PM on 10/05/2012
It is so shameful that our troops are not being cared for by the U.S. Gov. I applaud these wife's for bringing attention to this lack of support for our troops. Shame on you America!!!
08:20 PM on 10/05/2012
Don't expect any help from Obama
08:46 PM on 10/05/2012
Do you have to practice in front of a mirror, or do stupid things to say just come to you naturally? BTW - was it this president who started the wars? Was it this president that didn't provide proper body armor? Was it this president that sent National Guard troops for 3, 4 , or 5 consecutive tours of duty? Was it this president that had no exit stragedy? Was it his president that cut the VA budget DURING the wars he started? Nevermind I am quite sure you cannot answer even one of these questions, you aren't bright enough to read them.
11:11 PM on 10/05/2012
Mission Accomplished , you're all in a flutter!
09:13 PM on 10/05/2012
See my reply, above, to althoffz - check your facts before you post....and more importantly, before you vote.
08:19 PM on 10/05/2012
Great that they are bringing awareness to this issue but it's sad they think they have to go naked just to get attention. It shouldn't have to be that way.
08:16 PM on 10/05/2012
Must you be naked to bring awareness?
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08:51 PM on 10/05/2012
Yes,question the nudity but not the policies that sent their husbands into war needlessly.
09:05 PM on 10/05/2012
Yes, so you agree! Nudity is not needed to question policies. Sounds like fantasy disguised as protest.
The big picture
10:35 PM on 10/05/2012
A bare back is a problem for you? Does a woman in an evening gown bother you? Are swimmers in suits "naked"?
08:14 PM on 10/05/2012
Those that serve in war zones and under battle conditions deserve all the help and care available. Unfortunately I also know of a few who got the PTSD "prize" and never saw a minute of war or battle. It's horrible how those that need help can't get it, but those who know how to work the system get disability pay, special services and other benefits, while those who need help desperately are left swinging in the breeze!
08:14 PM on 10/05/2012
While touchingly committed, it is mysterious just what audience these women are attempting to appeal to through such a venue.
09:23 PM on 10/05/2012
They aren't trying to 'appeal' to any audience...they are trying to get the attention that needs to be paid to this cause.
12:04 AM on 10/06/2012
It strikes me that one is the same as the get "attention" is to try to appeal to some demographic.  Purporting to pose "topless" and then crank out a series of pictures that are other than what the image conjures up is a transparent attempt to appeal to sensationalism but than deliver something else...why would someone do that.  That is my question.
08:14 PM on 10/05/2012
it still amazes me how the military takes weeks, sometimes months, to break down a person's physical and emotional evolving them in to a fighting machine to defend and protect. Once their job is done the military refuses to take the same amount of time to bring them back into a physical and emotional for civilian life. They are discharged with a slap on the back "job well done" and sorry you have PSTD here are few pills to help you through the depression,it is not depression, it's a movie in their minds of the of awful things experienced that never ends. The military recruit these kids, filling their minds of guts and glory, the world, yada yada, Yet it's the guts of others or their own, and believe me there is no glory, only horror and the education to stay alive. With that comes nightmares, and anything to drive the demons out, and still the government turns it head and say "oh sorry, here's another pill".... and don't think I am just assuming this is how it's handled...I'm a military mom and have witness, cried, begged for the sons and daughters to get the help needed.....sad? yes....proud of the boy and girls for doing what most will not...Hell yes!!! PTSD is real and needs real help, not a turn of one's military back and a blind eye to the problem.
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08:11 PM on 10/05/2012
a beautiful project... a beautiful pledge.

Thank you to all these wives and husbands for all their strength in supporting their spouses.
Crystal Hagemeister
They call me QB!!
08:06 PM on 10/05/2012
WOW!! Amazing! Brought tears to my eyes!
I know the effects first hand of changes you, it's dark and evil and very scary.
God Bless our troops and their families!
08:06 PM on 10/05/2012
Why don't they complain to the Killer of Osama? He takes credit as a stone-cold killer, why would he neglect those who fought for long periods to set the stage for his military conquest?
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08:50 PM on 10/05/2012
Come on wilkesgm, who started two wars? It's not "his military conquest." We haven't conquered anything, rather, I think we've been corralled into paying Karzai off to allow us to stay there...and be further destroyed. Let's not blame Obama. What about the Viet vets? They weren't cared for much better either. Maybe it's the collective mentality of the country, priorities, or the corporations that control the war machine. After all, for this country, war seems a business. Check out Cheney's war company that got the contract without even the bidding process or even the pretense of bidding. It's greater than Obama, it's the system that uses and abuses the small and the poor.
08:03 PM on 10/05/2012
PTSD is nothing new, during the civil war it was called "soldiers Heart". This is an issue that needs to be attacked on many fronts. While my son and a buddy were studying for their masters in Psychological Disabilities and Rehabilitation, he and a friends developed a program and at the urging of the University wrote a grant to try to obtain funding. The idea was to treat and collect data, develop effective measures and spread the knowledge. The grant went no where. The reason-you can't compete with the VA for funds-they get it all. This need to be like the search for a cancer cure, it needs more resources working on the problem.
08:01 PM on 10/05/2012
Do soldiers only marry in shape gals?
Marine Staff Sergeant
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08:34 PM on 10/05/2012
You didn't look very close, and don't just say soldiers. Marines, soldiers, sailors, Air Force and Coast Guard all are subject to PTSD.
09:10 PM on 10/06/2012
07:58 PM on 10/05/2012
"... hundreds of women who feel the system is not giving back what their scarred husbands put in."

A lesson for any considering putting more into the system.
08:09 PM on 10/05/2012
How odd to use a picture of Jefferson - he changed his philosophy about war once he became president. i.e. He expanded the Navy and kicked the butts of the Barbary Pirates - i.e. Muslims. If a country is worth preserving it requires the blood of patriots - that includes wives. To imply that being ignored by a counterfeit administration changes the importance of their husbands' sacrifice skews the meaning. It's a cheap government that doesn't take care of their own. Read, "The Last of the Ligth Brigade" by's a poem so it won't require much intellect to digest.
08:48 PM on 10/05/2012
Why assume that enlisting is a wise and effective way to defend the Constitution? A brave soldier assisting a corrupt regime is still a brave solider, but not a particularly helpful one.
07:51 PM on 10/05/2012
I just want to say THANKS to anyone involved with bringing attention to PTSD. Our Vietnam soldiers suffered from it but they were shunned. And I can only think that in all other wars they were styfled to not complain because it ws the manly thing to do. But each war and what it holds is truly destroying the lives of our young females and males that have fought for the freedom of the USA. Bringing attention to this matter will help our young and old fighters resume what can be a normal life with the CORRECT care these individuals need. I praise you for taking a stand for our fighters in every branch of the service and I pray for the success they so well deserve. Peace!
The Truth hurts and I am painfully honest
08:09 PM on 10/05/2012
Thank you for the comment. Fanned and Fav. Army Strong.