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06:31 PM on 05/06/2009
I will be more than disappointed if the Bush administration isn't investigated and prosecuted.
Facts have a known liberal bias.
10:57 AM on 05/06/2009
I hope he ends up in jail. I am wondering if Obama is working the international scenes to see if someone else can get the indictment ball rolling. So that he can remain above the fray. But surely in his long-term view, he knows if he does nothing to go after Bush and Cheney history will repudiate him as a weak president.

On another note - love ya Harry!! We just caught your tour in Houston last Friday!! You guys were AWESOME! The show didn't last nearly long enough. And yes everyone - it went to 11!
Harry Shearer
11:54 AM on 05/06/2009
Thanks. The Houston audience was hot!
12:42 PM on 05/10/2009
Sorry I missed it since I live in Houston.
Mercy8 om
Still Crazy After All These Years
08:01 AM on 05/06/2009
Take them all down...the republicans and the democrats who promoted or allowed torture.

My own hypocracy forces me to be accountable and change or suffer the consequences. Why should it be different for our elected officials?
07:05 PM on 05/10/2009
Mercy, you are aware Nancy Pelosi, Jay Rockefeller, among others knew as far back as 2002 about the waterboarding policy. So I bet you change your tune as far as ALL.
rich misty
Greed is not Patriotism
01:33 AM on 05/06/2009
Prison, after a fair trial.
11:02 PM on 05/05/2009
Prosecute Cheney and all the Bush Administration lawyers that forgot that there was a Constitution to uphold, for starters, and DISallow a Bush Library that is going to be a depository of lies and spin. G. W. BUSH himself should be at the top of the list because he thought he was qualified to be president, and Karl Rove for having the devilishness to be his brain and to put him in that position, Rumsfeld, Gonzales. There are so many others that belong on this list including ALL THE PARENTS that had them in the first place.
07:49 PM on 05/05/2009
We should prosecute them all - from the Republican administration officials who authorised it, through the Democrat and Republican senators and congressional representatives that were briefed and said nothing, to the civil servant dogs-bodies who were silly enough to believe it when the highest legal authority in the land said the tortures were acceptable under both US and International law.

I will be happy when I see people who carried out the tortures sitting in the same jail as Cheney and Pelosi.
08:40 PM on 05/05/2009
Please let's use the correct designation - it is NOT "through the Democrat and Republican senators..." - it is "through the Democratic and Republican senators..." No one would say "through the Democrat and Republic senators." Republicans even have people on our side repeating their grammatically incorrect referral to "Democrat" when it should be "Democratic" - that drives me nuts. Thanks - and great comment langej - I agree with you.
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06:14 PM on 05/05/2009
One more thing about the whole "torture" debate.
As long as the United States continue to evade the issue, we will be regarded internationally as hypocritical. And it may not matter to a lot of Americans how their country is regarded internationally, here is one American to which it matters one h..ll of a lot.

Somewhere along the line we must stop this tiered administering of Justice.

If Spiro Agnew (the crooked V.P.) had not been allowed by his President Nixon to resign, and if Nixon in turn hadn't been pardoned by President Gerald Ford - if they had both spent some time behind bars for their crimes, perhaps that would have served as a warning for later Presidents and perhaps that would have avoided thing like Iran-contra and the Grenada invasion, and the Iraq invasion.

If we now let Cheney and Bush and Rumsfeld get away with their crimes, what message does that send to future generations of American leaders? Forget about where it leaves us in the eyes of the rest of the world, the world we are so fervently trying to shape in our image?
04:58 PM on 05/06/2009
America regarded as hypocritical? It can't be! Not the great Western "democracy" that barred the majority of its citizens from voting for most of its history! Not the great Western "democracy" that has done nothing but subvert democracy in the world wherever it appears! Not the great Western "democracy" that invades and occupies foreign nations and murders people in the name of freedom!

As for the message to "future generations of American leaders," it's very clear: Suck up to corporate criminals for a trip down easy street.
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06:05 PM on 05/05/2009
According to Dick Cheney it is essential that the "memos" be published in full, because they would prove that "usefull information" was gathered thanks to the "enhanced techniques" (torture) used.

As far as I'm concerned, whether or not "usefull information" was gathered is totally besides the point.
The point is, that using torture is always against the law - both U.S. as well as international law.

If breaking the law is OK because the President or Vice President of the U.S. says it is, why then did we have the Nuremberg trials? Whatever the Nazi war criminals that were convicted then did, they claimed they did because their boss said it was OK and ordered them to do (Befehl ist Befehl).

In Nuremberg both followers as well as givers of those orders were convicted. In the U.S. of Bush and Cheney, the followers were sent to jail are are rotting away there (or some committed suicide rather than follow orders) while the givers are going scott-free.

If we didn't buy the "Befehl is Befehl" argument in Nuremberg, why are we buying the argument in the case of Bush and Cheney and their gang?
We need a Reset
06:17 PM on 05/05/2009
RIght on, Nosmavan. I just don't get the "debate" on torture. We must prosecute those responsible (i.e. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice & Bush) and they must pay the price. Otherwise down the road some other political nit-wit will again think it's a good idea.
01:26 AM on 05/06/2009
Why are we buying the argument?...Because America has become so "cowed" by a small bunch of right wing-nuts who labeled anyone who spoke out or expressed any dissent unpatriotic. Most Americans have become so disillusioned as to become apathetic. The new administration has helped shake off some of that apathy, but now we have dire economic straits affecting a lot of people. It's hard to get fired-up about torture (or anything else) when you've lost your job, your home, can't feed your family, etc.
So those of us who can, MUST speak up and let our leaders know we're watching and we care and we're sick of the BS. We must tell them that TORTURE IS UN-AMERICAN. Period. It soils everything we stand for and every one of us. The whole sordid truth must come out and those involved MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. No pardons, no amnesty, no excuses. Republican or Democrat, I don't care, if you're guilty, you're guilty. Let justice be done! THEN we can move forward.
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Disabled Medic/Veteran/Father
06:04 PM on 05/05/2009
Cheney should be in a Federal Jail awaiting Trial for crimes against Humanity. He is a tragic tail of wreckless Power gone Lawless. America will never be the same because of Cheney and the
"Project for a New American Century" Members. Wolfowitz, Pearle, Abrahams, Feith, Bush, Ashcroft,Bolton and A few others that conspired to seize power in 2000; Invade Iraq for it's Oil and location for Military Bases and to Take Permanent control of Our Government. These People are the worst America has ever produced. Inbestigate, Trial, Imprison Cheney.
Retired Substance Abuse Counselor. Long-time Democ
05:20 PM on 05/05/2009
Cheney always has been in a fantasy world of paranoia and cowardice of his own creation. Sadly, he successfully sold his creation, for quite some time. Even sadder, that time did more harm to America than the 911 attacks and became the greatest recruiting tool for Terrorist philosophies. Fact is, Torture is illegal domestically and internationally. No matter the rationalization, bargaining and lying; we Tortured human beings through a cowardly, illegal, systematic Program, developed in Secrecy, just like the Nazis and others. It is a fact that no excuses will repudiate. History says there is no grey area, and that the Creators are the most culpable. Now it's time to pay for not only abusing detainees, but also for abusing the credibility of our Country and in turn all Americans. The Law demands it and failure to uphold the Law is not an option in the United States of American or anywhere else. If we don't address this, others will. YouTube: DaveCarroll4 &
01:29 AM on 05/06/2009
Can't agree more!!! GREAT POST!!! Thank you.
04:16 PM on 05/05/2009
Cheney can't tell the truth. We have the video tapes to prove it. So why waste your time listening to his fantasies about the War on Terror. If any terrorist wanted to attack this country, it would have been a simple matter to cross the border or enter the country at any seaport.

The seven terrorist plots which he claims were foiled by the FBI or CIA have all been debunked. Just how many lives did they save by torturing suspected terrorists? Just how many innocent people have they maimed or killed? I'm beginning to think the 911 attacks were all part of a scheme to get us involved in a war with Saddam. Just how many black sites did they have around this world and how people were subject to rendition? Was this war all about OIL? iT WOULD BE NICE TO GET SOME STRAIGHT ANSWERS OUT OF THIS TWISTED MAN.
It's the 21st Century -- Deal with It!
04:15 PM on 05/05/2009
The torture defense argument has morphed as much as the many Bush reasons to invade Iraq. There is no convincing argument for either of them. On torture, it changed from "We don't torture," to "What we did wasn't torture," to "It worked!"

Former officials are talking and documents are being released -- and the longer that happens, the greater will be the impetus to investigate and prosecute. Cheney is playing for time -- like Pinochet, he may die before being held fully accountable. But Woo, Addington, Bybee, Bush and others have a probable life expectancy longer than the legal process will take -- let's hope so.
05:19 PM on 05/05/2009
Well said, handogit. Good point and I'll be so disappointed if this is allowed to fade into the fog of rotten politics without accountability.
04:02 PM on 05/05/2009
Good political stratedgy, scare the repubs so bad that they will never want to run for political office.
Then we will not even need to have elections.
Give Peace A Chance! Please!
04:55 PM on 05/05/2009
Don't worry, there are plenty of Independents out there that can run against the Dems.
Sad that that is your best rebuttal. ;-(............
03:50 PM on 05/05/2009
Bush said just over a year ago to some school children who asked him to stop torture "We don't torture" Cheyney always did (like many republicans) try to alter the dictionary definition of torture, hence the legal status. Then the other day Condi Rice said to another set of school kids, that it wasn't torture if the President said it wasn't, meaning her president. It's all word play; which never did alter fact.
live by the golden rule
03:29 PM on 05/05/2009
He's doing this now because the Bush administration made us far less safe than we had been, with many more people hating us around the world. Thus, in case of another attack, he is setting things up so that he can blame the Democrats.

Cheney has managed very well to whip up public opinion by stating with great apparent certainty things that had no basis in fact [such as essentially single handledly declaring war on Iraq in August of 2002, by claiming SH had ties to Atta and WMDs]. Thus, he must be convinced that by setting the stage now, he can once again jump in and turn public opinion to his destructive goals if the US suffers another attack.
04:07 PM on 05/05/2009
That is right---The repubs have extensive political clout in the media, and can sway public opinion,
Every one will listen to him because of the media giving him so much coverage, we see his popularity in the media every day.