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Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspi
09:34 PM on 10/12/2012
The distance between the brows and the slant of them is all different as well, just a resizing fail.
Art Dodger
Practice compassion
09:10 PM on 10/12/2012
Photoshop changed her nose (made it narrower) and changed her teeth too. Retouching was traditionally used to eliminate photographic flaws, bad lighting, and to eliminate blemishes when necessary, that kind of thing. Now Photoshop routinely alters the faces and bodies of women mostly, pushing an impossible beauty aesthetic that forces women to think if they are not "perfect" they are not attractive.
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You go girl
Lighten up! Life is too short!
08:19 PM on 10/12/2012
If you put your picture out there just what do you expect?!
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iconoclastic demagoguery
06:13 PM on 10/12/2012
whatever publicists got this 'noticed' - good job ;)
04:44 PM on 10/12/2012
I'm a photographer, I do this kind of post-production on portraits all the time, using PhotoShop. I don't think this image has been altered. When you adjust settings like levels, brightness, shadows, lightness and cuves it makes it seem like some features have been altered, usually due to the way the shadows appear darker or lighter.

Additionally, the catalog photo the blogger posted appears to be a picture of the printed document, that could be why it appears "skewed" to some people. Either that accounts for the poor quality of the photo or there were some changes at the printing stage (another reason sometimes images look different than they do digitally.)
Andygirl A
angering at least one person a day since 1996
05:13 PM on 10/12/2012
I'm also a photographer and I absolutely disagree.
04:08 PM on 10/12/2012
It seems like the entire picture is thinner. Not like they photoshopped her face, but like what happens when you try to re-size something but mess up.
02:52 PM on 10/12/2012
It looks more like the photo was "skewed". This happens with websites and blogs sometimes because the dimensions of the photo uploaded does not fit into the format properly.
It's called sarcasm, Genius.
12:22 PM on 10/12/2012
Should have photoshopped her roots and done a little more on her chin.
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12:17 PM on 10/12/2012
They narrowed her nose and shortened her chin. Its subtle, but noticeable.
Micro-bio? Sounds serious.
11:56 AM on 10/12/2012
Definitely photoshopped.

She's beautiful as is.
..just having my say...
11:19 AM on 10/12/2012
These photoshoppers are no artists; they don't know anatomy to boot. A trim here, a dab of more color there, would be enough. Who makes these ridiculous decisions, anyway? Those photos can stand on their own.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
09:37 AM on 10/12/2012
is that a trick question?? her nose is half as wide..!!! duh
07:00 PM on 10/11/2012
It looks like in trying to make her nose look "upturned" or "perky" or what-the-eff-ever that they have instead given her what looks kind of like a pig nose. I can see why she's pissed, she looks fine in the first photo, like a normal human. The retouching they did must have seemed like an insult: "OK, hook nose here, eyes aren't straight, giant horse gums..." - even though none of the retouching was necessary. Yeah... If you just glance at it, for some reason the second photo "seems right." But if you look for more than a second then you realize that the second photo doesn't even look human, the longer you look the creepier it becomes.... whereas the first is a picture of what obviously is a person.
Independent and Proud of It!
05:40 PM on 10/11/2012
Nose is thinner and her face has been slimmed too. Also, yes the resolution has changed and with it so has her hair color.
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04:40 PM on 10/11/2012
They def. Liquified her face a bit to make it more in-line with the standards of beauty, it seems. Her nose was made more defined, and the tip was elongated. They also pulled the edges of her smile down to show less gums.On her left eye (viewer's right) they changed the direction of her gaze a slightly and the shape of her eye. Finally, it looks like they shortened her chin (though that part could be the angles).

The work is VERY minor, but it's there.
Dede Eagleburger
Beauty is in the eye of the makeup brush holder
09:39 AM on 10/12/2012
They made her look thinner by doing it I think?? she looked more real in the photo she sent....!!